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The airport in northern Shaanxi was really small compared to airports in big cities. There was no need for a shuttle bus after getting off the plane, they could just walk out along a road. Fortunately, it was equipped with a VIP channel, otherwise Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye would have had to appear at the airport reception at the same time, which would have become another trending news on the Internet.

Ji Muye looked at the two cars sent by the program team parked not far away, and asked Jing Meini in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that they are not…relatives?”

There was finally a face-to-face meeting between Jiang Ran and Jiang Zheng, and she was surprised for a while when she saw the hot search, thinking that Jiang Zheng hid this matter deeply enough. There was such a big Buddha in the house but she didn’t offer it up. Those who didn’t have eyes and dared to provoke her finally understood how they died.

After thinking about it on the plane, Ji Muye realized that it was Jing Meini’s fault. Jiang Zheng may not have wanted others to know that she had such a powerful brother.

“I checked the affiliated companies under Jiang Ran’s name, and there was no Jiang Zheng in his complicated asset composition chart,” Jing Meini said: “I even asked someone to check the relationship between the two of them. It’s not easy to cut out the same household registration.”

Except for the last time when Jiang Ran went to Jiang Zheng’s “Chang’an Beauty” to visit the crew, no other photos of them in the same frame had ever been released.

Probably the current society had a general understanding that as long as the resources of female stars were very strong, they must be being supported by financial supporters. Sometimes it was not a gold owner, but the family itself had a mine. But for Jiang Zheng, it seemed that she had never relied on her family relationship, and she was already invincible on her own.

Ji Muye’s eyes became deeper and deeper, Jing Meini saw that his face was not looking good, and asked him what was the matter.

He was depressed and uncomfortable, so he just shook his head and said it was okay.

Sitting in the car, he still couldn’t help opening his WeChat. Looking at Jiang Zheng’s profile picture, he opened and then withdrew, withdrew and opened again, tossed back and forth several times, but still didn’t know how to open his mouth.

Then he opened Jiang Zheng’s Weibo, and saw that there were more than 50,000 comments. Many fans, passers-by and sunspots had left messages.

#Ah ah ah sour, what a big brother.

#I want the same style of brother.

#Brother Jiang Please rest assured, we will protect Zhengzheng.

#Jiang Zheng I’m afraid that she invented a rich brother to create a Bai Fumei[1] image for herself, right?

#hehe. Those sluts, please come and apologize who once framed my Zhengzheng as prostrating under a man’s suit pants.

Now that it was on the hot search, someone must have the ability to find out Jiang Ran’s photos and assets on the surface.

#My mother, he is too handsome. As expected of Jiang Zheng’s real brother, he is better looking than those male stars.

#Introduction, this is my long-lost husband.

#From now on, please call me a hundred billion little wife.

Some people even left messages under Bai Xu’s Weibo, and the style was probably like this.

#I waited for so many years and just found out my husband’s name when I found him kissing other women on the street. Woohoo, you are so bad.

#Love rival, please respect yourself, don’t kiss someone else’s husband casually.

Ji Muye flipped through these messages and was in a state of bewilderment. Taking a breath, he went to Zhihu to ask a question.

“Excuse me, if I scolded my girlfriend’s brother without knowing it, can I still keep my girlfriend?”

At the same time, Jiang Zheng also saw her brother take off his vest passionately, and blow himself up in front of a keyboard warrior’s[2] message.

She couldn’t laugh or cry immediately. According to Han Yi, when she first entered the entertainment circle, she spoke harshly in front of her brother that she could stand firm without his help and would not cry and go home to be the Miss of the Jiang family. So the relationship between the two had always been well hidden. Before, she was thinking about how to explain her relationship with her brother to Ji Muye, but her brother said it himself.

Many fans didn’t believe that she had gotten a real brother out of nowhere, and left a message on her Weibo saying: Someone insists on creating relations and being your brother.

Jiang Zheng pursed her lower lip, picked a familiar fan and replied: No way, who let him be born two years earlier than me.

The righteous lord admitted it and no one dared to say anything after this final message.

After the program team of the third episode of “Terror City” announced to the six guests that the location was a certain city in northern Shaanxi, everyone felt that this time would be another “painful journey”. The first and second episodes were at least the beautiful mountains and rivers or the beautiful scenery of an island, but northern Shaanxi? It was full of loess[3] flavor.

As soon as the sun was shining, they started from the hotel and headed north all the way, then they passed the green city, drove for two or three hours, turned from the expressway to the provincial road, and from the provincial road to county roads, township roads and unnamed dirt roads, after a while, a piece of yellow sand appeared in front of them…

The six of them were dumbfounded.

The barrage also exploded.

#This is hell hard mode.

#This episode is too difficult.

#What the hell, where is the city?

Just when everyone was stunned, two men dressed in the style of the 1980s suddenly walked around the sand dunes and walked straight towards the six people.

One of the men in a white T-shirt walked up to Jiang Zheng with a simple and honest face. He clutched the corner of his clothes nervously, as if he had never seen such a beautiful woman before and dared not take a second look after just one glance.

“That, that, Professor Jiang, welcome.”

Jiang Zheng: “?”

Indeed, Liang Nan said the first sentence and the second sentence was much smoother, “You are a famous professor of archeology. This is a place where the birds don’t shit, it’s really been hard on you.”

The man in black homespun clothes next to him echoed repeatedly, “Yes, yes. Even our pimples are shining brightly.”

