GLR Ch. 44.2

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The first dish was a cold dish ‘salt baked chicken’[1]. When baking salt baked chicken, you must use a clay pot with a layer of coarse salt on the bottom. Then laying it on its back, you put it in a clay pot, covered it with coarse salt, and baked it on low heat for 40 minutes.

After it was baked, it must be taken out of the pot immediately, and the salt should be patted clean, otherwise it would be too salty.

The golden salt-baked chicken was cut into pieces and spread on the plate, and three cauliflowers were placed beside it, along with a rose just picked from the garden which was inserted in the middle of the cauliflowers. The golden, green and red on the porcelain white plate was very beautiful.

When the dish was served, you could smell the unique aroma of salt-baked chicken from a distance. When you bit into your mouth, the skin was soft and the meat was tender, fragrant and delicious.

Mouth-watering, the first course was completely mouth-watering.

“Marshal, it’s so delicious.” General Heka was biting the chicken, and there were two pieces in his bowl, while one was still on the chopsticks.

The plate was empty, so General Allen stretched out his chopsticks to pick it from General Heka’s bowl calmly, while he screamed angrily.

“Soon,” He Yunting replied calmly, “I’ll just ask him to cook for me and I’ll eat it later.”

General Heka, who was biting the chicken, said: “It’s too much, I hope you never catch up, even if you catch up, you have to go over mountains and seas of fire, so that you will grow old before you get to eat alone.”

Chief of Staff: “If you have the ability, go and confess!”

“I’ve never eaten this kind of food. What’s the point of sitting in this position?” The middle-aged obese man poked and poked with his chopsticks, and poked pieces of chicken into his bowl.

The queen next to him saw him do this, and coughed twice: “Your Majesty, be careful, what about your etiquette since elementary school! Teacher Bai is still there…”

The woman wanted to say that your teacher is still there! But then she saw that Bai Lao was also biting a piece between his mouth and holding a piece between his chopsticks, she fell silent.

Then she picked up the chopsticks and imitated the emperor to poke chicken nuggets, no way, can’t use knife and fork.

“It really tastes very special.” Gavin put down his chopsticks: “General Gu is familiar with him?”

General Gu shook his head: “Not very familiar, I don’t know why he sent a post here, thinking that if this is the case, let’s have a look. It’s nothing.”


“Isn’t it more surprising that General Gavin is here?”

“I came to see Kevin for something.”

The two stopped talking, thinking about each other.

In the lobby, a certain little reporter took pictures with the terminal turned on, while eating all the time, it’s right, it’s right, wait… who was that person?

Interstellar superstar Bai Xi! Tens of billions of fans! Why was he here? Didn’t he go to a fan meeting?

Wait, who was that?

Kaman, a biologist, who was an important figure in the biological world. If he remembered correctly, this was the opening of a farm, not a biological seminar!

And who was that, the famous gourmet Esme in both the Empire and the Federation, a woman who claimed to have eaten on all the planets in the Federation and the Empire, not only had a mine at home, but had also been a guest on various shows.

Next, the little reporter thought that if he found many celebrities here now, he would no longer be surprised, unless he saw the emperor of the empire had also appeared here.

There were six cold dishes, in addition to salt-baked chicken, crispy crucian carp[2], steamed prawns[3], cucumber salad[4], Ruyi fish rolls[5], and finally a plate of flowery moon[6]!

This plate of cold dishes was based on the theme of Guanghan Palace. Chang’e was portrayed vividly holding a jade rabbit. The osmanthus tree was full of branches and leaves, and half of the full moon hung on the branch.

Then, No. 2 became frightened, tweeted and screamed, completely unimpressed.

Everyone in the lobby didn’t know how No. 2 felt, and they were all shocked by the scene in front of them.

“It’s so beautiful, this, this is really food? This is art!”

“My God, how did this come out, is there really such a place in the world? Where does this smoke come from?”

“I really want to praise it in a few words, but I finally found that I am uneducated and can only think of four words: F**k, it’s so beautiful.”

“Are these things edible?”

“The name of this cold dish is ‘Flowery Moon’, the food is under the smoke, dip it in the sauce and eat it.” There was an announcement in the lobby, and Su Yemu’s gentle voice came out.

Fans who hadn’t seen Su Yemu for most of the day shouted: “Bobo, happy opening.”

Su Yemu chuckled, “Thank you!”

“Bobo, tell a story.”

Everyone raised their opinions loudly, as if they were broadcasting at the same time.

But after a while, the story of Chang’e flying to the moon sounded, and they commented Bobo really loved them the most.

It started from Houyi’s shooting into the sun, the clear and bright voice narrated, and everyone was fascinated by it; but at this time, the audience who couldn’t make it to the scene and could only watch the live broadcast in front of the star network cursed those who had robbed them. The ticket holders shouted for Bobo, because they didn’t expect that Bobo would reserve a table for them. They were really touched, and they wanted to eat a few more bites.

Under the fairy air fluttering was the white and tender shellfish, and when they dipped it in the sauce to eat, the most original sweetness of the seafood exploded in their mouth, it was very delicious…

“The shadow of the candle on the mica screen is deep, the long river is gradually falling and the dawn is sinking. Chang’e, you should regret stealing the elixir, and Bi Haiqing will be heartbroken every night.”

