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When the two brothers were staring at each other the door, Nuan Nuan hugged her little rabbit and walked out while rubbing her eyes.

She tilted her furry head and asked nonchalantly, “Brother, what are you doing?”

“It’s nothing.”

Both of them said at the same time and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Do you still want to sleep?”

Gu Nan rubbed Nuan Nuan’s hair.

Gu An was a little anxious, but… But if his sister really wanted to sleep, he himself was a little bit reluctant to let her send him to school, but he would be very disappointed.

Nuan Nuan shook her head obediently, “I don’t want to sleep anymore.”

Gu Nan didn’t say anything more, but just took her to wash up.

The little girl had strong hands-on ability. After her big brother carried her to the low stool and made her stand up, Nuan Nuan washed her face and brushed her teeth very seriously.

Nuan Nuan touched her little face in the mirror. After taking care of it, it had become much smoother. She became white very quickly, as the recovery ability of children was also very strong. In just a few days, the skin on her face turned white by several degrees, as the saying goes, one white covered all ugliness, Nuan Nuan’s foundation was already good, but now she looked even more refined and beautiful.

There was also a little soft flesh on the face. Although there was not as much flesh as Rhubarb and Briquettes, it felt much better when pinched.

After washing up, Nuan Nuan happily took her big brother by the hand and went downstairs.

“Good morning, Dad, good morning, Grandpa~”

They could hear the little girl’s soft and waxy milk voice early in the morning, and she must be in a good mood today.

Father Gu had a doting smile on his face when he heard his daughter’s sweet milky voice, but when he saw Nuan Nuan with his eldest son, his mood suddenly became unhappy.

Except for his wife, anyone who robbed him of his good daughter was a class enemy!

What’s more, Nuan Nuan’s clinginess to his elder son really made even him feel sour.

“Gu Nan will go to the company with me today.”

He would deal with the backlog of work when he went back.

The eldest son of the Gu family, the future heir took a look at his father and directly refused, “I won’t go today, I want to take Nuan Nuan to buy seeds.”

Father Gu was going to be angry at first, but when he heard that it was for Nuan Nuan, he resisted the urge to beat up his own son.

“What kind of seeds to buy?”

Gu Nan fed Nuan Nuan a seafood bun, and was very satisfied to see her happy face after eating.

“All kinds of vegetable seeds, Nanjin Biewan has a lot of spare land and she wants to grow vegetables.”

Nuan Nuan nodded her head very cooperatively, that’s right.

Unexpectedly, her brother took this matter to heart, and Nuan Nuan was so touched that she became even more attached to her elder brother.

Gu Linmo looked at his daughter with aggrieved eyes, “No matter what Nuan Nuan wants to do, she didn’t tell her father.”

Grandpa Gu also said, “If you want to plant those, let’s remove all the flowers in the garden and plant them.”

Nuan Nuan suddenly shook her little head like a rattle, “Don’t, no, the flowers are beautiful.”

Gu Nan’s voice was light, “I didn’t grow anything over there, so I’ll let her play.”

“All right, I usually carry a watering can with my good granddaughter, watering the flowers is also good.”

Gu Linmo was unhappy, he wished he could switch places with his eldest son.

“When will you go abroad?”

Hurry up! As soon as he came back, he robbed his daughter, but Nuan Nuan was particularly clinging to her brother, which was really sad.

Gu Nan was very calm, “The foreign market has basically stabilized, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t go back now.”

Gu Linmo had a smile on his face, his fist was about to move, what a pity, I should have caught you and punched you a few more times when you were a child, if I knew you would be like this!

The father and son were at war, at this time Gu An moved the stool closer to the elder brother, leaned closer to Nuan Nuan and started talking.

“Sister, do you want to follow me into the school?”

Gu An secretly wanted to lure Nuan Nuan into his class, so that everyone in the class would know that she was his younger sister.

At this time, someone had completely forgotten what he had said in front of Nuan Nuan, and it was completely self-slapping.

Nuan Nuan hugged a bowl of porridge and ate it deliciously. Hearing the words, she softly asked, “Is it okay ?”

Gu An patted his chest and assured him, “Yes!”

Gu An went to school, but this time there was Gu Nan with a cold temperament. “Let’s go, go to school with my brother.”

Gu Nan and Gu Linmo looked over in unison. “You’re going to class, why are you taking your sister there?”

Gu An hesitated for two seconds, then yelled, “I’m taking my sister to see where I study!”

Gu Linmo smiled a smile that was not a smile: “Who told you not to let Nuan Nuan claim to be your younger sister outside?”

Gu Nan looked at his younger brother with heavy eyes.

Gu An: “…I didn’t say it!” He retorted super loudly, but it sounded like he was a little guilty. He seemed to have selectively lost his memory, “Who said that? It wasn’t me anyway!”

Nuan Nuan watched her brother cover his mouth and chuckled, and her eyes bent into small crescents. Gu An blushed when he saw this, and now he regretted it, he was an arrogant fool back then! “Anyway…Anyway, Nuan Nuan has promised me.”

Father Gu poked his youngest son’s forehead, “Not today, you are going to class, it’s not good to disturb the teacher, in two days you will have a parent-teacher meeting, then I will take Nuan Nuan with me.”

Reluctantly nodding, “Okay, this is what you said, you have to bring my sister along.”

After separating from Father Gu, Gu Nan asked the driver to take them to the largest planting base.

Whether it was flowers, fruits seeds or agricultural seeds, the collection was all very complete, and there were ready-made reference samples.

After Nuan Nuan opened her eyes wide, she also felt that she had raised her posture during the introduction of the staff. It turned out that growing vegetables also required learning so many things!

Nuan Nuan liked plants and animals very much. After entering here, she squatted on the ground for a while and listened and watched very carefully. When she left, she chose seasonal crop seeds and a lot of fruits, several of which were saplings. It would take a year or two for them to bear fruit.

There were also several kinds of beautiful flower seeds, and then holding a full harvest, she happily went home with her big brother.

But today Gu family’s old house was extremely lively. As soon as their car arrived at the villa, a group of people surrounded them with eager and flattering smiles.

“Gu Nan is back, ouch, he is getting more and more imposing, Lingling, hurry up and call him elder brother.”

A smiling woman pushed the little girl in a white princess dress in front of her, who was as big as Nuan Nuan, but after taking one look at Gu Nan, the girl trembled a few times in fright, and walked towards Gu Nan reluctantly but with a fawning smile.

As for Gu Nan, when he saw this group of people, his original good mood disappeared instantly, and he looked at them indifferently.

The little girl became even more frightened after being watched with such a gaze. She looked back at the middle-aged woman with tears in her eyes, but she gave her a sharp warning look. Gu Ling pursed her lips and walked slowly in front of Gu Nan.


Her voice was trembling.

A 18-year-old girl next to the middle-aged woman hated iron for not becoming steel and glared at her sister jealously. If she could replace the useless thing with herself, she would definitely be able to curry favour with her cousin.

“I’m not your elder brother.”

Gu Nan’s voice was indifferent, then without even looking at her, he bent down and hugged Nuan Nuan out of the car, the expression on his face obviously softening a lot.

“Big brother~”

When the soft voice sounded, the faces of the people present all changed. The smiles on the faces of the adults was a little bit forward, and there was also unwillingness, while the young girl was full of jealousy. Then a nasty thought came up.

‘Gu Nuan, why didn’t she just die outside!

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