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A spiritual light came from the horizon and disappeared into the pine forest of Huan Xinghai.

This long kiss didn’t end until the ice cave dug by Shen Lou froze again.

“My legs have gone weak.” Lin Xin hung on Shen Lou’s neck, pretending not to be able to stand.

Shen Lou pecked the corner of his mouth and said, “I’ll carry you.” It was too cold in the north. Standing in the snow for a long time consumed spiritual energy, so it was better to go back to the house quickly.

Lin Xin lay happily on Shen Lou’s back, as he fastened the belt of his cloak, after wrapping both of them in it. On the ice lake and snowy sea, the two of them stood on top of each other, trapped in the warmth of a square inch, and moved forward slowly.

Rubbing the deer in his hand, Lin Xin couldn’t help but smile secretly, “Hey, let me ask you, were you willing to be on the Luqi Terrace, right?”

Shen Lou coughed lightly and said nothing, the tips of his ears gradually turning red.

Who would be willing to be chained and humiliated? But facing Lin Xin like that, he couldn’t help himself. Every day, he was torn between the heavens and the underworld. Such that he really felt like dying.

Lin Xin tilted his head to look at the red ears, and couldn’t help but bite it, “Tsk, no wonder you had to fight back to the end every time, couldn’t you help it? You are so serious, you obviously want it all in your heart, you just have to pretend to be loyal and unyielding, really…”

“Lin Xin!” Shen Lou gritted his teeth.

“What? You are so angry! Do you really want to press me down on the snow and do the Fa-rectification on the spot?” Lin Xin climbed on his shoulders to look at his face, but Shen Lou suddenly let go and his whole body fell down. Then the ground turned, and his back was suddenly pressed against a thick maple tree.

Unknowingly, they had arrived at Fengjin. In front of the door was a thick century-old tree, covered with ice and snow.

Shen Lou pressed Lin Xin against the tree trunk and blocked his nonsense-speaking mouth. The floating snow on the treetops shook and fell, and the sparrows sitting on the branches were frightened and flew high.

“Prince…Oh!” Zishu came out to greet him, but when she saw such a scene, she was so frightened that she almost fell into the icy lake.

Lin Xin put his hand into Shen Lou’s clothes, and when he heard the exclamation, he didn’t want to pay attention to it. However, Shen Lou was a man of honor, so he immediately stopped and tightly wrapped Lin Xin, who now had red eyes, with his cloak.

Zishu stood there awkwardly, not knowing where to move her hands and feet. Huang Ge, who came out after hearing the sound, didn’t know what was going on, so he said directly: “Your Majesty, someone from the Zhong family in the Western Regions is here. The Duke of the State asks you to come over immediately.”

Lin Xin realized that the aura he had just caught was not his hallucinations caused by excessive excitement, but actually there?

“I know,” Shen Lou helped Lin Xin stand up and straightened his clothes, “I’ll go over there.”

“I’ll go too!” Lin Xin gritted his teeth. The damn Zhong family never brought him any good thing.

As the New Year was approaching, the New Year gifts that should be given had already been given. At this time, the aristocratic families usually didn’t move around each other anymore, and they all waited at home to celebrate the New Year. If the Zhong family sent someone here at this time, it must be something urgent.

“The Di people suddenly invaded. The second master was unprepared and was driven down two cities. He had no choice but to send this younger one to ask for help.” The person who came was an acquaintance, Wu Zhaoyang, the subordinate who had previously delivered Tumi wine to the southern region.

Wu Zhaoyang’s face was full of anxiety, and he knelt in front of Shen Qirui and spoke sincerely.

Shen Qirui helped him up and sighed: “Why is Suifeng so confused? Even if it’s the New Year, we can’t withdraw all the troops.”

Wu Zhaoyang looked embarrassed, “The second master is also kind-hearted and wanted the soldiers to go home for the Chinese New Year.”

There was a foreign race in the Western Regions called Di people. The Di people were brave and good at fighting, but their number was small. In recent years, for some reason, they had frequently clashed with the Zhong family. Zhong Suifeng was incompetent. Whenever he couldn’t defeat him, he would ask for help from the Northern Territory, but he never knew how to train and strengthen his own army. The Zhong family gradually weakened due to these conflicts.

