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Yuan Ye walked side by side with him holding the books, and asked: “Are they your classmates from Class 1 of high school?”

“Yes.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded. When he introduced himself before, he said that he was transferred from Class 1, and Yuan Ye heard that too.

Yuan Ye looked at the stack of books that Fu Yuanzhou was holding, and said, “Should I carry more books?”

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou thought for a while, then took the opportunity to say, “You don’t need to treat me as an Omega. I am O in Body but A in Mind, and I plan to fall in love with a female Omega in the future.”

“Oh…” Yuan Ye dragged his words and said with a smile, “You are ambitious. But you said, “in the future”, so are you still single now?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Yuan Ye: “Always been single?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

He couldn’t say yes, since at least he had talked with Yu Fei in his previous life!

Yuan Ye laughed a few more times, and when Fu Yuanzhou glared at him, he reduced his smile and explained: “I’m not laughing at you, but it’s interesting. I have also always been single, so how can I laugh at you.”

Fu Yuanzhou snorted.

Yuan Ye said slowly: “I’m very picky, I don’t like most people, so if I’m satisfied with someone, I won’t give up easily, and I must chase that person to feel reconciled.”

When he said this, his gaze fell on Fu Yuanzhou’s body, his undisciplined attitude was gone, his eyes were dull, and he was a bit terrifyingly serious.

Fu Yuanzhou got a bit scared when he saw him like this, but the next second Yuan Ye laughed, with a carefree look again, holding the books and saying, “Okay, let’s go back.”

The two returned to the classroom together and distributed the books. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the head teacher Da Yang to announce that it was all right for today and everyone could leave.

The students cheered. They went home or made plans to meet up for dinner. They asked Fu Yuanzhou if he wanted to go together. Fu Yuanzhou shook his head and refused. He had to stay and wait for Xie Lin.

“I want to wait with you for a while, but it’s a pity that I have something to do. I will leave first.” Yuan Ye picked up his shoulder bag and waved to Fu Yuanzhou freely: “See you at school tomorrow.”

“See you at school tomorrow.”

Fu Yuanzhou said goodbye to Yuan Ye and sat down, waiting for Xie Lin while playing on the phone in the classroom.

He didn’t have to wait long. About twenty minutes later, Xie Lin appeared at the door of Class 7 classroom, and nodded to him: “Let’s go.”

Fu Yuanzhou carried his schoolbag and Xie Lin walked out of the school, while he used the taxi-hailing software to call for a car. School hours were uncertain today and he didn’t want the driver to wait for them, nor did he want to wait for the driver to drive the car from home, so they planned to go back by themselves.

But after making a booking, Fu Yuanzhou found that his number was very behind, and he would have to wait for a long time. There was no taxi at the entrance of the school, and the taxis that came over were full of people.

Xie Lin checked it and found out that the nearby university was holding an event. The university had two campuses, and the event was on one of them. Therefore, students from the nearby campus had to rush to the other campus, and online taxis were thus fully booked.

Fu Yuanzhou was a little dumbfounded, and turned to look at Xie Lin: “What should we do?”

“If you don’t want to wait, let’s just take the bus or subway back.” Xie Lin said.

“Then take the subway.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

His family conditions were very good, but it was not that he had never taken a bus or subway. In this regard, he was not spoiled, but sometimes the reason why he did not want to take the subway was that he always got sleepy on the subway. If there was no seat, it would be a little troublesome.

But besides taking a taxi, taking the subway was the most convenient way of transportation. His villa area was a bit far from the city center. If they were to travel by bus, they would have to change twice, then it would be better to wait for the driver to pick them up.

Xie Lin nodded, and both of them moved towards the subway station, while Fu Yuanzhou, very casually chatted with him, after Xie Lin responded to his words, he said: “You’d better spend less time with Yuan Ye.”

After Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye became friends from enemies in his last life, then also Xie Lin had said that he did not like Yuan Ye, especially his apostasy, which completely contradicted his values.

Fu Yuanzhou was quite upset at the time, and was now somewhat depressed, but he knew that Xie Lin was only afraid that he would be taken away or harmed.

In his first year of high school, his grades dropped a lot. Xie Lin often watched him study, but the effect was not great. At that time, he met the man on instagram, and he was immersed in communicating with him all day, not thinking about studying at all.

Fu Yuanzhou really wanted to pinch himself of that time and pat his head wildly and pour out all the water in it. Of course, he was completely awakened now, and he won’t have any contact with that person even if he was killed.

“Don’t worry, don’t look at him like that. In fact, his grades are good.” He explained to Xie Lin: “He was a top student in his school before the transfer. In fact, it would have been no problem to enter the experimental class, but he refused to dye his hair back and to remove the ear studs, so he was temporarily put in our class.”

“The teacher turned a blind eye to his earrings and hairstyle. Our class teacher didn’t mention a word to change him back. It’s not because of his good grades, oh, but you are not in our class. You didn’t see it either.”

Xie Lin listened to him without saying a word, bought two subway tickets, and handed one of them to Fu Yuanzhou.

“It’s not because of this.” He raised his eyes to Fu Yuanzhou and slowly said, “He is an Alpha.”

Here again, what Alpha or Omega is, was it so important…

Fu Yuanzhou was a little irritable, and muttered softly: “So what? So, you are also Alpha, do I have to spend less time with you too?”

Xie Lin didn’t answer, and Fu Yuanzhou didn’t speak. The two swept their tickets into the subway station and walked to the lower level.

They went to the subway in the direction they were going to take. There were not many people standing in front of the glass protective door, and half of them were students in the uniforms of the No. 1 Middle School.

Among these people, Fu Yuanzhou saw an acquaintance at a glance, Ran Shutang, who was waiting for the subway alone.

T/N: “Yuan Ye said slowly: “I’m very picky, I don’t like most people, so if I’m satisfied with someone, I won’t give up easily, and I must chase that person to feel reconciled.”” When YY said this, it gave me the chills and also sounded a bit stalkery… WDYT?

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