TBVSR Ch. 109: Blushing

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During the intermission of the second act, Bu Xi walked down, not as nervous as at the beginning of the first act, obviously a lot calmer, and no more mistakes were made.

There was thunderous applause outside the court, and the little swans behind the scenes also excitedly rushed to Bu Xi and gave her a thumbs up: “It’s really great.”

Jiang Yu applauded her sincerely and praised: “This scene was so good, it’s perfect.”

Bu Xi ran straight towards Jiang Yu and hugged her hard: “Thank you!”

“Thank you, it’s you who danced well, you must be the queen tonight!”

Bu Xi shook her head: “I made a mistake at the beginning. Queens can’t make a mistake. I have no chance.”

Jiang Yu patted her on the shoulder and comforted: “Actually, it is not the most important thing to take the queen or not. It is already very happy to be able to perform on the stage. You are the queen of the swans there!”

“Yes, being able to perform on the stage, let the spotlight shine on oneself, and jump out the most beautiful dance steps, is originally a happier thing than winning the championship.”

Bu Xi looked at Jiang Yu with a relieved smile: “I have enjoyed the stage enough, and now it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” Jiang Yu didn’t react.

Bu Xi looked at Jiang Yu’s black swan costume and patted her shoulder: “The next two scenes, Xiao Yu, you go up.”

Jiang Yu was caught off guard, so surprised that she couldn’t believe it: “I…I’m going…I’m not ready yet.”

“Aren’t you well prepared?” Bu Xi straightened her skirt, raised her face and looked at her carefully: “It’s exactly the same.”

“It’s not about makeup, I’m psychologically…not ready yet.”

Because she was Bu Xi’s substitute, Jiang Yu would only make up for Bu Xi if she couldn’t get on stage in an unexpected situation.

But generally speaking, accidents happening to the heroine were rare, so Jiang Yu was ready to sit on the bench for four hours tonight.

Suddenly let her take the stage… completely unprepared!

But Bu Xi had already made up her mind and wanted to give her the opportunity.

How much she once valued this performance tonight. It could be said that all these years of preparation were all to make a stand out tonight.

But for such a precious opportunity, grandma said that she could give it away as a gift, and for the benefit of the family, she could not make any efforts in vain.

Everyone could be sacrificed.

Everyone only saw the glory of queen. Only Jiang Yu, she saw the true meaning of the ballet dancer behind the glory.

Ballet was for beauty.

Jiang Yu could give up tonight’s glory for her, so why couldn’t Bu Xi share tonight’s stage with her?

Bu Xi held Jiang Yu’s shoulder and solemnly said to her: “Xiao Yu, I want you to understand, it doesn’t matter whether you take the queen or not, I don’t care anymore. Ballet is very important to me, and you are also very important to me! I want to share the stage tonight with you.”

Jiang Yu repeatedly confirmed that Bu Xi was not joking with her, then she looked back at Qiu Li sharply, as if seeking advice.

Qiu Li said: “I can stay with you in the background, or applaud for you in front of the stage. I will accompany you for anything you want to do.”

Jiang Yu looked at his firm eyes, and looked at Bu Xi’s encouraging expression, finally became excited, and nodded heavily: “Then I will go!”

In the opening of the third act, Jiang Yu took the place of Bu Xi as a black swan and stepped onto the stage.

At the prince’s wedding, when she first appeared, some viewers noticed that the black swan seemed to have changed people.

However, the girl who replaced did not let them down. On the contrary, as the plot progressed, the black swan’s highly individualistic performance surprised everyone present.

The moment Xie Yuan saw the girl, his surprise made him no longer able to maintain his usual calmness and stability. He shouted at Lu Meng fiercely, “That’s my daughter, look at my daughter!”

Lu Meng was also a little surprised: “Drink, it’s rare, has she really changed with the bench?”

Xie Yuan looked at her expectantly, his heart thumping and speeding up, and the blood all over his body boiled: “Be good, come on!”

Lu Meng’s mouth twitched and said, “This is not a competition. Watching ballet, why are you shouting and cheering! It spoils the atmosphere.”

“I want to shout.” Xie Yuan was unusually self-willed: “It’s not your daughter.”

The most famous dance music in Act III was the solo variation of Black Swan Augustina.

With the advancement of the melody, Jiang Yu started the classic 32 quick “whip swings”. This scene could also be said to be the most difficult and classic movement in ballet.

The girl stood on one foot, with the lightest dance position and the most solid technique, in the fast melody, successfully restored the shocking posture left by Bu Tanyan on the stage that year, showing a completely different beauty of the white swan from the previous step.

Innocence and evil, light and death…

The classic 32 quick “whip swings” ended and the audience applauded thunderously. Some even stood up and applauded, moved by Jiang Yu’s beautiful dance.

Xie Yuan turned his head and saw the woman beside him burst into tears.

“How beautiful she is.” Liu Ye’s eyes focused on Jiang Yu, and said emotionally: “How beautiful.”

Seeing her in tears, Xie Yuan was even more convinced of the thoughts in his heart, “A Tan, this was also your stage.”

