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Today’s live broadcast of “Red and Blue Signal” was very short, only a few hours. After all, the live broadcast was only for attracting people, and some secret content was reserved for broadcasting on TV. When Zhai Xingchen and the others came out of the supermarket, the screen suddenly froze and the theme song sounded.

In the picture, Huo Cheng, who was the tallest and strongest, looked straight at the camera, with a bright and hearty smile, while Pei Xu frowned slightly, looking fair and handsome, as cold as an iceberg, and Zhai Xingchen, who stood between them, was bright and gorgeous.

Three young men with shopping bags rushed straight to the trending searches.

Many netizens who did not follow the live broadcast were stunned.

There really is Pei Xu!

Isn’t Pei Xu notoriously bad-tempered in the wealthy circle? He actually came to a love variety show? I always thought it was nonsense before!

He has a bad temper, but his face is so handsome, he has completely inherited the beauty of his mother, Pei Huanong.

Huo Cheng is also very handsome, when he was a high school student, I heard that he also the champion in sailing competitions, and he is versatile in style!

According to this, is the list circulated two days ago true? Duan Yihua also went? And the famous rich second generations like Lin Qingning and Hu Ying? And my male god Yan Zhi?

Yan Zhi didn’t show up, but he must be going, his fan base has already spread the word.

Yan Zhi is that quiet guy who likes to wear shirts buttoned all the way to the top?

The fact that our sixth brother is quiet, but you probably haven’t watched his game?

Hahaha…, will sixth brother really participate in the romance show? To be honest, he is the one I’m looking forward to the most from the online list.

This season of “Red and Blue Signal” configuration is too awesome, it looks like it’s going to explode!

The online response was overwhelming, and the program team also seemed to have received a booster shot. After they returned from the supermarket, the program team returned their mobile phones to them and asked them to make an official announcement on their respective Weibo.

Zhai Xingchen went to interact with several other guests first, and he also took a look at the number of fans of the other guests.

The one with the most fans was Yan Zhi, who deserved to be the No. 1 player in e-sports. He was the most popular among the eight guests.

The second one was Hu Ying, whose Weibo showed a Bai Fumei’s[1] daily life.

The rest of Huo Cheng and others had fans ranging from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.

He was the least popular one, he had a new account, more than a dozen fans were sent by Sina, and the rest were from the other six male guests.

Yes, six, Pei Xu didn’t have a Weibo.

It was really not cooperative at all.

Because he was a vegan, the program team took extra care of him and picked a photo for him. He posted the photo with the text: “Hi everyone, I am Zhai Xingchen.”

After posting for a long time, he received a like, it was from Huo city point.

When he was about to hand in his mobile phone, he asked the staff: “When will I get my salary?”

He was a vegan, but because the program team contacted him on his own initiative, the salary he was given was quite objective, 100,000.

This was already a big deal in a romance variety show. He must know that the love drama usually only paid 20,000 yuan for lost work, and most of the guests did not go to the romance drama to make money. What everyone valued was traffic and exposure.

The staff said: “I will call when the broadcast starts next week.”

One hundred thousand was not much for him before, but it was a huge sum for him now.

He planned to give half of the 100,000 to his current parents and keep half for investment.

He wanted to buy into Pei Xu’s fund.

Pei Xu’s fund had won the first place for two consecutive years, and now it was in a high position. Many people dared not enter, but he had read the full text, and he knew how awesome Pei Xu really was. In the next volatile market shift, he would again create a miracle of making money.

Zhai Xingchen came to the kitchen with a happy mood.

Huo Cheng, Duan Yihua, and Wen Nuo were already picking vegetables there. Two tall and one short, all handsome or beautiful, they looked very eye-catching when they get together. Huo Cheng had a cheerful personality and was a bit like a ruffian, which made Wen Nuo laugh non-stop.

Seeing a group of handsome guys together was very pleasing to the eye.

“The chef is here.”

“Will you leave the kitchen to me?” Zhai Xingchen said.

Duan Yihua and the others all smiled and looked at him. Huo Cheng said: “We can only help you. Brother Zhai, let’s see how our preparations are doing.”

“You have started calling him Brother Zhai now?” Duan Yihua said with a smile.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Zhai Xingchen rolled up his sleeves: “Leave the rest to me.”

Wen Nuo said, “I’ll stay and help you.”

“No, I like to work by myself, you all go to the living room to play.” Zhai Xingchen dismissed them.

Handsome guys needed more contact to spark.

