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With Yu Fei’s lips rubbing against his skin, Fu Yuanzhou’s body froze slightly. Thinking that he had misheard what Yu Fei said, he cautiously called out, “Xiao Fei?”

The hands that were hugging Fu Yuanzhou became tighter and tighter, he brought him down on the bed, buried his face in his neck and whispered, “Zhou, I miss you so much…”

The aroma of roses was rich and warm, as it filled the whole room, this smell which was originally quite gentle, had now become frantic, full of aggression and predatory, densely covering Fu Yuanzhou, depriving him of all his senses.


Yu Fei murmured Fu Yuanzhou’s name, leaned over and kissed his face lightly. Fu Yuanzhou’s heart trembled for a moment, and his eyes showed confusion, while he called him red-faced: “Xiaofei!”

He wanted to get rid of Yu Fei’s shackles, but he had gone completely weak, and Yu Fei’s strength was so great that his wrist felt pain and he couldn’t shake him off at all.    

Xie Lin who had returned, came over and grabbed Yu Fei’s arm and dragged him down from the bed, but Yu Fei didn’t want to let go, so he struggled fiercely, and even turned around and punched Xie Lin after being dragged to the ground. Then he said angrily, “Let go of me!”     

Yu Fei’s hand was heavy, and he seemed to have no scruples. Xie Lin didn’t expect that he would really do it, and his punch broke the corner of his lips, and a little blood oozed out.    

His state was very wrong. Fu Yuanzhou, who was lying on the bed stunned, suddenly reacted and called out to him immediately. Hearing his voice, Yu Fei’s expression suddenly softened a lot. He wanted to come back to him but was pulled back by his forearm.    


The moment he turned around, Xie Lin also punched him, hitting him firmly in the face, knocking Yu Fei onto the bed, such that his entire body sank into the soft quilt.    

“You calm down.”    

Xie Lin looked at him condescendingly, raised his hand and wiped the corners of his blood-stained lips. His expression was extremely cold.    

“What are you two doing?!”

Fu Yuanzhou was already sore from running and was also affected by Yu Fei’s pheromones. His limbs were all soft. “Why are you fighting with your brother?”

Yu Fei lay quietly on the bed for a while, then he gradually opened his eyes, as if he had just woken up. He suddenly sat up from the bed, stroked his aching cheeks, and muttered to himself “…I was not dreaming?”    

“You’re confused.” Fu Yuanzhou finally understood the reason for his abnormal behavior, and said in a funny and reluctant manner, “It was all true just now, and you even started a fight with your brother. You see, you caused the corners of his mouth to bleed.”    

He glanced at Xie Lin, but even so, Xie Lin was also really cruel, and Xiao Fei’s face was a little swollen. Xie Lin could actually be cruel to such a beautiful face and use such a heavy hand.    

“Can you be gentler next time?” He was so distressed that he couldn’t help saying something to Xie Lin, but then he immediately changed his tune, “No, there will be no next time, you are good brothers, we are all so old, there is nothing to fight about.”    

Xie Lin didn’t speak, while Yu Fei finally woke up completely, stood up staggeringly and apologized to them, but because of lack of moisture, his voice was very hoarse: “Brother, Zhou, I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it. Yes, I thought I was dreaming…”    

“Sit down first.”    

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to go over to help him, but was stopped by Xie Lin, who went to help Yu Fei himself. Yu Fei lowered his eyebrows obediently and didn’t say a word. He hugged the quilt and continued to look down guiltily, his hair and pajamas were messy, and at this moment he looked like a beautiful cat who had made a mistake and was being scolded by its owner, seemingly very pitiful.    

Xie Lin went to the bathroom to wash his face, and Fu Yuanzhou dragged his heavy body downstairs slowly to get the ointment for both of them.    