“What did you say?”

“A Tan, you…”

Before Xie Yuan’s words fell, Lu Meng immediately grabbed him, shook his head solemnly, and told him not to speak any more.

Now was not the time, and the situation was unclear, rashly acknowledging may only be regarded as being sick.

After all, Xie Yuan resisted the impulse in his heart and let sense take the upper hand over emotion, so he didn’t go on.

Jiang Yu’s performance in the last two scenes was so beautiful that no one was going to investigate why she replaced the original. The graceful figure of the black swan remained in their minds, lingering for a long time.

After the curtain ended, everyone rushed up to express their congratulations to Jiang Yu–

“It’s great!”

“Really, Jiang Yu is the most beautiful black swan I have ever seen!”

“Tonight was absolutely amazing!”

Bu Xi, who was wearing a white swan dance costume, was the most excited and rushed over to hug Jiang Yu: “I knew you could! I knew it!”

Jiang Yu’s trance-free brain recovered, and she hugged Bu Xi excitedly: “Thank you, thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

“What do I mean by giving you a chance? This is yours! You deserved it!”

Everyone surrounded them and cheered for them from the bottom of their hearts.

However, Qiu Li only looked at her from a distance, and did not walk over.

His leg still hadn’t healed completely, maybe it was not obvious on weekdays, but it was still a bit lame when you looked closely, so he didn’t let go and disturb her at such important moments.

All the cheers and glory were left to her, and his girl deserved the best of everything.

At this moment, the downpour had ceased, and the world seemed to be washed out, and the air was filled with a breath of clean grass.

Qiu Li turned and left. However, just as he stepped out of the door, he was hit by a force and staggered forward.

He saw his “little swan” rush over, almost hitting him with such force.

Qiu Li stretched out his hand to stabilize her shoulders, and at the same time stabilized himself.

Jiang Yu had changed into her daily sports sweater, removed her makeup, raised her delicate eyebrows slightly, and smiled at him: “Where is my boyfriend going?”

“I thought you were going to party with friends.”

“They are going to the party to celebrate, but I left first.”

“Not playing?”

“What’s fun playing with a bunch of girls! It’s fun with my boyfriend.”

Qiu Li reached out his hand and clasped the little girl’s head: “What you said…is not quite right.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is right.”

Jiang Yu smiled lightly, and gave him a push very unceremoniously.

Qiu Li also returned his hand, and the two shoved all the way under the clear moonlight after the rain. Without stopping, the little girl laughed all over the place.

Walking out of the art hall, Qiu Li simply squatted down and said to Jiang Yu: “You must be tired from jumping, your boyfriend is going to carry you.”

Jiang Yu felt distressed for his sharp legs, and refused: “I can walk!”

“Even if my leg breaks tonight, your boyfriend must be able to bear Jiang Yu.”

Although Jiang Yu didn’t want to, she still lay on his back obediently, causing him to stand firmly with her on his back.

“Sure enough, it’s heavier again.”

“I was already heavy.”

The body fat rate of ballet dancers was very low, so they looked thin, but their muscle mass was very large, so the weight was definitely not light.

“Is my boyfriend okay?” Jiang Yu asked worriedly: “If it doesn’t work, let me down.”

Qiu Li tilted his head: “What is it that your boyfriend can’t do?”

There was no denying that Jiang Yu was really good at certain times. Anyway, she could never beat him. Every time, she was beaten by him to lose and abandon her armour.

She felt Qiu Li stubbornly trying to carry her on his back, perhaps to prove something, his figure was a little trembling because of his knees, but he still refused to let her down.

Jiang Yu didn’t care what he became, whether he was disabled or lame, she would hold his hand forever, and would never let go of death.

The little girl hugged him tightly, buried her face in the back of his neck, breathing in the smell of his skin, opened her mouth, and lightly bit.

“The bite you bit me last time was not good.” Qiu Li felt the girl’s movements: “Are you a dog?”

“Just want to bite you.”

Jiang Yu hugged his neck and muttered, “I want to eat you so that you will never leave me.”

Qiu Li looked at the small water vortex glowing on the ground, reflecting the shadows of the two.

He was silent for a moment and said, “Unless I die, I will never leave my sister.”

There was another pain on the side of his neck. Jiang Yu bit his neck hard and threatened: “I don’t agree, you are not allowed to die, your life is mine.”

“Why is my life yours?” Qiu Li asked puzzled.

“Just last time, on the night of separation in Haicheng, you said that your legs were bad and let me come by myself. I was too tired. When you begged me, didn’t you say you would give me your life?”


Thinking of that night, Qiu Li blushed and scolded: “How can you take it out and just say it!”

“You have done everything, but you still don’t want me to say it?”

The roots of the man’s ears turned red, and he strode forward with her on his back, with nothing to say.

Jiang Yu touched his hot earlobe and laughed, “My boyfriend is shy.”


“Then boyfriend walk a little faster.”


The little girl made a mess, gently bit his ear, and whispered in his ear: “I want you to give me your life again.”

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