RCFS Ch. 228

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The dance movements, including moving, getting stuck, changing, and the rhythm were completely clear in front of everyone.

In the mouth, the colourful pills had not yet melted, and the faint sweetness was not like sugar, but like a stamen, full of fragrance, bringing out a subtle honey sweetness, not addictive, but it still made people can’t help but keep sucking and licking.

The faint sweetness reached the brain directly through the sense of taste, continuously stimulating the memory area of the cerebral cortex, and turning on the memory mode!

It was nothing when she watched it, but when the VR was taken down, everyone was surprised.

Because they found that every posture and even every movement of that black shadow was firmly engraved in their minds!

“Oh my God, I suddenly felt like I memorized the dance!”

“Fuck, I think my brain has become smarter!”

“Miaoji!! Miaoji!! Why have I been studying for so many years and I still didn’t remember it, but I learned to dance in seconds!! Do I have the talent to dance modern dance?”

Everyone: “…”

Why did everyone suddenly learn how to memorize in seconds?

Everyone subconsciously looked at Ye Yunxi.

The president waved his hand very proudly: “This is our Yehuang’s club welfare!”

Bai Jingchen’s club welfare was self-made stamina potion, we Yehuang would never be inferior, our welfare was memory pills!

Was there any stamina potion that killed you in a few blocks!!

“Oh my God! President, you are amazing!!”

“I really did not join the wrong club!!”

“The benefits are amazing too!!”

“Yunxi, Goddess, your thighs are simply too thick and strong, right!!”

Several people exploded!!

Memory pills!

If this was used in learning in the future, if they knew everything in seconds, wouldn’t they be able to go to heaven!!

Huangjue was a fart!

As long as they wanted to go to heaven, it was not a problem!

My president, my goddess temple, you are so awesome!!!

Ding~! Awesomeness XP + 10 + 10 +…

“This is only effective if you wear VR.”

Ye Yunxi told the truth, completely annihilating their opportunistic thoughts in the bud.

“Hey, why? Mr. President, if this is used for learning, our club will definitely become Junyao’s unrivalled No. 1!!!”

“Yes, yes, crushing the three major clubs is not a dream!”

“That’s right, Yunxi, why do you have to add the mandatory setting of VR?”

Wasn’t that too boring?

“Because if you don’t review it, you will forget it three days after you learn it. Why, do you still need to use it?”

Everyone: “…”

We will still forget it?

With this setting, there was no one else…

“Then it can’t be used for studying?”

“It’s a pity…”

“It’s okay. In the future, brain pills for improving memory will be distributed, which is the exclusive benefit of the Yehuang Society.”

There were so many props in the inventory, they could support a blockbuster fantasy movie, what was not there?

Hearing this, all members were excited!

“President! You are really invincible! You have everything!!”

“Oh my god, brain pills? Can you become a master after eating it?”

“Hahaha, President, I love you to death! I heard that Tyranny has stamina water, we have brain pills, increasing IQ is obviously much better than increasing physical strength! Is there any way to beat them by a few blocks?”

“So, is there a gap between us and the three major clubs?”

“There is no gap, if you want to talk about the gap, it’s only one Ye Yunxi short!!”


Yes! It’s only one Ye Yunxi short!

Their president was really awesome!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

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