Everyone saw that he was not being polite, so they all agreed to him, and soon he was the only one left in the kitchen.

Occasionally, Duan Yihua and the others laughed from the living room, Zhai Xingchen rubbed his hands contentedly, and started cooking.

He had always been focused when doing things, and when he started cooking seriously, he became serious.

He glanced at the menu. The dishes he was going to cook today included chicken wings with roasted potatoes[2], tomato ball soup[3], dried shrimps and winter melon salad[4], steamed eggs with minced meat[5], tofu with eggs[6], stir-fried carrots with vegetables[7], and a steamed sea bass[8].

As soon as he started cooking, the director room was stunned.

“Is he a student?”

“Yes, a sophomore from the Dance Academy.”

“Maybe he used to cook at home a lot, but it’s rare these days to be so good at cooking at this age.”

“When I met him before, he just said that he can do a little bit.”

“How is this a little bit, look at his proficiency.”

In the camera, Zhai Xingchen was chopping radish shreds, and his knife skills were so fast, that he seemed to be using dozens of knives in a row. He removed a plate of neat and clean shredded radish, the shredded radish was thin and even, and the presentation was even more amazing.

For this kind of indoor variety show, the light and color were all adjusted to ensure that the guests have perfect lighting in any area of the room. The kitchen was used as an important place for shooting, so the light and color were arranged even better. Zhai Xingchen was wearing a thin shirt with phoenix eyes, which were slightly drooping, that face shone brightly in the camera.

“Give him a close-up.” Director Guo said.

The camera zoomed in, and sometimes photographed his slender, white fingers, and sometimes photographed his eyebrows, eyes, and chin. Zhai Xingchen had a very photogenic face, and many staff members were fascinated.

“Such a good-looking 1 who can cook, I don’t believe that no one will like him.” Screenwriter Liu said.

“He is amazing.”

Zhai Xingchen was startled, looked up, and saw Pei Xu standing in front of the refrigerator with one hand in his trouser pocket and the other holding a water glass, looking at him.

“Dinner will be served soon.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu was watching him cook, and Hu Ying’s laughter came over  from time to time. Zhai Xingchen asked, “Why don’t you go play with them?”

Pei Xu said, “I’m hungry.”

“Then you bring the dishes to the table, it will be ready soon.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Cooking was strenuous work, and his forehead was sweating, and he supported it with two oily hands, and wiped the sweat that was about to flow to the corners of his eyes with his arms. Pei Xu picked out a piece of paper and wiped his forehead.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah.” Pei Xu stretched out his hand to serve the dishes, and Huo Cheng and the others all surrounded him when they saw this.

“Wow, you made all of this?” Wen Nuo said in surprise.

“I thought you were a millet with a rifle, but who knew you would go straight to the atomic bomb.”

Hu Ying and the others were also very surprised. They pulled out their chairs and sat down, looking at the delicious food on the table.

It was delicious in color, fragrance and taste.

Huo Cheng opened a bottle of red wine: “Let’s have a drink, first, to celebrate our first day in the red and blue cottage, and second, to thank Xingchen for cooking this meal for us.”

Everyone touched a glass together, and Huo Cheng felt like drinking the red wine was not enough, so he opened another bottle of white wine.

“When will the last guest arrive?”

“We just asked the program team, and they said he should be able to arrive this afternoon.”

“Is it Yan Zhi?”

Wen Nuo nodded hastily: “It’s him, I saw his fan group break the news.”

“Are you in his fan group?” Huo Cheng raised his glass, as he sipped his wine while looking at him with drooping eyes.

Wen Nuo blushed and let out a “hmm”.

“Is he very popular?” Duan Yihua asked.

“He’s super popular, isn’t he the most famous among us?” Hu Ying said.

“He has a lot of fans.”

Lin Qingning said, “He is really handsome.”

The doorbell outside suddenly rang a few times, and Duan Yihua straightened up first.

“Looks like someone rang the doorbell,” Wen Nuo said.

“Didn’t it mean that Yan Zhi has arrived?”

Wen Nuo got up and ran to open the door, when a strange male voice came from the entrance: “Hello.”

“Hello.” Wen Nuo said.

They all stood up, and after a while, they saw Wen Nuo running back with his face flushed.

Hu Ying was about to ask him, when he saw a man with broad shoulders, narrow waist, white shirt, and thin gold-rimmed glasses walking in with luggage.


This was the first word that popped into Zhai Xingchen’s mind.

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[1] Rich white and beautiful.








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