CFCS Ch. 180: Anyang Saga (1)

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Jing Yang seemed to hear the sound of running water, he could also feel that the air around him was very humid, and cold wind was blowing, which made him shiver uncontrollably. But soon Jing Yang forgot whether he was cold or not, as he felt the severe pain at the back of his neck, because of which he couldn’t help moaning.

Jing Yang opened his eyes and found that his surroundings were pitch-dark. Only by the moonlight obscured by the clouds, he could vaguely see that he was lying on grass, and not far away from him, was a flowing stream.    

He put one hand on the back of his neck and climbed up with the support of the other hand. He looked around at the surrounding environment through the moonlight and deduced that he was probably in a certain wood or a mountain.    

The night wind was blowing in bursts, and the temperature at night was quite low. Jing Yang rubbed the back of his neck. After the pain lessened, he started feeling cold again. Jing Yang touched his body, although he was wearing a cotton-padded jacket, but at this temperature, this cotton-padded jacket was too thin. After Jing Yang bowed his head and squinted in the dark, he found that he was not wearing modern clothes, but an ancient, quilted robe. Moreover, the fabric of his coat was not only very rough but felt very old just by touching it. It seemed that his family situation was not very good in this life.    

Jing Yang thought, this time he came to the ancient times, since he didn’t have to rely on the reincarnation by the King of Hell, and instead reincarnated through the system, this was the first time he came to the ancient times.    

Although he didn’t know what kind of situation he was facing now, he did not think it was safe to walk around in the woods at night, so Jing Yang decided to find a place to rest first, learn about the world and the life experience of this body, and then move on to the planning the next step.    

Jing Yang wanted to find a place that could at least block the wind for him a little. Who knew that just as he turned around, a ghost-like figure moved in front of him in an instant? Jing Yang was startled, and when he was about to step back subconsciously, his neck was strangled by a powerful hand.    

Jing Yang opened his mouth and breathed hard, but he still felt that it was getting harder and harder to breathe. His brain felt the death alarm, so he had to activate the system immediately, turn on the force ability, and let the system control his body to fight back.

Jing Yang’s counterattack made the man obviously stunned for a moment. He didn’t seem to have thought that Jing Yang would actually be able to do kung fu. After the two of them made a few moves in the dark night with low visibility, Jing Yang was at a disadvantage again.

Jing Yang knew how powerful his own system was, but even with the system controlling his body, it had become increasingly difficult to fight against the opponent. Jing Yang couldn’t help being secretly startled and wondering how powerful the other party was to put him at a disadvantage when he was using the system.

Jing Yang felt that if he continued to fight like this, he would definitely be injured in the end, so he couldn’t continue to fight recklessly, and could only find a way to escape. Jing Yang struggled to give the opponent a hit, and then used Qinggong to quickly retreat a distance. He pressed his arm, and this touch made him realize that his arm was almost broken.

The full moon in the sky suddenly moved out from behind the clouds, and the light shining down instantly made the visibility much higher.

The man who was fighting with Jing Yang originally wanted to continue to deal with Jing Yang, but after seeing Jing Yang’s face illuminated by the moonlight, he immediately froze in place.

Xue Chengyu had always felt that there was no such thing in this world as a beauty which could bring down countries, no matter how good-looking a face was, in his heart it was just skin, how could it be exchanged for a country. But the face in front of him, even in the moonlight at night, it was not difficult to see its delicacy and beauty, it was enough to make people who owned cities and countries give them up for it. Those eyes were even more mysterious and glamorous than the bright moon in the sky at the moment, and they gave him the intoxicating feeling that even his soul was being sucked away.

Jing Yang suddenly froze in place when he saw that person, thinking that this was a good opportunity for him to escape. If he didn’t escape now, till when would he wait? So, he quickly used the system to control his body and escaped using Qinggong.

Just when Xue Chengyu was still fascinated by those eyes, Jing Yang had already used the system to control his body to escape without a trace.

When Xue Chengyu came back to his senses, he noticed that the person had just disappeared in front of his eyes. He had never made such a mistake before, and he was a little annoyed and frightened. He thought, could that person be able to fascinate? Otherwise, how could he suddenly be fascinated and let him escape like this.

Jing Yang knew that the man was too powerful, and he couldn’t even use the system to deal with him. On the one hand, it was probably because this body had no foundation in martial arts, and even if it was forcibly controlled by the system, it had limited potential. There was also a possibility that, even after so many lifetimes, the only person he couldn’t deal with using the system, and who would suddenly freeze after looking at him, and then show a surprised and addicted expression, could be his lover.    

But because the man had just tried to kill him, and Jing Yang clearly felt his murderous aura, so he had to flee to a safe place to hide before he was sure whether he was his lover or not.    

Jing Yang fled all the way down the mountain. Fortunately, he didn’t encounter anything like a beast on the way. Otherwise, if he was entangled, he would probably be caught up by that person again.    

Jing Yang was half-flying, half-running, when he suddenly fell to the ground. He pressed his chest to breathe hard, but the dry air was giving him a headache. He had been trying to escape for a long time without a purpose, but this body was too weak, even if he used the system, he couldn’t hold on.    

Jing Yang suddenly felt aggrieved and irritable. He had never suffered such a grievance in so many lifetimes. He had always been held in the palm of his lover’s hand, but now he was going to be chased and killed by someone who might be his lover. How could he bear it? Then he thought angrily, just catch up if he catches up, no matter if he was his lover or not, he could kill him if he had the ability.    

