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“You owe me your life.” Si Huang retracted her thoughts and said lightly to Zhou Jun.

Zhou Jun was startled: “What?” Looking up, he met a pair of clear eyes in the darkness. If he hadn’t seen this man kill Poison Eyes in a lighthearted manner, he would never have thought that such a young man with such clean and beautiful eyes was capable of doing this.

“I plan to keep you alive. The price is that the aftermath here will be handed over to you and you must remember that you owe me your life for this chance.” Si Huang explained with a smile.

The moment he heard the opportunity, Zhou Jun’s pupils shrank, and after a second of silence, he said, “I will remember your favor… um.”

The slender and beautiful fingers were as white as jade in the dark, and with the sallow skin on Zhou Jun’s neck, the contrast was even stronger. With the tightening of his fingers, Zhou Jun’s face turned blue, and panic appeared in his eyes.

“It’s a life.” Si Huang said slowly.

Zhou Jun finally dissipated the little bit of thoughts in his head and nodded with difficulty.

Si Huang let go. She turned around and saw the girl who was still squatting on the ground. She was also looking at this side and noticed that Si Huang’s eyes had fallen on her legs, it was then that she realized that her pants had been taken off by Poison Eyes, and she was still showing her legs, seeing this, her cheeks flushed, and she hurried to tidy up her disheveled appearance.

However, the tragedy was that her pant’s chain had been torn by Poison Eyes. The girl was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. Then she saw a black sweater appear in her lowered line of sight.

Si Huang: “Tie it to the waist so no one will see it.”

“…Thank you.”

After the girl tied the sweater around her waistband, she saw Si Huang still standing quietly in front of her, her lips moved but she didn’t know what to say, “That, Thank you!” After saying that, she was stupefied, and her face was flushed.

Si Huang smiled, “I’ll take you out.”

Zhou Jun watched them leave without saying a word.

Alley Road

Si Huang and the girl walked about half a meter away from each other. After two or three minutes, they could no longer see Zhou Jun’s group, then she suddenly heard a low voice from behind: “I know you, you are Si Huang. My name is Yu Ling, I have seen your video, you…you are really good, your real person is even more handsome than the video! Ah! I actually wanted to say, I really need to thank you this time!”

In such a panic, she looked like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl which was very different from the calmness she had shown in front of Poison Eyes. Si Huang’s thoughts turned, and the corner of her mouth got raised in an arc.

Yu Ling, it turned out to be Yu Ling, no wonder she looked familiar.

She didn’t expect to meet the god-level makeup artist who would be called Magic Hand in the future, here.

Si Huang stopped and looked back at Yu Ling, who was a little embarrassed, thinking to herself: The reason why I didn’t recognize her before was because the difference between the two was too great. When she met Yu Ling in her previous life, the other party was already famous. She had a cold, arrogant and strong temper, and she was also cold to people. It was completely different from the innocent little white flower now.

Yu Ling was able to look at her at first, but after five seconds, she couldn’t hold on anymore, and looked away, “You, did you really kill that person just now?” She panicked as soon as she finished speaking.

She really wondered about this question in her heart, but she didn’t plan to ask it. Who knew that she would be so flustered when she saw Si Huang, and would blurt it out?

While afraid of Si Huang’s anger, she also looked forward to the answer. Suddenly she heard a chuckle in her ear.

This laughter was slightly nasal, and it was tinged by Si Huang’s special voice, which made people’s heart itch.

Yu Ling looked up cautiously, “Ah!” At some point, Si Huang had already bent down, and his face was very close to her.

With such a magnificent and beautiful face, him suddenly smiling at her, would make anyone’s heart beat wildly.

“Of course, it’s fake.” Si Huang laughed.

Yu Ling looked puzzled.

Putting a finger on her rosy lips, Si Huang showed a mischievous smile and winked at her, “Actually, I was very nervous just now, don’t tell anybody.”

Yu Ling’s eyes widened, and then she laughed, unknowingly infected by the atmosphere created by Si Huang, then she relaxed, “You are really amazing! By the way, I saw the video of your audition before, I also think you are very powerful.”

Si Huang smiled and said nothing.

In Yu Ling’s eyes, his smile was like an angel’s, clean and bright, which made people feel better.

It was just that she completely forgot that Poison Eyes really died in the hands of this angel-like boy, and she laughed at this time.

Si Huang’s reputation as the movie emperor in her previous life was not in vain but was won by her own strength. As a top actor, she could retract her aura freely, and the emitted magnetic field was able to affect the surrounding audience in.

After putting Yu Ling in the car, Si Huang also took a taxi back to the Jinglan Villa.

[Your Majesty~ You are really amazing! 】In his mind, Five Treasure God imitated Yu Ling’s voice to flatter him.

Si Huang laughed, “What’s wrong?”

The Five Treasure God’s tail seemed to be raised to the sky, “Dong dong dong! Congrats to His Majesty for winning a gold glitter! 】

Si Huang raised his eyebrows: “There are still three pieces needed, are you not afraid that I will drag you and die together?”

Five Treasure God didn’t care much and said: [For Your Majesty, three pieces are not a problem at all. 】

Si Huang: “…” Who was urging her like Saburo[1] desperately at first and didn’t believe in her? What! What a fickle little idiot.


Yu Ling got off the car near her home and saw a figure standing under the street lamp on the side of the road at a glance.

“Brother.” She shouted as usual, then Yu Ling nervously grabbed the sweater tied around her waist.

The man took a few big steps towards Yu Ling, grabbed her wrist, and said in a low and cold tone, “Something happened.”

Yu Ling gritted her teeth and didn’t speak.

Silence spread between the two of them, and Yu Xi suddenly hugged her and touched her head: “Let’s go back, Mom is worried.”

Yu Ling grabbed his sleeve, “Mom doesn’t know anything, right?”

“I said you are spending time with your friends as it is someone’s birthday.” Yu Xi let go of her and walked forward, “According to the agreement, you can’t go there anymore, this time I won’t let you go.”

Yu Ling instinctively bit her lower lip, and the figure of Si Huang appeared in her mind. Her heart suddenly beat violently twice, but she couldn’t refute her brother when she raised her head and saw her brother’s lowered head. Like her, her brother was a stubborn character, and would never give up when he decided to do something. Last time, he promised to help her without telling her mother, but once there was an accident, she would not be allowed to do it again.

Yu Ling could no longer go back after the Poison Eyes incident, it was then that she suddenly thought of Si Huang: Could he have misunderstood something? Did he feel that she was a rebellious bad girl who worked there? It’s just that she had nothing to do with him, and what reason did she have to explain to him?

Yu Xi noticed that his sister had something on her mind, but if she had something she didn’t want to say, no one could force her, so it was better not to ask.

The brother and sister were walking in a dirty alley which had a very poor environment. They stopped in front of a dilapidated bungalow not long after, and they both put away their inner tangled emotions. After looking at each other, he followed Yu Ling as she shouted briskly, “Mom, I’m back!” Then she pushed the door and walked into the house.

“Lingling is back, food is still hot, come and eat.”

If Si Huang were here, she would definitely recognize the woman walking out, she was the nanny Zhao Limei she had hired.

The author has something to say:

Ershui: Your Majesty, do you want to accept me as your younger brother?

Majesty Huang: It depends on the mood.

Ershui: You take it!

Majesty Huang: Don’t worry.

Er Shui: Do you take it like this, do your parents know?

Majesty Huang: He will know soon.

Er Shui: Cough… Why do I find you a bit dangerous? But also a little excited~ What do you think?

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[1] A reference to the character of Saburo Yamada in Buster Bros!!!

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