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The banquet was a big success, and the overwhelmed people went to the garden to eat again. When they walked to the lake, everyone lay on the railing, looked at the stage and admired, unconsciously talking about the scene when Su Yemu sang “Manjianghong”, they were all in a hurry, when will Bobo sing for us again.

He Yunting, who was passing by, remembered the scene of hearing Su Yemu sing “Manjianghong” in the playground last time, then his eyes darkened, um, I must find a chance to hear him sing again.

After watching the garden, everyone followed the robot to the farm. When they passed by a yard, someone asked: “What is this place?”

Xiaonan, who was remotely connected to the robot, smiled calmly. The robot she trained was really smart.

Su Yemu was seeing off the guests, and a group of men and women reluctantly took Su Yemu’s signature and a group photo. It was the first time as a cook that he felt like a celebrity, so Su Yemu was in a delicate mood.

The second wave of people leaving were Boss Hei, Grandpa Zong, and Bai Jun, Su Yemu made an appointment to go to the factory in two days with them and then they left. General Gu was there, Su Yemu also saw him, and was about to say hello, but General Gu only nodded to Su Yemu and left.

“Little Yezi.”

Su Yemu turned his head, and saw Mr. Chen coming over with a few strangers, who seemed to be rich, and asked with a smile, “Mr. Chen, President, how was the food?”

Mr. Chen still hadn’t said anything, before the strange middle-aged man replied: “It was delicious, do you want to go to Neptune to open a store?”

When Su Yemu was going to take the CET-4 exam half a month later, he took Xiaonan with him to the imperial capital to see what school she liked and learn about the situation by the way. The strange man nodded, patted Su Yemu on the shoulder, and left.

Mr. Chen smiled at Su Yemu: “Work hard, I’ll wait for you to take the fourth grade exam next month.”

A group of people boarded the ship, and the queen whispered: “Would you like to meet Kevin before going back?”

His Majesty the emperor: “What is there to see? If you have the ability to run away from home, then don’t come back.”

The queen: “His master is Su Yemu.”

His Majesty the Emperor: “I’ll let him in if he can learn half of the craft.”

President Qin: The whole family is gluttonous, and the coffin board of Emperor Sheng Yuan is almost unable to be held down.

After coming out of the farm, Bai Lao had been thinking deeply, and then he said: “By the way, I saw General Gavin just now.”

Everyone was silent.

After the star ship took off, Su Yemu was at a loss, how could he feel that there was something inside?

Erha took Ryan to look for Su Yemu, and saw two familiar figures from a distance sitting on the star ship and leaving, frowning, he must have misread, how could he come here?

“Let’s talk about it first, you can’t tell the master my identity, otherwise, you…” Erha pointed to Ryan: “I’ll marry you.”

Ryan was terrified in an instant.

“You…” Kevin pointed at Ryan: “I will order you to take Sophie as the crown prince.”

Ryan frowned, boy, he dared to threaten him after he had been out for a few days.

A few people came to Su Yemu with a subtle atmosphere. Ryan knew him very well when he came up, and hugged Su Yemu with a smile: “Little Yezi, you are really boring. Why didn’t you say anything about the opening? You didn’t even give me a post.”

“I posted it.”

Did he know that Old Chen received the post.

Su Yemu was stunned: “Excuse me, who are you?”

He didn’t know how the name Xiao Yezi spread, why did everyone start calling him Xiao Yezi?

It was only then that Ryan remembered that he saw him in the live broadcast room every day, but Su Yemu had never seen him: “I am Ryan, the executive officer of the TV platform, this is Mr. Daim, one of our reviewers, your platform star grade is what we judge.”

“Oh, it turns out that you guys rated brother with three stars.” Xiaonan hugged No. 2 and swept Ryan from top to bottom, until Ryan’s hair stood on end.

“This…” Ryan laughed dryly, pointing at Mr. Daim: “He suggested it.”

Mr. Daim: You traitor.

Mr. Daim said twice: “You will be promoted soon, you will be promoted soon.”

“Brother, yes!”

Su Yemu: “Your Highness Marshal, welcome!”

“What are you talking about?”

A deep voice came in, and everyone looked back, then the faces of the three of them changed instantly, and they couldn’t help but straighten their backs: “Master.”


The scene was silent, and only one person couldn’t help laughing.

Ryan and the others looked at Su Yemu with terrified and pitiful eyes, why did he smile? Why are you laughing? This man is a terrorist, your bones will be torn apart.

However, what happened next almost made their eyeballs fall out. He Yunting looked at Su Yemu and smiled. That look, that pampering, the atmosphere was suddenly full of pink bubbles!

What’s going on? Iron tree blossoming?

“Should I also call you Master?”

His dark eyes were smiling and looked beautiful, like stars shining deep in the universe.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat and their faces turned red.