Because he didn’t know where he could go, he could only walk forward slowly, there he suddenly saw a small ruined temple. In Jing Yang’s mind, it was at least a place that could block the wind and let him hide. As for whether that person would really catch up and kill him, he couldn’t control that much.    

Leaning against the wall that he knew by feeling was not very clean, Jing Yang took a short rest, then closed his eyes and activated the system again, starting to take over the memory of this body.    

There were the images of two people on the screen of the system, one was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off him, while the other was so ugly that people didn’t want to take a second look at him. The system let him choose, whether to look at the experience of the beautiful person or the ugly first.

Obviously, it should be the same person, but there were two different appearances, and Jing Yang didn’t know why for the time being. But he felt that he seemed to have seen the beautiful one somewhere before. So, Jing Yang clicked on the beautiful man and decided to get to know him first.

The world where Jing Yang was now was a world with only men, but no women. When Jing Yang saw this, he swallowed involuntarily. He knew what a female here was. In layman’s terms, it was the so-called feminine male. In terms of physical characteristics, this gender was different from that of a woman. But in terms of function, it was almost the same as a female.

What made Jing Yang feel nervous and want to swallow was that he had likely been reborn into a female body in this life, but he really didn’t want to give birth to a child or something.    

Then looking down, as Jing Yang guessed, the body he had reborn in this life, that is, the very beautiful person, was indeed a female.    

Jing Yang couldn’t help but want to beat the wall, why every time he came to this world of a man with a woman’s function, he must be the one with a woman’s function, and why couldn’t he continue to be a pure man?    

After being annoyed, Jing Yang had to accept the reality and continue to look at the original owner’s memory of this world.    

Although the original owner’s body was now wearing very shabby clothes, in fact, the original owner’s true identity was not ordinary.    

Di Qing was the female son of the emperor. Because there was a legend in this world that a female emperor would bring disasters, so Di Qing could not be the emperor.    

As for why the original owner had two different appearances, to understand that, we have to start with the destruction of the previous dynasty.    

Jing Yang was about to continue learning the story, when suddenly a piece of clothing fell on the top of his head and wrapped around his body. After his body was taken up and his hands and feet were tied, he was carried away by someone.    

Jing Yang struggled a few times but couldn’t break free, then thinking that since it was useless to resist, he accepted his fate as he was too lazy to waste his energy.

Xue Chengyu carried Jing Yang on his shoulders and used Qinggong to run all the way, until he encountered one of his subordinates, and then stopped.

When several of Xue Chengyu’s subordinates saw him, they hurriedly stepped forward to salute, but when they saw someone being held on Xue Chengyu’s shoulder, they immediately changed their address to master.

“Master, this is?” Ming Jian asked about Jing Yang, who was being carried.

“Is it all resolved?” Xue Chengyu asked.

“It’s all resolved, there’s no survivors.” Ming Jian replied.

“Let’s go back and talk about it.” After Xue Chengyu finished speaking, he carried Jing Yang on his horse, tied Jing Yang to himself, and started to gallop all the way.

Jing Yang squirmed a few times against Xue Chengyu’s body, and then changed to a more comfortable position and didn’t move anymore. Although he didn’t know where he would be taken to, in this situation, he could only act by chance.

After Xue Chengyu and his subordinates rode into the camp, Xue Chengyu carried Jing Yang into his own tent in front of his subordinates.

Several of Xue Chengyu’s subordinates looked at each other, and were somewhat confused about Xue Chengyu’s actions, so they could only stay outside the tent and wait for Xue Chengyu’s orders.

Xue Chengyu originally wanted to throw Jing Yang on the bed, but when he was about to throw, his hands involuntarily slowed down and gently placed Jing Yang on the bed.

After Jing Yang was released, he sat on the bed and stepped back while looking at Xue Chengyu who was on guard.

“Who are you?” Xue Chengyu looked down at Jing Yang condescendingly, with a serious interrogatory face.

“I…, I’m just an ordinary person.” Jing Yang thought to himself, you have to catch me later, after I understand everything clearly, I may be able to tell you who I am, now even if you ask me like this, it is impossible for me to tell you that I am the female son of the former emperor.

“Ordinary person?” Xue Chengyu didn’t believe what he said at all. He reached out and squeezed Jing Yang’s chin, looked at his face and said, “Is there an ordinary person who looks like you?”

“What’s your logic?” Jing Yang retorted, not to be outdone, “Can’t ordinary people look good? Look at what I’m wearing, look at my hands, do I look like an unusual person?”

Jing Yang felt that his hands were rough and calloused before, and he guessed that he must have done manual work.

Xue Chengyu glanced at his hand and said, “Of course ordinary people can have good looks, but if they are so good as your level, it is unlikely that ordinary people can raise them.”

“Also, it is impossible for ordinary people to run to the mountain in the middle of the night.” Xue Chengyu approached Jing Yang, looked at him with sharp eyes, and threatened, “You better tell me the truth, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.

“I’m just an ordinary person, and I have no other truth to tell you.” Jing Yang had a look of it is your wish whether you believe it or not.

Xue Chengyu squinted at Jing Yang for a while, then suddenly started to pull at Jing Yang’s clothes.

“What are you doing?!” Jing Yang shouted, and then started to resist with both hands and feet.

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