IHSB Ch. 51

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The innocent Nuan Nuan didn’t even hear the deception in Shen Yujin’s words.


She responded obediently and softly. Shen Yujin’s beautiful peach eyes were smiling, and he made the video call immediately after hanging up the phone.

Here, Nuan Nuan obediently waited with the mobile phone in her arms. At this time, she found a big problem, why was her picture on the screen of her big brother’s mobile phone!

Nuan Nuan hugged the phone, her small mouth raised and she smiled, her eyes were curved into round crescent moons, which made her look so soft and obedient.

Before the video could arrive, there was a clicking sound from the bathroom door, and Gu Nan came out. It just so happened that at this time, a video call invitation came on his mobile phone.

Nuan Nuan completely forgot what Shen Yujin said just now that he wanted her to answer the video, and handed the mobile phone to the young man who came out of the bathroom with two whitewashed soft hands.

“Big brother, he said he was your friend.”

Gu Nan looked at the name displayed on the phone screen, took it with his fine-knuckled fingers and opened it.

Shen Yujin’s cheerful peach blossom eyes immediately met Gu Nan’s dark eyes that were cold and devoid of emotion.

Shen Yujin “…”

The smile froze all of a sudden.

Gu Nan walked forward holding Nuan Nuan in one hand and holding the mobile phone in the other. The expression on his face was the dead face that Shen Yujin had long been used to, as if he owed him hundreds of millions.

He was used to it at first, but now Shen Yujin only felt that it hurt his eyes, and he desperately wanted to see a certain cutie to wash his eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

Gu Nan’s voice was cold, and his sword eyebrows were slightly frowned. Looking at Shen Yujin’s androgenously indistinguishable face close to the screen, a look of disgust flashed in his cold narrow eyes.


Shen Yujin “…don’t say no, let me see the cute little Nuan Nuan first!”

However, Gu Nan hung up the video indifferently, heh… still want to see his sister.

After hanging up the video with a blank expression, Gu Nan hugged the little Nuan Nuan to the bed and sat down with ease.

Gu Nan, you can do it!

Why don’t you send a photo to the head office? What’s the relationship between us? Isn’t your sister also my sister?

When will Gu Nan come out to work and bring his sister along.

Gu Nan turned his phone to silent with a blank expression, and wanted a photo, heh… he only had that one.

There was a knock on the door outside, he stepped on his slippers and walked over unhurriedly, opened the door a crack and looked at the person standing outside – his father.

“Where’s Nuan Nuan?”

Father Gu’s face was a bit ugly, seeing his eldest son’s nose and eyes, the older he grew, the more disgusted he felt.

Gu Nan: “Inside, she is sleeping with me today.”

Father Gu was so angry, the color on his face changed back and forth.

“Why! Nuan Nuan hasn’t slept with her father yet!”

Faced with his father’s accusation, Gu Nan was very calm, “My sister agreed.”

After finishing speaking, he immediately closed the door.

Father Gu who was locked out of the door “…”

This son couldn’t be kept anymore.

“Brother, where are the towels?”

Gu Nan turned around and took out a dry towel, Nuan Nuan took it and climbed onto the bed, then she stood and beckoned her elder brother to come over.

“Big brother, come here, Nuan Nuan will wipe your hair for you.”

The corner of Gu Nan’s mouth rose slightly, and he walked over in a few steps with his long legs. The little girl just took the dry towel and put it on his short wet hair.

His short black hair was wrapped in a dry towel, and Nuan Nuan happily rubbed it. When the hair was messed up, she used her little fingers to slowly straighten out her big brother’s hair.

Gu Nan didn’t want to tire her, so he said “Use a hair dryer.”

It was too slow and a bit wasteful to dry with a towel.

“Yeah…” Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and when Gu Nan brought the hair dryer over, the little girl took it over actively and continued to take care of her big brother’s hair.

Both brother and sister, who were nearly twenty years apart, didn’t speak at the moment, but it didn’t make people feel awkward, but instead revealed a sense of peace and contentment.

Gu Nan’s hair was a little fluffy after blow-drying, which was different from his usual calm and dignified hairstyle, but his current appearance made him look much softer and younger.

Nuan Nuan carefully helped her elder brother straighten his messy hair.

“Is it okay brother?”

Gu Nan hummed, and his eyes slowly fell on the warm and fluffy soft hair, which also carried a delicious fruity scent. She came to him after washing her hair at her mother’s room.

He didn’t know why he suddenly felt a little regretful, but he also wanted to help Nuan Nuan dry her hair.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know what her big brother was thinking, she ran to the head of the bed with small steps, then lifted the quilt and slowly got in, and yawned a little as soon as her little head touched the pillow.

She looked at her big brother with big watery eyes, and patted the place beside her with her soft hands.

“Big brother, go to bed.”

After yawning, the sleepy bugs seemed to be sweeping over her. At this moment, they seemed to be murmuring softly, and the smell of milk seemed to be wafting in the air.

Gu Nan leaned over and rubbed her hair before lying down. The little girl inside started arching as soon as he lay down, and the whole little person got into his arms, holding her big brother with her tiny fingers. She placed her furry head against the brother’s neck, and slept soundly as soon as her eyes were closed.

A smile flashed across Gu Nan’s eyes, his slender fingers tapped lightly on the tip of her small nose and closed his eyes.

After he grew to be one year old, he and his twin brother Gu Bei were kicked out by their father to separate rooms and were not allowed to sleep next to their mother. Before he was two years old, he always shared the same bed with his younger brother, but after two years old, they started sleeping separately.

Until now, even when he was in school, he bought a house outside and studied outside. He never slept in the same room with others, let alone on the same bed.

Gu Nan hugged his little sister, he thought he would lose sleep, but this sleep was unexpectedly heavy, and he had no dreams until dawn.

He was then woken up by a knock on the door.

Gu Nan glanced at the time, it was already half past seven.

He used to get up on time at six o’clock.

It was warm around him, only half of Nuan Nuan’s furry head was exposed under the quilt, the little girl was curled up with her little hands and feet bent, her sleeping position was very cute and her delicate little face was flushed, but maybe she was disturbed by the knocking on the door outside, the little girl’s curly eyelashes started trembling lightly, as if she was about to wake up soon.

Gu Nan frowned, got up and went to open the door, there was an angry Gu An standing at the door.

Gu An, who was originally angry like a puffer fish, immediately became like a quail when he met his elder brother’s eyes, he was just so cowardly.


He obediently called out, Gu Nan stretched his neck and looked inside.

“Nuan Nuan slept with you yesterday!”

Thinking of this, he still couldn’t hold back his yin and yang, “She has a good relationship with you, and just cling to you like this on the first day you came back!”

Damn it! Nuan Nuan hadn’t even slept with him yet!

Gu Nan looked down at him with condescending eyes, “What’s the matter?”

Gu An groaned, “Of course there is something, wake Nuan Nuan up, she has to send me to school!”

Gu Nan “You asked your sister to send you?”

Gu An shrank his neck, “Of course, she sent me these two days.”

There was a hint of showing off in his tone.

That’s why he deserved to show off to his elder brother and Gu Mingli, even if he was scolded by his elder brother, he would never compromise!

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