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Seeing what Shen Lou did, Lin Xinxin was delighted and also kowtowed three times. This was considered as paying homage to your parents.

“Tell me, could my mother be a barbarian?” Lin Lin wiped Lan Su’s tombstone with his sleeve. The wound on his hand was too deep and had not fully healed yet. So, Zishu found a pair of soft sheepskin palm guards for him to wear, but it still hurt a little in the ice and snow.

His memory of his mother was very vague. He couldn’t remember whether she had blue eyes or whether she had any relatives from her natal family. He only remembered her nickname “Chi Nuo”.

Shen Lou pulled him up and put the injured hand in his arms to warm it, “Wait until your master comes back and ask him.”

He was very worried about Lin Xin’s blood being taken away. That great witch was the national master of Beimo, and he was highly regarded by Uluolun Heruo. If his guess was correct, he should be the legendary “Witch God” who could tame Gu carvings.

Over the years, the Gu Eagle had been following Lin Xin’s footsteps, as if it was specially designed to find his traces. It was just that Zhu Xingli’s whereabouts were elusive and he and his disciples only stayed in each place for a short time, so they were not found by the barbarians.

“That’s right, we just lived in Yanqiu for a year, and those barbarians came to our door!” Lin Xin was suddenly surprised. He used to think that the barbarians were there for the Luli mine, but now it seemed, “Is it possible that I am some kind of natural treasure? Can you live forever by eating my flesh and blood?”

Shen Lou, who was full of worries, was amused by Lin Xin and pretended to bite him, “If so, give me a taste first.”

“No, I’m afraid of pain. You can take it by making a cauldron and draining my essence and blood, You can then ascend to immortality.” Lin Xin circled Shen Lou’s waist and said pitifully, like a vixen in ancient times, wagging his big tail to lure a serious young monk into falling into the Demonic way.

Shen Lou had a headache and wrapped the little vixen into his mink cloak to calm down the anger provoked by Lin Xin. The immortals had spiritual power to protect their body. In order to show his identity, Lin Xin did not wear thick clothes in winter. Only with his weak soul power, he always had to wear a cloak.

Lin Xin smiled and rubbed against his chest, greedily inhaling the cold fragrance of plants and trees on his body.

“Who else knows about this place?” Shen Lou looked at the two tombs with dark eyes. There were traces of burning incense and candles in front of the tombs. Someone must have come to worship.

“Huh?” Lin Xin let go of Shen Lou, pushed aside the snow, and found the tributes buried underneath, including wine and meat. “Master must have been here.” Only he and his master knew about this.

“Why not bury them in Luqi Terrace?” Lin Zhenghan, as a prince of the generation, should have been buried in his own fiefdom, but Zhu Xingli buried him in the barren mountains and ridges, in such a remote and uninhabited place.

“Master has always done things like this, you can’t count on him…” Lin Xin said, his face suddenly changed, “That’s not right!”

Shen Lou was startled, and quickly grabbed Lin Xin, who was throwing himself on the grave to pick up the snow, and took action himself by pushing away the thin layer of snow, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xin picked up a handful of soil, trembling all over, “This grave has been dug up!”

The soil was a mixture of old and new, and the weeds on the grave had disappeared. Even if that guy Zhu Xingli had come to the grave to pay homage, he would never remember to pull the weeds.

Shen Lou stopped Lin Xin’s hand from drawing the sword, “This is your parents’ grave!”

“Do you know whether my parents or some other ghost or snake spirit is buried in this grave?” Lin Xin’s eyes turned red.

“Don’t move, I’ll do it.” Shen Lou sighed and pulled out Yu Yuan himself. Because Lin Xin could use soul power, he was much more powerful than ordinary immortals, but his control over sword power was still far away from Shen Lou.

The sword energy slowly surged, cutting flatly into the ground and lifting up the entire tomb, ensuring that nothing inside the tomb would be harmed. As soon as he opened it, Lin Xin rushed forward and rummaged around. There was a wooden box placed in the damp soil, which was a small coffin for storing ashes.

The surface of the small coffin had been cut open, and it was torn apart and leaking. Lin Xin gritted his teeth and opened the coffin lid. It was empty inside, with no urn and no funerary objects.

The two tombs were identical, with only empty boxes remaining.

The ashes were stolen. These tributes and incense candles were not done by Zhu Xingli but were left by the thieves who dug the graves and who might have worshiped on the mountain top for fear of retribution!

“The person is already dead, but they don’t let him go, can there be Luli ore in the ashes?” Lin Xin tightly grasped a handful of soil, the wound in his palm burst open, and the blood soaked through the sheepskin gloves, showing spots of blood.

“Is this fox fur?” Shen Lou frowned and used the tip of his sword to sweep away the mounds of soil on the ground, revealing a handful of half-black and half-white fur.

Fox fur…

“Do you remember what Na Hu said?” Lin Xin twisted the bunch of fluff.

If you don’t have enough tiger fur, who doesn’t use fox fur to make it up? There isn’t that much tiger fur to make so many collars, so the branches of the Zhong family all used fox fur!

Zhong family!

People were hunted and killed while they were alive, and they were not let go even after they were dead! Good, very good! Lin Xin rubbed the handle of Mojian’s knife with one finger, full of killing intent. He thought that Zhong Changye was dead and the grudges between them had been cleared, but these people still wanted to provoke him, so they shouldn’t blame him for destroying the Zhong family.

“Zhong Changye is dead, why does anyone still care about this matter?” Shen Lou frowned, always feeling that things back then were not that simple.

“Because Zhong Lu is not dead, Zhong Suifeng is not dead, and Zhong Youyu is not dead, Zhong Wumo is not dead!” Lin Xin’s spiritual power surged around his body, and his eyes were red, like an evil ghost crawling out of the endless hell, who would tear the world and himself into pieces in the next moment.

“Xinxin!” Shen Lou held his hand and found that it was soaked with blood, “Don’t worry, let’s go to Zhong house to find out.”

Lin Xin shook off his hand and stared into Shen Lou’s eyes, “If I want to kill the Zhong brothers, will you care or not?” For two lives, the Zhong brothers had had a close relationship with Shen Lou.

Shen Lou sighed, he still couldn’t trust him. He forcefully pulled the hand with the cracked wound and took off his gloves, “If the two of them are involved, and if you want to kill or cut them into pieces, I will never stop you.”

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