FPH Ch. 56

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“This—” Chu Tian knew that Chu Zhaoyang had entered the bedroom when he heard Yan Chuwei was coming, which made it clear that he didn’t want to see her.

In the past, Chu Zhaoyang was not just indifferent to Yan Chuwei, but except for his family and a few very close friends, Chu Zhaoyang was like this to everyone, so Chu Tian didn’t find it strange.

Besides, Yan Chuwei had always been very tolerant. Even though Chu Zhaoyang looked cold and was impatient with his words, Yan Chuwei was still not scared away. Every time she saw Chu Zhaoyang, she was still polite and acted close.

Chu Tian didn’t want to match them, but just wanted Chu Zhaoyang to get to know a few more people and have a more cheerful personality.

Although Chu Zhaoyang had gotten much better from when he was just rescued by the police as a child, but in the end, there was still a shadow in his heart, which had led to his current character.

Chu Tian sincerely hoped that Chu Zhaoyang could come out of the shadows of the past and be more sunny.

Chu Zhaoyang was 8 years older than her. When Chu Zhaoyang had that accident, she had not yet been born. But she heard from her parents that before the age of seven, Chu Zhaoyang was just like any other ordinary boy.

She didn’t hope that Chu Zhaoyang would still be like that, but she also hoped that he would laugh more, interact with people more, and be less cautious.

But it seemed that since the last time, Chu Zhaoyang had not only been cold to Yan Chuwei. How many times could she nod to her before she realized the situation. Judging from today’s situation, it seems that he didn’t even want to talk to Yan Chuwei.

Chu Tian was about to stop Yan Chuwei, when the bedroom door was suddenly opened, and Chu Zhaoyang stood in the door with a cold and impatient look.

Yan Chuwei looked up at him in surprise. At this time, the two were standing, one inside and the other outside the door. It could be said that they were standing relatively close. Yan Chuwei could smell the mint fragrance coming from him. The good smell made her heart skip a beat.

The men she knows all wore men’s perfumes, which were very light and elegant, with their demeanour and successful careers, made them think they were very charming.

It could be said that Yan Chuwei still liked the mint fragrance on Chu Zhaoyang’s body the most. She even wondered if there was any medicine in it, why every time she smelled it, her whole body felt weak, and she wished to collapse into Chu Zhaoyang’s arms.

“Zhaoyang.” Yan Chuwei’s smile was full of surprise, and was about to walk in.

Chu Zhaoyang went forward with a cold expression, and blocked her without restraint.

It was only then that Yan Chuwei realized something was wrong, her smile froze, and she asked, “Zhaoyang, you were injured, why did you get up? Go back and lie down.”

Chu Zhaoyang still showed no expression on his face, he coldly avoided Yan Chuwei’s hand which was about to touch him, and said, “It is not convenient for outsiders to enter the bedroom.”

Yan Chuwei wanted to take the opportunity to enter naturally, but she stopped her steps abruptly, with a look of embarrassment on her face.

Chu Zhaoyang was actually very ruthless, and he said the word “outsider” very clearly. It was like a heavy hammer, hitting her directly in the face.

She knew that Chu Zhaoyang’s character had always been like this, but he was definitely not ignorant of the world.

But now, he actually hit her in the face like this.

“I’m going to rest, I won’t send you off.” Chu Zhaoyang closed the door in front of Yan Chuwei without mercy.

Yan Chuwei had been racking her brains to go into the bedroom before, but as she was standing on the edge of the door’s ground line, when the door closed, it almost hit her nose.

Chu Tian looked at Yan Chuwei in embarrassment and said, “Sister Chuwei, I’m sorry, my brother is tired because of his injuries, otherwise he wouldn’t be like this, don’t take it to heart.”

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