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Si Huang, who had just finished running this morning, received another call from Si Zhihan. She was taking a shower when the phone rang. When she came out to answer, to her surprise, she didn’t get a scolding from Si Zhihan, but Si Huang could still hear that he was in a bad mood.

“I might have been unclear on the phone, you must come back today, or I will send someone to invite you back.” In fact, everyone knew that this was a threat.

Facing such a threat, Si Huang said calmly, “I’m going to school.”

The conversation between the two broke up again. To be precise, Si Zhihan was very unhappy, but Si Huang didn’t care, and was even in a good mood. Because everything was going in the direction she expected, Si Zhihan had even told her on the phone just now that the negative news about her on the Internet had been cleaned up.

Returning to Huaxing Art School again, as the most important topical figure in the Huaxing Art School forum during this time, Si Huang without accident became the focus of attention of the people around him.

Today, she was wearing a pure white shirt with a dark green British-style casual coat over it. Below were the same pants that perfectly set off Si Huang’s long legs. She had leather boots on her feet, and the shoelaces were tied a little messily, making his person look lazy and leisurely.

Facing the eyes of everyone, the 16- or 17-year-old boy was not at all restrained and walked on the campus with a smile that did not slip even for a moment. His pervading aura made the people around her watch her walk away, and no one dared to go forward and talk to her.

Si Huang did not go back to her classroom but went to the painting department.


“Ahhhh! Your Majesty, ahhh!”

Class B of the painting department had just finished class, and Yu Ling, who was sitting at the last window seat, looked out the window, thinking about what happened last night, when she suddenly heard the noise outside, which caused her heart to beat fast.

She had seen a lot of the title ‘Your Majesty’ recently, and it was everywhere on the forum. Suddenly, the girls outside started screaming, and before she could understand what was going on, she couldn’t help but stand up and look towards the door of the classroom.

At this time, Si Huang was reaching out to support a girl who almost fell, “Are you alright?” Then he looked up and looked around, his eyes very clear and gentle, as if an attraction was flowing from them, “I’m very happy that you are so enthusiastic, but because of this if you get hurt, it would be my fault.”

The clear and mellow voice filled with magnetism sounded a little distressed, but where could there be a sense of blame? On the contrary, it made people feel like they were being pampered and cared for!

The girls who were like wolves and tigers just now had turned into shy little sheep, but their eyes were clearly even more fiery and excited. Some even covered their mouths with their hands and winked fiercely at Si Huang, as if they were telling him silently: God! I’m very nice! I’m so good, shouldn’t you reward me!?

Si Huang laughed.

“Ah ah ah ah-” This was probably the portrayal of the hearts of all the girls. Your Majesty, how can you look at people with such helpless little eyes, how can you laugh so seductively! Going dizzy! Almost fainted! I’m dizzy, will your majesty catch me? XD

“Yu Ling.” After comforting the girl, Si Huang turned his head to see the girl who had reached the door of the classroom, and smiled slightly, “I have something to ask you, do you have time to talk to me alone?”

‘Looking for you’ The words ‘alone’ and ‘chat’ slammed into the girls’ minds. Just after Si Huang finished speaking, Yu Ling inexplicably felt the deep malice that came towards her, but she couldn’t help but jump up with excitement, facing everyone’s eyes, she nodded to Si Huang: “Well, well, it’s okay.”


The two walked out of the gate of Huaxing Art School.

Si Huang glanced at the girl beside her who was bowing her head, and took the initiative to start the conversation, “Do you have a brother named Yu Xi?”

“Ah?” Yu Ling raised her head suspiciously, “Yes.” After reacting, “Your Majesty…cough, no. Si Huang, are you looking for my brother? Do you know my brother?”

Si Huang smiled, “I know him, he may not know me.”

Yu Ling looked at her dazzling smile and said silently in her heart: This sentence should be reversed! Then she heard Si Huang’s brisk voice, “I want Yu Xi to do me a favor, and I need you to help me talk.”

Yu Ling was influenced by her again and said easily: “If it’s not a bad thing, I will definitely help you!” Still, she felt a little disappointed.


Yu Xi was not in Huaxing Art School, but in another famous university in H City, Jingfu University.

Under the guidance of Yu Ling, the three met in the library of Jingfu University. The chosen location was a remote corner with no one else around.

Si Huang and Yu Xi sat opposite each other, and both of them were obviously assessing each other.

From Si Huang’s point of view, Yu Xi had not changed much from how he was in his previous life. He had the face of a social elite, a slightly thin body, and cold and sharp eyes, all of which showed his old-fashioned and sharp character.

“What’s the purpose of using my sister to find me?” As soon as Yu Xi opened his mouth, he stabbed him like a knife.

“Brother!” Yu Ling’s face changed, she remembered that she hadn’t told Yu Xi about what happened yesterday, otherwise her brother would not be so rude. She wanted to explain but was stopped by Si Huang. In fact, Si Huang was not angry because of Yu Xi’s rude words, but admired him even more.

In the previous life, Si Huang and Yu Xi were not familiar with each other, but he knew some of his character and experience. This man was cruel, but he was very affectionate, especially towards his only sister. And the impoliteness at this time was also a manifestation of the importance attached to the protection of the younger sister.

“I want to ask you to be my agent.” Si Huang’s smile and tone were very sincere.

Yu Xi couldn’t find any trace of joking on his face, so he swallowed the phrase ‘Are you kidding me?’, and after a second of silence, he refused in disguise: “I’m still just a junior. I don’t have the qualification to be an agent, let alone experience.”

“You’re an adult, with your talent, you only need time to research the problem.”

A trace of vigilance and doubt appeared in Yu Xi’s eyes, “You seem to know me very well. This makes it sound like you are more confident in myself than me.” Even Yu Ling could hear the sarcasm in his tone, so how could Si Huang not hear it?

Si Huang had always respected talents who had real ability and character, not only did he not argue with him, but instead she followed his words: “Yes, I have confidence in you, and sincerely hope that you can come and help me. Relatively speaking, I am also very confident in myself, and I can bring you benefits as well.”

Yu Xi was confused by her serious appearance, and Si Huang’s words sounded again: “As long as you agree, I can get you an agent’s certificate in advance, and we can discuss the commission. By the way, in Director Liu’s upcoming TV series “Royal Road”, my role has already been set, which means that as long as you agree now, soon you can get a good remuneration.”

Yu Xi: “…”

Si Huang: “You can go to set with me during this time and observe my value with your own eyes. If you are not satisfied, you can terminate the contract immediately. But if you choose to continue after observing, you won’t be given the opportunity to leave.”

Yu Xi: “…”

Si Huang smiled: “It won’t do you any harm, why don’t you agree?”

Yu Xi took a deep breath, and then looked back at Si Huang seriously: “You are right, so I am agreeing. There is just one thing I want you to explain to me. What do you want me to do?” Unreasonable superior conditions, why would he put aside the great resources of Fenghua, and instead look for him, a law student at school?

Si Huang stretched out his hand: “Of course it’s a talent that belongs to you alone.”

Yu Xi really didn’t want to believe this, but apart from this, he really couldn’t think of anything else that would make Si Huang care about him. With Si Huang’s eyes, a seed of fire fell on his heart, which made his whole body feel warm. He stood up and shook Si Huang’s hand: “Thank you for the compliment.”

This was the first time in his life that he had been affirmed like this!

The young Yu Xi thus couldn’t hold back his emotions.

After Si Huang and Yu Ling left and agreed on the time to meet next time, Yu Xi looked down at his hand in confusion, thinking a bit: Even if he was so good-looking, why was his skin so smooth?

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