“Father.” Shen Lou pulled Lin Xin in.

“Qingque, you order three thousand elite soldiers to rush for reinforcements.” Shen Qirui said helplessly.

In order to prevent any unusual movements in the Northern Desert, Shen Yingying was sent by her father to patrol the border as soon as she arrived home, and she had not returned yet. Now that the Western Region was asking for help, he could only send his son.

“Yes.” Shen Lou agreed and turned to look at Lin Xin.

“I’ll go too and take the opportunity to inspect the Zhong family’s Luli.” Lin Xin said with a serious face, but the fingertips hidden in his sleeves stroked Shen Lou’s palm back and forth.

Shen Lou smiled helplessly and grasped the troublesome fingers.

Then he ordered his troops to set off.

The horses’ hooves were covered with velvet to prevent slipping, thus making a dull sound when walking in the snow.

Lin Xin and Shen Lou rode side by side, with Lin Xin shaking his feet dissatisfied, and squinting at the black horse under Shen Lou, “Is this the horse whose hoofs were cut off by me?”

The shiny black horse seemed to sense the other’s unkindness. So with good intentions, it turned sideways, farther away from Lin Xin.

Shen Lou laughed, “No.”

“Well, that’s good.” Lin Xin looked at Shen Lou’s slender arms eagerly, thinking about how to jump over and ride with him.

“Your Majesty, the bridge ahead is broken and needs to be repaired.” The soldier scouting the road ahead ran back and reported.

This was the junction of the Northern Territory and the Western Territory. In order to hurry up, they took the path between the mountains. Ahead was a cliff connected by a suspension bridge. The snow broke the bridge deck, which was in a state of disrepair, making it impossible for horses to cross.

Shen Lou raised his hand, and the team behind him immediately stopped.

“Repair it within an hour.” Shen Lou ordered, and the engineers immediately went to repair the bridge and pave the road, while others rested on the spot.

“What kind of place is this?” Lin Xin dismounted and stood on the mountain road, looking into the distance. The mountains were covered with snow, and it was impossible to tell the north, south, east, or west.

“Replying to Lord Marquis, this is Fuyao Mountain, the junction of the Northern Territory and the Western Territory. To the east is the road to Yongdu.” Wu Zhaoyang was familiar with the road and diligently stepped forward to introduce it to Lin Xin. “Over there is the Fairy Peak. Legend has it that Jiutian Xuannv once bathed in the hot spring on the top of the mountain; that is Zhaoyao Peak…”

“Zhaoyao Peak!” Lin Xin looked at the lonely peak among the misty mountains, his heart moved, and he turned around to look for Shen Lou, “It’s okay now, let’s go somewhere.”

Shen Lou’s eyebrows jumped, and he looked at Lin Xin helplessly, “Xin Xin, it’s too cold here, and you’re still injured.”

“Bah, bah, bah, you pervert, what are you thinking!” Lin Xin kicked his calf, “Hurry up, follow me.” Taking the wine flask placed on Shen Lou’s horse, Lin Xin pulled the person to the leeward place, looked around, took out the Yanggu Sword, and dragged Shen Lou to fly towards Zhaoyao Peak.

Zhaoyao Peak was steep and the scenery was average. Few people visited it, and it was deserted even today. The two tombs there stood in good Feng Shui locations and were covered with a thin layer of snow.

Shen Lou looked at the inscriptions on the tombstone and felt slightly shocked.

Lin Xin poured the wine in front of the tomb and thought silently in his heart. “Father, mother, this is Shen Lou. I brought him to see you. The person I always talked about to you before, look, he looks handsome! Don’t dislike him for being a man…”

The wine was poured out, then Lin Xin knelt down in front of the graves and said, “Happy New Year to you two.” Turning to look at Shen Lou, he found that he had also knelt down and kowtowed three times.

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Small Theater:

Xinxin: Let’s go, I’ll take you to a secluded place.

Loulou: It’s a bit dark here.

Xinxin: It just needs to be dark.

Loulou: (blushing) What do you want to do?

Xinxin: Hahahaha, look, my new luminous watch!


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