RCFS Ch. 81: Battle of the heirs 4

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Soon, the sighs turned to mockery.

“Oh, the clothes are really bright and beautiful. If they wear this outfit, the family will starve to death!”

“Their ability to afford these clothes is praise worthy!”

“Hey, poor ghosts are making trouble!”

During the discussion, Ye Junpo felt a little embarrassed and felt uncomfortable all over, especially because of the clothes, which were very piercing.

“Dad, don’t mind the barking of the dogs around, let’s go and say hello to Grandpa.”

Ye Junpo’s face became even worse when he saw Ye Jianxing, but his daughter pulled him and he could only muffle: “Dad.”

Ye Jianxing took a deep look at him, his eyes were so deep that he couldn’t see happiness or anger, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.


The old man nodded simply, and the attitude of the people around him became even more disdainful.

Truly an unloved son!

“Master Ye came to lead Miss Wanting.”

“Oh, can Wanting go down?”

Ye Jianxing got up from the chair, and walked to the door.

The obvious difference in treatment made many people look like they were watching a good show.

“Look, the legitimate son showed up, but trash is still trash!”

“No matter how brightly you dress, you still won’t fall in the eyes of your own father!”

“If he absolutely didn’t come, he’ll be ashamed, obviously he’s a direct descendant, but was taken advantage of by the concubine, and has become useless to the point where he had to replace the heir, and it would be a shame if he came back!”

“That’s right, he’s still dressed like a clown!”

Ye Junpo became more and more uncomfortable.

“Yunxi, let’s go!”

He really didn’t want to stay here any longer!

He didn’t even want to come!

“Dad, calm down.”

Ye Yunxi smiled slightly, ignoring these people directly.

“Today, I will let you straighten your back.”

Straighten your back?

Yunxi, what are you going to do?

When he was surprised, Ye Wanting had already come in with the old man.

She was still limping, but she had a soft smile on her face, and she had worn a beautiful evening dress and the long skirt covered her outlines brightly and movingly, as if she was a princess among the audience.

But when she saw Ye Yunxi, her eyes suddenly darkened.

Wasn’t this the dress that she had wanted to buy, but told that it had been bought!

Was it bought by this rubbish?

Could she afford it? That skirt’s cost already fell in the six figures!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

Jealousy made Ye Yunxi earn ten more Awesomeness XP, so she looked over with a half-smile, and Ye Wanting became more and more unwilling the longer she saw her!

She was robbed of the first place in the Junyao exam by this jerk, and even her skirt was robbed by this jerk!

But it didn’t matter, today’s winner would definitely be her, Ye Wanting! !

The heir to the Ye family could only be her, Ye Wanting!

Holding Ye Jianxing to sit down, Ye Wanting stood beside Ye Jianxing like a mistress, as if she was his granddaughter.

Everyone had no objection. After all, they all knew that the heir to be announced today must be Ye Wanting!

“Since everyone is here, I’ll also announce one thing.”

Seeing the old man speak, everyone became energized.

Was he about to declare an heir?

Many people looked at the brightly dressed Ye Yunxi’s family as if they were watching the excitement, and laughed softly.

“It’s just a joke to dress like that!”

“Yeah, the position of the heir can’t be theirs, so what’s the matter with wearing these expensive outfits!”

“Clown jumping over beams!”

Ye Jianxing: “The heir to the new generation of the Ye family is…”

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