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Xia Qitong’s gentle voice had a kind of commanding decisiveness that he seemed accustomed to, which showed that he was a superior person who often gave orders and expected them to be obeyed.

Just when the manager was about to agree, he heard him say, “You can ask him to make a request.”

The manager was shocked, it seemed that the boss liked this kid very much, and he meant that no matter what the cost, he should be poached?

Before he could think more, Xia Qitong’s slender back, which was comparable to a star, had disappeared around the corner. The manager immediately said to Zhou Li, who was still in a daze: “You introduced this good seedling. You should have a good relationship with him, right? Remember to talk more when he comes down.” Although he felt that the child wanted to join since he came, but since the big boss had given the orders, he wouldn’t dare to neglect him.

Only then did Zhou Li return to his senses and replied with a dazed expression: “Oh.”

Suddenly the phone in his pocket vibrated, and he took it out in a trance.

Seeing the screen, Zhou Li’s eyes suddenly widened, and his expression became even more eccentric and distorted.

He immediately raised his head to look at Si Huang on the stage. Just as he wanted to say something, Si Huang finished singing the song, so the spotlight above his head disappeared, and the scene turned dark.

It was Night’s habit. After a performance, the audience went dark for a few seconds, in order to let the performer get ready for the next performance.

If the next performance did not require a lot of preparation, a second of darkness was enough.

This second was very short for the audience, but no one thought that as soon as the light came on, the person they were thinking about in their minds would have disappeared.

“Where’s the man? Where’s the man? I want another song!”

“Did he get off the stage to get ready?”

“Why is the guitar there, but the man is gone! Is he the devil?”

“Man! Where are you! I’m going to give birth to monkeys for you!”

The scene was noisy and chaotic.

There was a lonely guitar on the stage, while Si Huang had already jumped off the stage in the darkness of that moment, and quickly hid to find her prey.

Not only was the audience anxious, but the manager was also anxious, and shouted to Zhou Li, “Where’s the person? Call him!”

Zhou Li’s face was distorted, as he stuttered a little: “Manager Jing… it was the wrong person. I don’t have …his phone number.”

The mobile phone he was holding in his hand was displaying this message content –

“Brother Li, where are you now? Why didn’t you meet me at the promised place? I called you a few times. You didn’t answer the phone, you didn’t answer even though I was outside, the doorman is not letting me in!”

The few question marks showed that the sender was anxious but didn’t dare to get angry with him.

The sender’s signature was the name of the person Zhou Li really wanted to bring in.


The prey Si Huang was looking for was a bastard, who was well-known on this street and nicknamed Poison Eye. He was in his thirties and was an external team leader of the Dao Shang Kam gang. People like him didn’t really have much authority, but for ordinary gangsters, he was a leader.

Poison Eye hung around this street all year round, and his favorite place to go was Night. Si Huang was not surprised that she could find him as soon as she came here today.

When she was about to finish singing on the stage, she saw Poison Eye in the crowd taking advantage of the chaos and the fact that no one was paying attention, grabbing a waitress and leaving in the direction of the back door.

Although she couldn’t keep up with Poison Eye’s figure in time, relying on her vague memory and strengthened hearing, Si Huang still found Poison Eye and his group.

They were in an abandoned warehouse. There was only a dim street light flickering within the range of 100 meters. Except for Poison Eye and the waitress who was blocked by them, there were eight people in total, no one else would come here at this time.

Even though they were separated by nearly 100 meters, Si Huang could still see the movements on the side of Poison Eye clearly and could even hear their conversation. She knew that this was the result of the Five Treasure God strengthening her body, and there was a sense of joy in her heart.

“Little girl, it’s your luck that Brother Poison wants to see you. If Brother Poison was not protecting you everywhere, did you think you could stay in Night?” A younger brother with Poison Eyes sneered.

Si Huang could even see the schadenfreude in his eyes, but what surprised her was that the blocked waitress was neither angry nor despairing, and her voice seemed quite calm.

“It’s you who has been bothering me all the time. You don’t have to deliberately say such things to tease me.” After a pause, the girl’s voice sounded, seeming very young, “Brother Poison, are you sure you won’t let me go today? “

Poison Eyes grinned, “Lingling, I just like you, you’re not like other little girls and weak chickens. You’re right, I’m not very patient, I’ve been chasing you for so long, but I don’t see you nod. Then there’s nothing I can do.”

This seemed to be happening because the girl was not friendly to him. Poison Eye continued to laugh: “Be good today, you will be my woman from now on, if you are not good… Ha, it’s not as good if you are everyone’s.”

The eyes of the younger brother who spoke before gleamed, “Brother is very literary!”

The waitress was silent for a while, Poison Eye thought she had agreed, he gestured with a look, and the younger brothers around him could only leave with regrets, but they did not go far, it seemed that they wanted to see the good show with their own eyes.

Only then did Si Huang have a chance to see clearly the appearance of the girl who also interested her a little.

Her skin was white and her hair black, she had thin eyebrows and a pair of almond eyes, and with the face shape of melon seeds, she was a young little beauty, especially since the appearance of this little white flower matched her strong and forbidding indifferent expression, which gave her an even more exciting flavor. It was no wonder that Poison Eye took a fancy to her.

It was just that this girl was under 20 no matter how she looked at her, and she didn’t know why she ran to Night to be a waitress, but she must have suffered some bad luck.

“A little familiar.” Si Huang whispered to herself, and then heard the girl suddenly say in a low voice, “Poison Eye, today you treated me like this, no matter what happens in the future, I will find an opportunity to retaliate against you.”

The threat in her eyes made him even more excited, “You will fall in love with me… this.” The meaningful tone, coupled with the ferocious bulging of his pants, made the girl’s expression finally twist a little.

Poison Eye squatted down, stretched out his hand and pulled directly at the girl’s clothes, while the three younger brothers who were still nearby, started laughing and booing.

At this time, a figure came at the speed of a 100-meter sprint and did not give the younger brother time to react. With a male scream, the world became quiet.

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