Then, Liang Nan walked to Ji Muye again, and excitedly shook his hands gently, “Captain Ji, welcome. It’s great that the province sent you over for inspection.”

Ji Muye pointed at himself, “Me?”

“The captain of this archaeological team. Professor Jiang is the expert consultant for this archaeological expedition.”

Ji Muye understood, and said with a smile, “Yes, I am Captain Ji.”

#So the third episode is related to archaeology?

#This time, all the guests have been assigned roles.

#Looking at the bewildered look of the guests, they should not know this information just like us.

Liang Xiaoduan pointed at herself and asked, “Then what am I doing?”

Liang Nan smiled and said, “You are Professor Jiang’s apprentice.”

He pointed at He Xiao, “He and you are in the same class.”

Liang Xiaoduan stretched out her hand to He Xiao very friendly, “How are you, classmate He.”

He Xiao didn’t want to talk to her, he couldn’t be hugged by this crybaby every time.

Then, Liang Nan pulled Xiao Cheng out from behind, “Xiao family boy, you are the guide of this archaeological expedition, what are you doing behind the scenes?”

Xiao Cheng blinked, “Oh, yes, I am the guide.” However, the road to how to get there, only the devil knew.

Seeing that everyone had their identities, Ke Cancan hurried forward to ask.

Liang Nan smiled and said: “Reporter Ke, I hope you can help us write a good article for Gedaliang this time and promote it a lot.”

Ke Cancan: “…” Oh. She really didn’t want this.

Liang Nan introduced that their village was called Gedaliang, which was an unknown small village in northern Shaanxi, situated on the border of Inner Mongolia. Not far from the village was the edge of the desert. People in the village made a living by raising cattle and sheep, and a few people with flexible heads went to work in the big city of Xi’an.

Liang Nan said that he was the branch secretary of this village. Two days ago, there was a person in the village, namely Xiao Cheng, who went to herd sheep as usual, but there was a burst of yellow sand, and then he opened his eyes and found a dirt city in front of him.

“Xiao Cheng, tell me what you saw?” Liang Nan called Xiao Cheng, “Oh, silly boy, you wouldn’t know anything no matter what I ask.”

Xiao Cheng rubbed the back of his head and smiled foolishly.

Then Liang Nan laughed suddenly: “You told me that you saw the city wall, the pagoda, and people… walking in the city.”

Jiang Zheng was immediately chilled by his laughter.

She stabilized her mind and asked, “Excuse me, what year is this?”

Liang Nan smiled and said, “Professor Jiang is really good at joking. This year is 1982. Our life was hard in the past two years, but every family raised livestock in the past few years. So we didn’t go hungry anyway. Although Gedaliang is remote, as a party branch secretary, I also know that cultural relics found should be reported in time. These are all national things.”

Jiang Zheng: “………” Was this still a time-travel drama?

#Hahahaha Knelt down to the director’s brain hole.

#I’m Class Representative: Six guests traveled collectively to a village on the edge of a desert in northern Shaanxi and will go to a dirt city with people for inspection.

#The political consciousness of the branch secretary is very high.

Even standing on the edge of the sand dunes, they weren’t able to stand the scorching sun. A few people just talked for two or three minutes, and their backs had started sweating. They still didn’t know where they had to go, was it far away? If the six people ran into the desert with empty hands and without any preparations, it would be no different from committing suicide.

Gedaliang’s branch secretary seemed to have guessed what Jiang Zheng was thinking, and asked the homespun clothes wearing man to go around behind the sand dunes and bring back three backpacks.

Jiang Zheng: “…” So if she didn’t ask, there would be nothing, right?

#Hahaha they are so deceitful right from the beginning.

#well enough. At least the backpack given is quite large, otherwise nothing can fit in it.

#There are sun protection clothes, hats, scarves, compressed biscuits and candle matches, huh? The kettle is empty. Where’s the water?

Ji Muye was the first to discover this problem and asked the party secretary.

The branch secretary smiled and said, “There is a spring in the desert. It is extremely sweet. As long as you can find it, you will have water to drink.”

The six guests: “…”

The branch secretary turned and said to the “guide” Xiao Cheng, “You should know where it is. Let’s go.”

Xiao Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, the key point was that he didn’t know anything.

Since the conditions were here, they had no choice.

Jiang Zheng asked the three boys to carry their backpacks, one boy took a girl’s load, and they also took care of each other.

Ji Muye picked up a backpack on his back and stood beside Jiang Zheng very consciously.

Liang Xiaoduan ran to He Xiao’s side without any insight. The corners of He Xiao’s mouth twitched, forget it, if he had to choose between Liang Xiaoduan and Ke Cancan, he would rather choose the crying bag.

Xiao Cheng and Ke Cancan were left to form a team. In the first two episodes, Ke Cancan still wanted to have some scenes with Ji Muye, but this time she had simply given up. Why bother to shamelessly run over, she had already got a lot of job opportunities by relying on “Terror City”. As long as Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng’s CP couple got hotter, and the ratings of “Terror City” were higher, she would get more credit.

The branch secretary pointed to the sand dunes in front and asked the six of them to walk north along the sand dunes.

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[1] White, rich and beautiful.

[2] A person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the internet, typically one who conceals their true identity.

[3] In some parts of the world, windblown dust and silt blanket the land. This layer of fine, mineral-rich material is called loess.

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