When he opened the drawer, he couldn’t help thinking, what did Xiao Fei dream about that made him act so impulsively and kiss him…     

He touched the place where Yu Fei had kissed him just now, and his heart was heavy. Xiaofei kissed him again and said that he missed him. Was it the same kiss as before to show intimacy and friendship, or did Xiaofei actually… actually like him?

Thinking back on Yu Fei’s previous performance, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t seem to be completely clueless. He had always held a restrained attitude and felt that since Xiao Fei had become a man, he shouldn’t think about it that way.

But now, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Yu Fei just liked him—no matter if Xiao Fei was a man or a woman, he still liked him…

Realizing this, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help his heart beating faster, and he felt a little shaken. All of a sudden, being liked by a man did not seem so unacceptable.

No, no, no, what was he thinking, let’s not talk about whether Xiaofei really liked him, had he gone crazy, he really thought it was okay to fall in love with a man, and that too a male alpha, the kind that could make him have children …

Fu Yuanzhou took a breath, hurriedly shook his head to shake off these messy thoughts and returned to the bedroom with the ointment.

Xie Lin washed off the blood, his jet-black hair was also wet with water and water was still dripping from them. He was wiping his hands when he came in. Fu Yuanzhou handed him the ointment, and he couldn’t help thinking that with Xie Lin there, he didn’t need to worry about these things. Xie Lin would not allow him to fall in love with others.

Especially if that person was Xiao Fei, he didn’t know how Xie Lin would react…

The lessons from the past were still vivid in his mind. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to make trouble and walked to the bed with the ointment. Considering that Yu Fei might like him, and in order not to be too intimate, he wanted to give it to Yu Fei to apply himself, but Yu Fei still had a fever, his face was paler, and his cheeks were so red that he really couldn’t bear to let Yu Fei do it himself. So, he decided to do it, he squeezed out the ointment and started applying it to his injuries.

“I’m coming.”

Xie Lin stopped him again and wanted to apply medicine for Yu Fei, but Yu Fei didn’t let him do it, instead he applied it himself.

“Sorry.” Xie Lin said to him.

“It’s me who should say sorry.”

Yu Fei smiled bitterly, Fu Yuanzhou looked distressed, and comforted him: “It’s definitely not your fault, you have such a good temper, it must be what Xie Lin did in your dream that was immoral, which let you be so angry.”

“…” Xie Lin glanced over, and Fu Yuanzhou shrank his neck and smiled at him.

After a while, the aunt who took care of Yu Fei came upstairs with the porridge and was shocked to see the injuries on Yu Fei and Xie Lin’s faces. Fu Yuanzhou explained in a few words to her, and then asked, “It’s been a day, Xiao Fei still has a fever, what did Dr. Sun say? Do we have to take him to the hospital?”

“Dr. Sun said no, Xiaofei is fine, the continued low fever is related to the approach of his estrus.” Auntie said, “He also said that the medicine Xiaofei has taken recently is not very good, and it has a certain effect.”

Was it a medicine for treating pheromone insensitivity?

Fu Yuanzhou looked at Yu Fei, but Yu Fei lowered his eyes and didn’t look at him. He hurried to the bathroom. He couldn’t stomach the porridge just now, so he vomited it all out. After washing his face, even his clothes got wet. Fu Yuanzhou immediately forgot about the medicine, helped Yu Fei out, and let him lie back on the bed.

The fragrance of roses in the room was still strong. Fu Yuanzhou took two suppressants to reduce the effect of pheromones on him. At this time, Xie Lin was spraying the dispersant in the room. Yu Fei curled up in the quilt and reached out to grab Fu Yuanzhou’s fingers.

He begged Fu Yuanzhou in a hoarse voice: “Zhou, don’t leave first, will you stay with me for a while?”

“I will accompany you.” Xie Lin said.

“…” Yu Fei’s eyes burned red, he glanced at him, and pulled the quilt a little higher, as if resisting, “I don’t want my brother to accompany me.”

Xie Lin was speechless and continued to spray dispersant but he did not leave the bedroom.

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