With the ending of the last verse, this story ended and touched a lot of people, but everyone didn’t understand, why was this sad thing called a full moon?

“Because since a long time ago, August 15th has become a festival, symbolizing reunion and happiness,” Su Yemu said: “In a few months, let’s celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together!”

Su Yemu’s words aroused enthusiasm from everyone.

“I agree.” Professor Li, who hurried back to the farm, slapped his thigh when he heard this poem. Such a poem was much more beautiful than those ordinary poems. How talented this person was to write such beautiful lines!

And how deep was the cultural heritage of this nation, how brilliant the civilization, so that there could be such beautiful literature and art in the world.

At this moment, the traveller who had been looking for something seemed to have found his own destination. It turned out that I belong to this place. It turned out that I come from this civilization and this nation.

Su Yemu didn’t know that because of a poem, Professor Li was crying while supporting the stone lion outside the gate, and he was busy serving hot dishes.

The first hot dish was Peking duck[7]. The duck was roasted by Su Yemu with the most traditional method over charcoal fire.

The roast duck was sliced by Su Yemu, served with lotus leaf cake, sweet noodle sauce, cucumber strips and other ingredients.

As soon as it was brought out, everyone could already smell the fragrance and started salivating.

They picked up a piece of lotus leaf cake, dipped two pieces of duck meat in sweet sauce, served cucumber sticks, radish, and green onion, and rolled it up to eat. The meat was tender and smooth, and the duck skin was crispy and delicious.

So, their mouth was full of water again, and it was already the eighth time. At a glance, there was no piece of meat left on the plate of any table, and it was all cleaned up in an instant.

Involuntarily, everyone looked at the table of food reserved for the live broadcast room, licked their lips, and showed fierce eyes.

F**k, if you dare to come, I will crawl over from the star network and fight with you.

Let me tell you, if you dare to rob, you are making an enemy of the more than 30 million people who don’t have a boat ticket, so think about it before you act.

Call Bobo, protect our food, someone wants to grab it.

Obviously, the people in the live broadcast room were thinking too much, they were all famous people, how could they do such a thing, although they really wanted to act, but they still had to hold back.

The second dish was steamed white fish with greens[8]. When Chinese entertained guests, chicken, duck and fish were must-have dishes.

He first cleaned the white fish, drew a cross cut on both sides, added ginger slices, cooking wine, green onions and other ingredients into it, added pure chicken broth, and put it in the oven. After that, it only took six minutes.

Delicious chicken broth and fresh fish blended into a unique aroma. The white fish was tender, refreshing, salty and delicious, and the broth was light. It was one of the famous Chinese dishes.

“Delicious, delicious, haha, your Majesty might also never have eaten such delicious food!” General Heka snapped off half of a fish with a chopstick.

Chief of Staff and Adjutant: “We haven’t got any yet!”

What about half? Where is the marshal! Are you moved?

Don’t dare to move!

General Allen, calmly stretched his chopsticks towards General Heka’s bowl again.

“Ah Chirp!”

The middle-aged man sneezed and buried his head in his mouth.

The queen’s face was wrinkled: “Your Majesty, you already have a lot of fat.”

His Majesty the Emperor: “It’s okay, I can reduce the meat after eating. Besides, if you don’t eat, you won’t lose meat.”

Bai Lao and President Qin agreed.

One soup, six cold dishes, eight hot dishes, a table with twelve people, when the sixth hot dish was served, the person who grabbed the most was already full, but in order to eat, they stuck to the end.

Those who grabbed less, secretly hated, the next game, let’s see who would win or lose, let us show momentum.

The seventh course was grilled lamb chops with cumin[9]. He had divided one lamb chop into two parts, blanched it in water, put it in the prepared sauce and cooked until it was half done, picked it up and drained the sauce, sprinkled it with cumin, and marinated with chili powder for five minutes, put it into the oven, and then baked for five minutes and took it out of the oven.

Its color was burnt yellow, the cumin powder and chili powder were immersed in the lamb chops, giving off a tempting aroma, once bitten into the mouth, the outside was charred and tender, while the meat inside was soft and tender.

One per person, not only the bones were gnawed, but even dozens of people over a hundred years old were still licking their fingers, but no one felt ashamed.

The eighth hot dish, Seafood Ramen[10], this was served because there were too many people, so fearing that they would not be full, Su Yemu specially changed the last one.

The broth was the base, and the abalone, fresh shrimp, and fresh shellfish were boiled and spread on the noodles. The color was beautiful, the aroma was attractive, and the ramen noodles were chewy. Further, the fresh and sweet broth was delicious.

The last was the dessert. The sweet-scented osmanthus cake[11] was in the shape of sweet-scented osmanthus. It was sweet-yellow in color, transparent and beautiful. Before you eat it, you could smell the faint fragrance of flowers. After you eat it, it tasted sweet, delicate and smooth.

Everyone was dumbfounded, sitting blankly, unable to recover, and only had one thought in their minds: How can there be such delicious food in this world?

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