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This night was destined to be a sleepless one.

The police car carrying Xu Meifang’s body honked and left. After Xu Meifang’s husband woke up, he also went to the police station with them.

Wang Qing and Zhao Heng had to deal with the aftermath and stayed at the scene temporarily.

He had already listened to the recording sent by Jiang Lan, and he didn’t speak for several minutes after listening to it. The worst-case scenario he had imagined was not even one-tenth as cruel as the truth.

The evil in the human heart always exceeded the limits of their imagination.

When Jiang Lan found him, he and Zhao Heng were squatting by the flower bed, sharing a cigarette. When he saw Jiang Lan, he said hello with a gloomy look on his eyebrows.

“Thank you so much this time. If it weren’t for you, the truth of this murder case might have been covered up.”

Even the police had to marvel at the boldness of Xu Meifang and the others. The most frightening thing about this incident was that they were also almost deceived by them because of the darkness.

“Yes, this is every citizen’s obligation.”

Jiang Lan showed a faint smile: “I just hope you can give Chen Ruomei justice as soon as possible, and refute those false rumors as soon as possible, so that the deceased can rest in peace.”

“Don’t worry.”

Zhao Heng crushed the cigarette butt and stood up: “Tan Zhi has surrendered. She has confessed about Xie Guizhen. Our colleagues have now gone to Xie Guizhen’s house.”

“The woman is in the car has gone crazy.” Wang Qing nodded his chin towards the police car parked on the roadside, a trace of disgust flashing in his eyes: “She felt so guilty for hurting people, that she’s scared to death.”

Jiang Lan turned his head and glanced there and could vaguely see Tan Zhi’s figure through the car window. She was cowering in the shadows in fear, still cursing and saying some unintelligible words.

He didn’t tell Wang Qing that Tan Zhi didn’t go crazy because of a guilty conscience, but the red ghost umbrella drove her crazy.

Of the three people, the murderer Xu Meifang was dead, the accomplice Tan Zhi had gone crazy, and only Xie Guizhen was left.

Although he hadn’t seen her until now, he thought her situation won’t be any better than these two.

While they were talking, the policemen who went to find Xie Guizhen had already returned. Xie Guizhen was put into a police car with handcuffs on her hands and a dull look on her face. Her family followed behind, still trying to convince the police that there might have been some misunderstanding.

Wang Qing stood up and was about to go back to the police station. He hesitated and asked Jiang Lan: “The murderers who killed Chen Ruomei have been arrested. Those red ghost umbrellas…”

He felt that those red ghost umbrellas should also be able to be relieved of their resentment.

Jiang Lan patted him on the shoulder: “You go back first, we will handle the rest.”

Wang Qing now had blind trust in him. After hearing this, he said “be careful”, got in the car and left.

Jiang Lan raised his head and looked at the window of Xu Meifang’s house.

The red spores were still gathered outside the window and had not dispersed.

Wang Qing thought that all this was just Chen Ruomei’s unwilling revenge after her death. Once the murderer was punished, the revenge should end.

But that was not the case.

Chen Ruomei was just an introduction. The red umbrella was not a kind entity. Looking at the scattered spores, they were probably not satisfied yet.

Jiang Lan was going to visit Xu Meifang’s house, but now he was just a little monster with a low level of cultivation, so naturally he couldn’t act too fearless.

He walked up to Ying Qiao, tried his best to pretend to be curious and a little scared, pointed to the window on the sixth floor and said, “Those spores haven’t dispersed yet, should we take a look?”

Chen Hua immediately said: “Then let’s go and have a look.”

The little monster wanted to see it, could they say no?

Obviously not.

So Chen Hua took the lead, Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao walked side by side behind him, and the three of them went up to the sixth floor.

At this time, the crowd watching the excitement had dispersed, probably because someone had just died, so all the residents of this building had their doors closed. They took the elevator up and didn’t even see a single person.

The elevator reached the sixth floor and made a “ding” sound.

The elevator door slowly opened to both sides, and countless dust-like spores rushed into the elevator. Looking at it, the entire sixth floor corridor was filled with deep and shallow red. They didn’t know if the other residents noticed anything unusual in the corridor. From the moment they stepped out of the elevator, they didn’t hear a single sound.

The silence was a bit eerie.

Chen Hua sneered: “People have already declared war before we arrived.”

Jiang Lan said: “I have seen such arrogant monsters, and they all died later.”

They all went into his stomach.

Ying Qiao raised his eyebrows and agreed, “It seems like another one will die today.”

Before he finished speaking, he saw a rolling red mist. Then long and thin mycelium stretched out from the depths of the corridor. These mycelium became entangled and twisted into the shape of a boy. He pointed at them with his hands on his hips and cursed: “Too bold! In front of me, you can only die obediently!”

