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Si Huang threw away the stone in her hand and kicked the belly of Poison Eye who had fallen to the ground.

“Hmm!” A mouthful of blood spat out from Poison Eye’s mouth.

Si Huang was sure that Poison Eye would not be able to stand up for a while, so she turned around and beat the other six brothers to the ground with three punches and two kicks.

Her speed was too fast, and the strength of her fists and feet did not match her slender figure. One punch could knock people out, and one kick could even break people’s bones. As a result, none of the six younger brothers escaped.

Si Huang also didn’t expect that her skills would have been enhanced so much, she didn’t know how to use her strength for a while, and almost kicked someone to death. However, even if people were accidentally killed, people like them who lived at the bottom of the dark pit would have some accidents every three days or two, and the police would not even bother to investigate it.

“Poison Eye.” Si Huang walked back to Poison Eye, squatted down and looked at his twisted and painful face.

“It’s… it’s you?!” Poison Eye recognized the soul singer on the stage, since even he was fascinated at that time, and it was not until the end that he remembered to grab the waitress. “Young man, it’s not something anyone can do to save the beauty and become a hero, you don’t know…” His threatening words came to an end, and his pupils shrank when he looked at Si Huang’s beautiful face after she took off her hat.

Si Huang chuckled, “It looks like you still remember me, that’s good. I’m here to ask for something from you.”

Si Huang’s temperament was beyond the boundaries of men and women, and her smile was even more beautiful, making Poison Eye’s gaze become dazzled. But in the face of such stunning beauty, he was not tempted at all, instead he was inexplicably frightened. This was the first time he had seen Si Huang, and it made him feel weird and startled, “What, what?”

Si Huang said, “The recording of the call between you and Si Hua and the part where he asked you to frame me.”

“What are you kidding about?” Poison Eye smiled dryly, his pupils trembling violently.

Si Huang was silent for a second, then a smile rose to her brows, and she stood up in an elegant manner, and stepped on Poison Eye’s palm and slowly rolled her foot.

“Ah ah ah!” Poison Eye’s face suddenly turned pale, and he tried to pull out his hand fiercely, but found that he couldn’t move at all.

Kacha – Kacha –

Poison Eye was shocked by the oppression he felt, and he spasmed violently, “I’ll say, it’s in my phone, but the phone isn’t on me now, I’ll bring it to you later.!”

The sound of broken bones didn’t match Si Huang’s gentle movements. She smiled and said, “Well, you can’t take me for a joke.”

Before Poison Eye could breathe a sigh of relief, Si Huang nodded in satisfaction, and then stepped down.

“—!” The sharp pain at that moment made the Poison Eye blind and his good eye almost burst out of the socket, while he died without even a cry.

Si Huang quickly retracted his feet, turned his head and said to one of the six younger brothers, “You come and search him.”

The younger brother who was called reluctantly stood up and took the phone out of the dead Poison Eye’s pocket without saying a word. He took out a pack of tissues from his pocket and wiped the phone carefully before handing it to Si Huang.

He did this not because the phone was poisonous, but because he guessed that Si Huang had a habit of cleanliness. He did it naturally, and Si Huang also took it naturally. In fact, she did hate to touch Poison Eye’s body.

She rummaged through it and found what she was looking for after a while.

In her previous life, a series of things happened, which made her unable to take revenge, and when she had the ability and opportunity, Poison Eye was already dead.

Poison Eye was a little clever to be able to get in her way, but it was just a little clever, and his vision was not high. She remembered that she was framed by Si Hua in her previous life and was forced to drink some addictive stuff by Poison Eye. As for this recording, it was naturally destroyed by Si Hua. And why did she know, one was that Si Hua mentioned something to provoke her, and the other was… the little brother in front of her said it.

After Si Huang transferred the recording to her mobile phone, she handed Poison Eye’s relic to the younger brother in front of her.

He was just a teenager, younger than Si Huang, his features were ordinary and delicate, his skin was malnourished and a dark yellow that looked like it was often drenched in the sun and rain, and his head was spiky and a little bumpy.

Who would have thought that this unremarkable young man would climb up step by step with a fierce and cunning mind in the near future, and become a famous figure on the streets in just ten years, creating a brilliant period of his own? Even if they lost a game in the end, his opponents didn’t know if they were abolished or dead.

The spiky head was called Zhou Jun; and he was a little flustered by the young master who looked like an elegant aristocratic faction but was actually a terrifying devil. He was calmer and more scheming than his peers, so he could deal with Poison Eye with ease, but he couldn’t calm himself down under the gaze of this young man who was not much older than himself.

Si Huang watched the previous king, Zhou Jun’s head, getting lower and lower, and the cold sweat on his forehead made her a little dazed—everything was different. From the moment she came back to life, everything changed.

When she was sixteen years old in her previous life, Poison Eye was like a mountain that was hard for her to push. Now… just now, when she saw Poison Eye again, she found that she didn’t hate him at all. It was like looking at a bed bug, which could be easily crushed, and who she had no interest in torturing, whether it be his body or mind.

In fact, she had experienced more things in her previous life and had learned more. This was the mentality of the group of people with Poison Eye at the beginning. No matter how miserable her situation was, she could study hard to absorb more and protect herself. After seeing more high-ranking people with terrible methods, she realized that the mountain at the age of sixteen was indeed like a mouse in a ditch, and she shouldn’t even bother to look at it.

That’s how people were, standing at different heights meant they were looking at different scenery, only then did they realize how weak the experience that they once remembered and hated was, but at that time she didn’t know how to protect herself, and she didn’t know how to adapt to changes. When the real tragedy happened and she gained strength, it turned out that her hatred of those “little things” had faded a long time ago, because they were too small for her to pay attention to.

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