He Yunting glanced at everyone coldly, and everyone was so frightened that they hurriedly withdrew their gazes and turned their faces away.

“Sometimes, it might be interesting.” He Yunting thought about it, and felt very motivated: “Go back and rest! You are too tired today.”

Su Yemu: “What do you mean?”

He Yunting: “You will know later, you are still young.”

Su Yemu: “I’m twenty-three years old.”

He Yunting: “Yeah, you’re only twenty-three.”

Everyone: Hey, that expression is breaking the law.

Everyone’s faces were subtle, Su Yemu yawned, waved his hands, and stopped talking about this topic, he was too sleepy, he didn’t go to sleep until late last night, and he woke up at dawn today, then he cooked more than 20 dishes, this small body couldn’t stand it anymore.

“By the way, they call you master?”

“It’s just a title.”


He Yunting’s forehead twitched, and he had to find a time to relax the muscles and bones of these guys.

Erha saw He Yunting walking behind Su Yemu, quickly pushed Xiaonan, gestured silently to her, pointed to his master, and then pointed to He Yunting, with an anxious expression on his face.

At this time, He Yunting seemed to have eyes behind his back, and turned his head. Erha’s movements stiffened, he withdrew his hand, turned his head slightly, and whistled as if he didn’t care.

Xiaonan immediately got what Erha meant and rushed over with No. 2 in her arms.

Ryan: “You will be miserable.”

Marshal: “Should I call you Bobo?”

Thunderbolt from the blue, everyone: You are crazy.

Su Yemu went back to the room and didn’t even want to take a bath, he just threw himself on the bed and passed out; outside the door, Xiaonan held No. 2 and confronted He Yunting, and this confrontation ended with He Yunting retreating, but he stayed at Su family house that night, the reason was that there were no guest rooms in the farm.

After Erha, Jiang Xiaoyu and the others packed up the farm, they went out. A man wearing glasses and military uniform stood at the gate of the farm, and the two of them looked at each other from afar.

Jiang Xiaoyu inexplicably felt that he was redundant, so he left.

Gavin saluted Erha who was stunned: “Your Highness.”

“Ah!” Erha yelled, with an expression as if he had seen a ghost, then with a swish, he ran away.

Gavin’s eyes sank, the gloomy sky hid in it, and the cold feeling made people feel chills.

That night, countless pictures and videos of the farm were circulated and reposted like crazy, and many people recognized him as the candidate who had just completed the fifth-level chef certificate a few days ago.

Everyone was amazed, this was the fifth level of chef’s certificate! Directly awarded the title of a royal chef!

Then everyone followed the link to Su Yemu’s live broadcast room, wanting to cry instantly, why did they only get to know him now? Everyone wanted to draw their heart out.

When Bai Xi went back that night, he uploaded pictures of all the dishes on the largest traffic exchange platform in the empire and left a message: I am a fan of Bobo.

He wanted to use a large size, but he would be killed by his manager.

God knows, he went secretly to attend the opening. The excuse was that he had a stomach ache and passed out in an unknown street somewhere in the empire.

But without his bonus, Su Yemu’s popularity also ushered in a small-scale explosion. From the live broadcast room to the next day, Bai Xi had more than one billion followers, and the side of the platform ID name turned indigo.

He slept without a dream, although in the process, Su Yemu still vaguely felt the appearance of that breath, but in the end, Su Yemu resisted its ‘invasion’, but his shoulders began to hurt again, Su Yemu pulled his shoulders away, seeing that the teeth and mouth marks on it were still there, he wondered if he should go to the hospital for a check-up. Could it be that A Sha’s teeth were poisonous?

Speaking of A Sha, he didn’t know where he went.

Su Yemu opened the door and was almost startled. An old man had fallen asleep leaning against his door, dragging a pair of skeletons with one hand. It was so early in the morning, it was too scary.

“Little Yezi?”

“Why are you sleeping here?”

Su Yemu quickly helped him up and made him sit on the sofa. The strange old man pulled the panda’s skeleton over and put it on the table with a ‘slap’: “Little Yezi! Look at the picture of the panda you drew!”

Su Yemu nodded: “You like it.”

“This skeleton has been around for more than 3,000 years, and it came to Neptune with humans back then…”

The old man said a lot, and finally concluded: As scientists who studied the origin of organisms, the creatures of the ancient earth were national treasures for them. Su Yemu knew the origin of this creature and was ecstatic.

“Can you tell me something about it?”

“Master, you’re awake, the farm is full again,” Ace pushed the wheelchair over and said, “Jiang Xiaoyu is already making snacks and grinding soy milk.” The soy milk recipe came from the breakfast recipes Su Yemu wrote down, the master was still asleep this morning, but the farm was full of people. After everyone thought about it, they decided to do it themselves. Fortunately, Jiang Xiaoyu has been practicing making dimsums for a while, and even though he couldn’t make complicated ones, but simple ones were fine.

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