CFCS Ch. 181: Anyang Saga (2)

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“Let go of me!!” Jing Yang struggled hard, but he wasn’t Xue Chengyu’s opponent even if after applying all of his strength. His tattered clothes seemed to be made of paper in Xue Chengyu’s hands. They were easy to be torn apart. Seeing that his clothes had become cloth strips, and Jing Yang’s body couldn’t resist him, he decided that he had to resist with his voice, so he shouted “Ah!! Ah!!”

The soldiers standing outside were Xue Chengyu’s subordinates, so hearing Jing Yang’s cry, they looked at each other, not understanding how the general, who had always disliked beauty and seemed to have no desires, suddenly had this hobby of grabbing someone and doing things as soon as he came back.

Xue Chengyu originally just wanted to scare Jing Yang, so that he would tell his true identity, but when his hand touched Jing Yang’s snow-white and smooth skin, he couldn’t help but feel agitated, which made him want to really act against Jing Yang. However, because Jing Yang’s identity was unknown, and his self-control had always been very good, he finally managed to control his impulses.

Jing Yang broke free from his hands after he stopped, and moving back his body that could not be covered by the torn clothes, he glared at him and cursed, “You, you are filthy! Despicable! Shameless! Shameless!”

“You haven’t said anything that is true yet?” Xue Chengyu looked at Jing Yang’s body and said, “How can ordinary people raise you to have such fine skin and tender meat?”

Jing Yang also looked down at his skin that was indeed too white and tender, not knowing what to say. He didn’t let him make up a story, and in fact he couldn’t make up anything, so he could only sit with a face like “even if you kill me, I won’t say it, if you have the ability, you can kill me!”

“I won’t kill you. “Xue Chengyu touched Jing Yang’s face and threatened, “Such a beautiful face, such a tender body, it is a pity for you to die. But I have a way to make your life worse than death, I will give you one more chance, if you still don’t want to tell the truth, I’ll show you what regret is.”    

Jing Yang got angry at Xue Chengyu’s threat, then he thought to himself, I still don’t believe that you can do anything. He simply took off all the torn clothes and pants and sat naked on the bed, while looking at Xue Chengyu and said, “Come on, let me see how you can make me regret it!”

Jing Yang’s actions made Xue Chengyu take a step back. He didn’t expect Jing Yang to be so aggressive. However, his eyes did not evade, and he saw clearly what he should see and what he should not see. He even lost his mind for a brief moment, and in that moment, he had some nasty thoughts.

Jing Yang was scrutinized from head to toe by his gaze. Although he did not care what he thought of him, he still felt a little embarrassed at him looking at him while he was completely naked. He couldn’t help but shrink back and clamp his legs.

Xue Chengyu saw Jing Yang’s guilty conscience at a glance, but Jing Yang trembling with the cold made him feel pity in his heart. He pulled the quilt, shook it and wrapped it around Jing Yang’s body, then he walked to the big box next to him and started rummaging.    

Jing Yang held the quilt, then looking at Xue Chengyu who was rummaging for something, he felt a little relieved. Although there was a high possibility that this person was his lover, he still felt a little uncomfortable since they had just met each other in this life, and he was about to be handled by him in a sober state. The most important thing was that he must at least figure out the situation of the world and his own identity before he knew with what kind of attitude he should treat him with.    

Xue Chengyu found a rope, with which he tied Jing Yang and the quilt together, then he sat by the bed and looked at him while saying, “Before I come back, you’d better figure out what to tell me, otherwise don’t blame me for punishing you, I hope you can bear it then.”    

Jing Yang laid straight on the bed, looking at him with a fearless expression as he said, “I don’t have to wait for you to come back, you can have people torture me now. I won’t say anything anyway.”    

Jing Yang was not afraid of his threat, because if Xue Chengyu was his lover, he would definitely not do anything to hurt him, and if he wasn’t, then he would fight hard with him and won’t let him go, in short, he wouldn’t let him look at his body in vain.    

It was the first time that Xue Chengyu wasn’t able to intimidate a person. He thought that he should suffer a little before he would tell the truth, but when he thought of his tender flesh, he couldn’t do anything against him.

Xue Chengyu still had important things to do, so he couldn’t stay for too long. He instructed the soldiers outside to take good care of Jing Yang and to never let him leave the tent, then he left the camp with his subordinates quickly.

Jing Yang was lying on the bed. Although he couldn’t move, he was much more comfortable than when he was sleeping in the mountains and in the rough. At least there was no wind blowing in the tent, the quilt was also clean and warm, and he could lie down on a comfortable bed.    

To be honest, Jing Yang was actually quite tired, and he was feeling very sleepy. But although he really wanted to sleep right away, he still intended to figure out his identity and the story of this world first, otherwise, if Xue Chengyu came back soon, he would not know what to do.    

Jing Yang closed his eyes, turned on the system again, and continued to understand what he just saw.    

His true identity was the feminine son of the emperor of the previous dynasty. As for why he became the emperor of the ‘previous dynasty’, of course, it was because the dynasty that belonged to their family had been replaced by someone.    

