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Hearing Xie Lin’s voice, Yuan Ye turned and looked back, watching him walk down the stairs, and then tilted his head, smiled and asked Fu Yuanzhou: “You know him?”


Fu Yuanzhou nodded and when he saw Xie Lin’s eyebrows that were dyed with coldness, somehow he felt that there was a little sense of danger.

This was not right. They didn’t do anything just now. Why was his conscience feeling guilty – even though he thought so, Fu Yuanzhou immediately moved away from Yuan Ye and smiled at Xie Lin, in a flattering manner: “What a coincidence? Why did you come out?”

“Had to go and hand over some student union information.” Xie Lin said, his eyes lightly swept across Yuan Ye, and Yuan Ye looked at him at the same time, with a smile which was not really a smile.

The two stood together in sharp contrast, Xie Lin’s posture was straight and neat, and his clothes were tight, even the buttons of the white shirt had been buttoned till the top, such that he looked cold and abstinent.

While Yuan Ye was leaning against the wall with his arms folded, a leg bent lazily, tilting his head so as to reveal his black earrings, and his chestnut hair shimmered in the sun. Compared with Xie Lin, he looked like a complete bad student.

Xie Lin retracted his gaze and asked Fu Yuanzhou, “Your classmate?”

“Yes, the new transfer student in our class. He is called Yuan Ye.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded and quickly explained to Xie Lin, “We have to bring the books together, I almost fell down just now. It was Yuan Ye who held me back.”

Then he introduced Xie Lin to Yuan Ye: “Xie Lin is one year older than us, he is in the third year of high school.”

“It turned out to be a senior.” Yuan Ye stood up straight, then smilingly greeted Xie Lin, “Hello, Senior Xie Lin.”

“Hello.” Xie Lin nodded slightly.

“Senior Xie belongs to the student union?” Yuan Ye said, “just now you said you were going to the student union to hand over materials.”

Fu Yuanzhou interjected with a little bragging tone: “Of course, Xie Lin is the chairman of the student union, and the first in his class and grade, he doesn’t even know what the second place is.”

“Oh, it’s amazing.” Yuan Ye smiled, “In this case, senior Xie should be quite clear about the school rules? I am a new transfer student, and I don’t know much about it. Is it forbidden to fall in love in our school?”

Fu Yuanzhou was surprised. Glancing at Yuan Ye, why did he miss this when he first came here? He couldn’t remember that this kid was so keen on dating in his previous life.

Xie Lin glanced at Yuan Ye and slowly said: “It is not recommended in principle.”

“If it is not recommended, it is not forbidden?” Yuan Ye said, “So there is no need for you two to fall in love secretly. It’s just a friend relationship?”

“Of course.” Fu Yuanzhou said. How could he and Xie Lin be in a relationship, and at the same time he became more puzzled, wondering what Yuan Ye wanted to say.

Yuan Ye laughed: “The elder brother looked at me with terrifying eyes just now. I thought you two were a couple, but that’s not so.”

He raised his eyebrows and suddenly raised the corners of his lips, revealing an evil spirit: “Since it’s not, then you shouldn’t care about what Fu Yuanzhou does. Am I right?”

Xie Lin’s eyes turned cold. Fu Yuanzhou heard something wrong, and immediately rounded up the field, waved his hand and said: “Xie Lin is not hostile to you, that’s right. He is more indifferent towards unfamiliar people, but otherwise is very good. You will know when you become friends in the future.”

“Okay, as long as the senior is willing.”

Yuan Ye responded casually, Xie Lin didn’t even respond, just looked at Fu Yuanzhou and asked, “What time will you be done with class?”

Fu Yuanzhou felt a little helpless, but at any rate it was a good topic to dilute the atmosphere just now, so he truthfully replied, “Not much. We just have to bring the books back but after that we should be done.”

“I would take some more time. You wait for me a while.” Xie Lin said.

“No problem, you go, and come back soon.”

It was also early dismissal for the third year of high school today, so they happened to be going home together. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t mind waiting for Xie Lin and responded casually.


Xie Lin reached out and rubbed his hair before going downstairs first.

Fu Yuanzhou blinked, revealing an unexpected look. In his impression, Xie Lin would rarely do such an intimate act with him in front of others.

Yuan Ye took a deep look at Xie Lin’s back and asked Fu Yuanzhou: “You are going home together?”

“Yes, we live in the same community, and it takes less than five minutes to walk to his house.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Thank you just now. You helped me, and Xie Lin, he is really not like that and is not against you, if it makes you unhappy, I will apologize for him.”

“I’m not unhappy.” Yuan Ye laughed, “Besides, it doesn’t if it matters if he likes me. Well, I’m making friends with you. As long as you like me, it’s enough.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, “Of course I am…” He stopped suddenly, because he hadn’t forgotten that Yuan Ye regarded him as an Omega. So, he should be careful when he spoke.

Fu Yuanzhou: “Of course I admire you very much. We will definitely be good buddies!”

Yuan Ye chuckled and said nothing, and the two went downstairs to move books together.

They had already lost some time, and everyone else in the class had taken most of the books back. Fu Yuanzhou asked what hadn’t been moved yet, and then they went to move the remaining books.

Coincidentally, the people of Class 1 had also come to move books at the same time. When they saw Fu Yuanzhou, they immediately surrounded him and shouted enthusiastically, “Brother Yuan!”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled at them, originally wanting to say that they didn’t need to mind him anymore, but it was not because of nostalgia that the group of people had blocked him.

“Thankfully we met you, Brother Yuan, originally we planned to send a message to ask you later, what did you say to Shutang just now?”

A few people looked at him eagerly, and Fu Yuanzhou was happy when he heard it: “Why are you all curious?”

“Curiosity is killing us! You walked too fast and didn’t see it, Shutang stood up all of a sudden, even his chair was knocked down, and his face was red, then he went out immediately, maybe he went to find you, but wasn’t able to. What did you say?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Ah…” When he walked out, he heard the sound of tables and chairs colliding, so Ran Shutang really came out to look for him? With such a big reaction, did he really care about what he hadn’t finished speaking?

But he didn’t say anything. Didn’t he just say, “Actually I have been”? What did Ran Shutang think of, and why did he blush? Because of anger? Wanting to fight him to the death?

Fu Yuanzhou also became curious. He was curious as to what Ran Shutang had in mind, but it was a pity that he couldn’t ask directly.

He said to the several people from Class 1: “You really want to know what I said to him?”

“Yes!” Several people nodded vigorously.

The corners of Fu Yuanzhou’s lips raised, and a smirk appeared on his pretty face: “I won’t tell you, guess it yourself! Let’s go!”

Yuan Ye had picked up the books, and stood by the side waiting for him, then they walked away from the field—since he couldn’t satisfy his curiosity, then he would never satisfy them, everyone could suffer together.

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