RCFS Ch. 82: Battle of the heirs 5

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Ye Wanting deliberately puffed out her chest and looked at Ye Yunxi with a proud expression.

Wasn’t this trash still thinking that she would be kicked out of the family?

Who would be kicked out of the house, you would know immediately!

People’s gazes were getting more and more eager, and even Ye Junlai felt smugger!

Although his father was not the patriarch of the Ye family, his daughter was equally capable as she would now take the position of the patriarch!

Direct line?

Oh, was it not the same as being trampled on by their concubines!

“Master, Junyao’s transcript and notice are here!”

Butler Wen’s voice suddenly sounded, and everyone looked at the door.

The one who sent the transcript was Jiang Baichuan, the invigilator of the exam, and the dean of Junyao.

This time, he came to issue the notice in person.

“Master, this is Junyao’s dean, Jiang Baichuan, Mr. Jiang.”

Junyao’s dean?

Junyao’s dean actually came to deliver the transcripts and notices in person!

How much face did it take to invite such a character!

“I knew Wanting would definitely have something to do!”

“Yeah, the dean of Junyao came in person!”

“It must be because Wanting’s grades are too good! I have no opinion on such an excellent child as the heir!”

“That is, why should we stick to what kind of direct descendants, some people can’t do it, they should let the place go, let the capable people lead us, so that we can return to the Sword of the Empire sooner!”

“That is, a person in the province dragging our family down!”

People complimented Ye Wanting loudly, and belittled Ye Yunxi arbitrarily, each one’s eyes were like knives, as if in the blink of an eye, this family should be slaughtered!

Ye Junlai was also incredibly happy, his daughter had really given him face!

The person who sent the letter was still such a big man!

As for Ye Wanting, she was extremely happy.

She knew that she couldn’t win the first place this time, but it was absolutely no problem for her to enter Junyao.

She just didn’t expect Junyao to attach so much importance to her, that it turned out that the dean came in person!

Ye Yunxi, where else could you compare to me!

Ye Wanting walked down arrogantly, threw away her crutches, tried her best to hold on, and stood in front of Jiang Baichuan.

“Teacher, you come here in person. Today happens to be our family banquet. Please stay for dinner before leaving.”

Ye Wanting, the eldest lady was full of style, as if she was already the legitimate heir of the Ye family .

“Then I’m sorry!”

Jiang Baichuan smiled politely, but he looked around subconsciously.

Ye Yunxi, where was she? He wanted to have a good chat with her.

“Mr. Jiang, just give me the notice and transcript, and I’ll show it to Grandpa.”

Ye Wanting smiled and looked at the notice expectantly.

“Yeah, teacher, since it was given to our Wanting, it’s for her, we’ll just happen to have a few drinks with the teacher.”

Ye Junlai became complacent, and glanced at Ye Junpo, and he saw his eldest brother’s head hanging low.

However, Jiang Baichuan not only did not hand over the notice, but turned around and walked towards Ye Yunxi.

This man, why was he going to the trash?

People looked at Ye Yunxi suspiciously, but Ye Junpo and Ye Yunji were both startled.

Why was he coming here?

Could it be that Yunxi did something wrong in the exam and was remembered by Teacher Jiang?

No, it was not that bad, was it?

“The transcript and notice will naturally be delivered by me, so I’m here to complete the task.”

Jiang Baichuan smiled, shook the things in his hand, and pressed them into Ye Yunxi’s hand in front of everyone’s eyes.

The audience were shocked!

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