When the original owner’s father was the emperor, both his fathers were very loving towards each other, so the harem was only for show, and his father only had two children, him and his brother.     

The original owner’s name was An Yang. He was raised with love and care by the emperor and the queen since childhood. Moreover, the original owner looked very much like his feminine father. At a very young age, everyone could see that he would definitely follow his father when he grew up and would also be an alluring beauty.    

The older An Yang grew, the more beautiful he became. Although he was not very old at the time, anyone who had seen him had been amazed by his appearance.    

His imperial brother was the crown prince, and his playmates and companions were all sons of high-ranking ministers. When any one of them saw him, they could not help but fall for him. Furthermore, as the only feminine son of the emperor of the An Dynasty, he not only had a distinguished status, but was also deeply favored by the emperor and the queen.    

However, he had a marriage contract with his cousin, the queen’s nephew, Xu Zhengxiu since he was a child. Letting him marry into the Xu family was the favor bestowed by the emperor and the queen to the Xu family, and it was also because the queen felt that the Xu family was the best choice for An Yang.

An Yang grew up coddled by the two most distinguished people, so his personality was inevitably a little cold and arrogant, but because he was the son of the emperor, no one dared to show dissatisfaction even if he was arrogant.

Although, some people did not show it on the surface, it did not mean that there was no dissatisfaction and jealousy in their hearts.

The King of Beiguang, Su Guanglin, was a named King despite having a different surname because of his outstanding military exploits when he was young. Su Huai, the grandson of the King of Beiguang, was not only good-looking, but also smarter than many adults when he was very young, and he could learn everything quickly. Beiguang also felt it was a pity that he was a female rather than a male, thinking that if he was a male, he could have been trained to be the heir, and he would be able to make their Su family prosper even more in the future.

Although Su Huai was a female, but because he was as smart as a child prodigy, he still got the attention of the King of Beiguang, and like his brother, he was personally trained by the King of Beiguang.

The reason why Su Huai was smarter than ordinary adults at a young age was because he already had an adult soul in his body, and it was a modern adult soul. This made people think that he was a child prodigy.

However, although Su Huai was an adult from modern times, he spent a lot of energy and mind in learning ancient things, because he had one goal, which was to become the most sought-after female in the imperial capital when he grew up. He wanted all the young talents to bow down at his feet and look up to him.

But in the imperial capital, there was an existence that could not be surpassed no matter how hard he tried, that was the emperor’s son, An Yang.

When An Yang was only a few years old, everyone knew about his beauty. An Yang’s beauty was something that the emperor felt very proud of. Therefore, the various rumors of An Yang’s beauty, were all acquiesced by the emperor.

And all the noble children of the imperial capital, as long as they had seen An Yang, even if they would not fall for his beauty, but they definitely would feel overwhelmed because of his beauty.

The fact that the emperor was unreasonable in loving the queen and An Yang was something everyone knew, so no matter how daring Su Huai was, he did not dare to compare with An Yang.

But Su Huai’s heart was always dissatisfied with An Yang. Although he had seen An Yang when he entered the palace, and even he had to admit that An Yang was beautiful even if he hadn’t fully bloomed, but he felt that An Yang was useless except for his face and his identity as the emperor’s son. If the two of them were placed in the same position, he would definitely be better than An Yang and would be even more admired.

The queen had always been in poor health, so only two children were born to the emperor. When An Yang was about ten years old, the queen died, but the emperor did not establish a new queen, and ordered that no one should mention the matter of establishing a new queen, otherwise the whole family of whoever did so would be held accountable.

The death of the queen had dealt a great blow to the emperor who loved him deeply. Because of his excessive thoughts, the emperor’s health was getting worse and worse. The emperor already felt that he might not live long, so he slowly began to let the crown prince deal with political affairs. At this time, if the prince did not understand anything, or there was something he did not do well, he could also guide him.

Gradually, both An Yang and Su Huai grew up to fifteen years old. Su Huai’s dissatisfaction and resentment towards An Yang became deeper and deeper, especially after he fell in love with Xu Zhengxiu at first sight, but then he learnt that Xu Zhengxiu and An Yang had a marriage contract, so his jealousy and hatred for An Yang surged uncontrollably.

Su Huai felt that since he had transmigrated here, he should be the protagonist of this world, why should a person with a higher status than him hold him down and take away the person he loved.

However, Su Huai inadvertently learned that his grandfather and father were probably planning a rebellion, then his mood became uncontrollably excited, as now he knew that he was the protagonist of this world, and the God of Destiny would definitely favor him. When his grandfather and father succeeded in the rebellion, the throne would belong to their family. After he became the emperor’s son, An Yang would just be a remnant of the previous dynasty, and that was just what he wanted.

The Su family’s rebellion plan was still in progress, and Su Huai had already begun to think about how to torture and humiliate An Yang to vent the jealousy and resentment he had accumulated over the years.

The emperor’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and the imperial matters had all been completely handed over to the prince. The Su family had already planned everything and after the emperor’s death, it would be time for them to take action.

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