RCFS Ch. 229

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Mr. System rolled his eyes while accepting the Awesomeness XP.

They just discovered that his host was so awesome?

He had found out on the first day he got bound to this host!!

Moreover, there was an omnipotent system, and there would be many more things that will shock you in the future!

Great host! The system loves you, loves you, loves you~~~~

In the dance room, everyone revived their spirits and devoted themselves to practicing the dance. Similarly, everyone admired Ye Yunxi even more.

President, you are really great!

This campus festival, we will definitely win the first place, definitely!

When Gao Shuying came to the dance studio again, she was shocked.

The school festival was just around the corner, and there wasn’t enough time, so she tried to supervise it, but in the end, the children danced like they had been practicing for two months!


Didn’t this work well together?

And they told her there was no rehearsal, this was great!

Gao Shuying let go of her heart in an instant.

Haha, very good, at least there will be no embarrassing situation like being unable to jump halfway. As for the ranking, they should just try not to be at the bottom?

Hmm, very good, very good, just jump down like this!

Hahaha, it was not too embarrassing, that’s great!

However, Gao Shuping still underestimated all the members of the Yehuang Society.

Just to not be ashamed?

That’s not our goal, our goal is to win the first place! Crush the campus festival!

After several days of practicing dancing, everyone was exhausted.

Neither study nor morning exercise could be delayed, but fortunately, morning running improved everyone’s physical fitness, so that dancing didn’t feel so strenuous.

They caught up with the weekend, Ye Yunxi went back to live in her own house as usual, and as soon as she entered the door, she saw her father standing in a suit in the living room, as if he was about to go out.

“Dad, where are you going?”

“There will be a reception in the circle tonight, and my senior brother asked me to go, Yunxi, do you want to go together?”

Chunfeng did spare no effort to take care of this junior brother. Chunfeng was also very moved by such a person who did not give up even after he was kicked out of the house.

Ding! Trigger task: open the door to the entertainment industry! Reward: Awesomeness XP +5000, stamina +30! Great host! Please put on the most beautiful dress and surprise the audience!

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows, increase in stamina!


“Okay, Dad, I’ll go with you, but…”

She looked at her father’s suit: “Let’s go shopping for clothes first!”

The box office revenue was 500 million! So, Dad, let’s be louder!

“Buy again?”

Ye Junpo had some doubts about buying clothes. After all, he had been poor for too long, and even now he was habitually timid about spending money, and the clothes that Yunxi took him to buy were too expensive. He felt like he couldn’t eat or drink, and a piece of clothing cost tens of thousands, without any mistake!

“Must buy!”

Ye Yunxi directly pulled her dad away: “That’s the entertainment industry, there are so many big bosses, no matter what, at least we must have clothes that can match that industry, so that people will take us seriously!”

This was society!

“Okay, okay!”

After the two left, Ye Jianxing walked out of the study slowly, looked at the backs of the father and daughter, and nodded with satisfaction.

“Master, Miss Yunxi is really thoughtful about things.”


Where to go, what clothes to wear, what to say, this was the most basic foundation of communication as an heir, and Yunxi had done a good job in this regard.

“I’m very relieved.”

Ye Jianxing clenched his cane tightly.

He was happy for this family!

Yunxi, stride forward, walk on your golden road!

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