Probably because his image was so unexpected, the three of them became silent.

Chen Hua couldn’t help but roll his eyes: “It turns out that it is just a little dwarf, and he dares to call himself ‘jun[1]‘ even though his hair is not even grown?”

“When I’m beating you later, don’t say I’m bullying a child.”

Chen Hua accurately hit the opponent’s sore point, and the boy, who was only as tall as their knees, stamped his feet. Countless hyphae immediately surged up to lift him up, and his eyes were even a bit higher than Chen Hua’s.

The little dwarf declared war on them triumphantly: “Come in if you can, and I will beat you all over the place!”

“Little Umbrella, don’t talk nonsense, please come in.”

At this time, a gentler female voice came from deep in the corridor.

It was this little dwarf who was called “Little Umbrella”.

The little dwarf showed an angry expression, but he obviously listened to the voice. Although he was reluctant, he still held his breath and said: “Did you hear her? My sister wants to see you, come with me.”

After saying that, the mycelium holding him dispersed instantly, and the small umbrella fell to the ground, leading the three of them decently.

Xu Meifang’s house was at the end of the corridor.

As soon as they reached the door, it opened from the inside.

Xu Meifang had died and her husband went to the police station. There was no one in the house, so it happened to be occupied by the two siblings, the Red Umbrellas.

At this moment, it was already full moon outside, and the windows in the house were closed tightly. The interior furnishings and decorations had not changed, but the air was filled with a moist smell of water, and red spores were flying everywhere. The whole house seemed to have sunk into another illusory world.

“Guests, please take a seat.”

The mycelium twisted into an arm, picked up the teapot, then it poured three glasses of water and placed them in front of the three of them.

It seemed very polite.

If there were other monsters standing here, they might see that they were so polite and would at least put aside their hostility for the time being.

But the three of them were obviously not ordinary people.

Chen Hua complained: “If you dare to pour it, we would dare to drink it. Who knows what dirt is in it.”

Little Umbrella immediately jumped: “You don’t know how to behave!”

Chen Hua pushed him away, raised his feet and walked to the master bedroom: “The guests are here, it would be shameful for the master to hide and not show up, right?”

As the three of them approached the master bedroom, the hyphae wandering leisurely in the air retracted in an instant and formed a net to seal the master bedroom door firmly. Others were exposed, forming a mouth, and the voice coming out of it was sullen: “You are too unreasonable. Those three people killed Chen Ruomei. Chen Ruomei died with a grudge. Then us siblings were woken up by her resentment, what’s wrong with us avenging her? We have no intention of causing disputes, so why do you have to force us everywhere?”

Jiang Lan poked his head out from behind Chen Hua: “Which mountain are you legally illiterate monsters from? Now is a legal society, Xu Meifang and the others are human beings, and there are legal sanctions for killing people. It’s okay if you overstep your authority and kill Xu Meifang. But if you release so many spores to infect the human body, don’t you mean to use other people as food reserves? Can you really bear to kill only her?”

He understood this mentality of storing food best! He knew exactly what these red umbrellas were thinking.

What he said hit the bullseye, and she could not refute it. She remained silent and then added: “Those people spread lies and have evil intentions in their hearts.”

“So you can use them as fertilizer?”

Jiang Lan said: “They did something wrong and deserve to be punished, but the crime does not deserve death.”

“You, on the other hand, have violated the rules of the demon clan, so you have to come with us to the demon management bureau.”

Little Umbrella jumped up and shouted: “What is the code of the demon clan? What is the demon management bureau? We have never heard of this thing, you can’t even try to deceive us!”

He was beeping like a question machine, and his sister didn’t have time to stop him. In the end, she could only say angrily: “You are not allowed to speak.”

Little Umbrella:……

What did I say wrong?

“Oh…it turns out he is still a gangster!” Jiang Lan was immediately happy and said to Ying Qiao happily: “The gangster can get an extra bonus.”

Ying Qiao had been watching silently. Seeing how pleased he was, Ying Qiao glanced at the door: “Do you want the bonus?”

Jiang Lan immediately stared and said warily: “I found Tan Zhi. According to the regulations, I can share the bonus.”

He was a little nervous and glanced at Chen Hua, thinking that since he had given up eating alone, Chen Hua wouldn’t stop him for drinking the soup at least, right?

His bonus couldn’t account for the big part, but he would be happy with the small part too!

“Of course it can be divided.” Ying Qiao praised him eccentrically: “You discovered the case and you found the clues to solve the case. Of course you have the greatest credit.”

The little monster was so poor, so he should be given all the bonuses.

He glanced at Chen Hua coldly and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the boss will apply for a bonus for you.”

Chen Hua:……

I’m just a tool with no emotions, whatever you say is what I want.

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[1] A honorific.

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