TBLF Ch. 87.1

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The firefighter had pulled out the fire hose and had started to put out the fire. Fortunately, the wind had stopped now, and the fire had not spread to both sides and thus was gradually contained.

The class 2 students were in shock since they learned that Qi Ying was trapped inside. Everyone was panicked and fearful. Several of the students who were close to Qi Ying had already started crying and were being consoled by the police.

Even Ji Rang was dragged back by the two firefighters and handed over to the police officers who rushed over. He sternly shouted: “This kid wants to die, watch him!” With a serious expression on his face, he told Ji Rang, “Believe us, as long as there is a ray of life, we will rescue the people inside.”

But in fact, everyone knew that if there were people in such a big fire, how could there be a chance of surviving.

The teenager did not struggle anymore.

There was no trace of light in his eyes, as if he had fallen into an endless abyss, and his whole body was dead after despair.

Two policemen, one on the left and the other on the right, helped him to the other side of the police car and took him to rest.

There were already many police cars with silent flashing sirens parked on the street. It stood to reason that a fire should not resulted in the presence of so many police cars. Passing an undercover police car, two plainclothes policemen were stuffing a man covered in blood and handcuffs into the car.

One of them took the walkie-talkie and said, “Comrade Chen, the last person was also caught. Have you found Comrade Han?”

A group of embarrassed people had been detained in the police car, and the man in handcuffs was struggling: “Why are you arresting me! I want to call; I want to call a lawyer!”

The policeman behind him kicked him hard: “Be honest! You wanted to kill the kidnapped girl, even a lawyer wouldn’t be able to save you!”

Ji Rang stopped suddenly.

The two policemen who looked at him thought he was going crazy again, and both grabbed him nervously, but saw the young man looking at the man who was held in handcuffs, and asked in a dumb voice, “Where have I seen you?”

Feng Xiao was dizzy. After watching Ji Rang for a long time, he suddenly giggled: “It’s you, the young master of the Ji family… Hey, your girlfriend, tasted so good, but it’s a pity that she burned to death.”

Ji Rang’s eyes instantly reddened, and he rushed over like a beast.

The several policemen were not prepared, and Feng Xiao was pinned to the trunk of the police car by Ji Rang who suddenly went crazy. The young man strangled his neck with both hands, almost as if trying to break his neck.

Feng Xiao was strangled till his eyes rolled back, and his face quickly turned red.

Several policemen dragged Ji Rang and yelled at him, hugged his limbs, and with difficulty pulled him off Feng Xiao.

But the boy had lost his mind.

There was only one idea in his mind.

Kill him.

Several people couldn’t hold him down, they could only press him to the ground in the same way as the criminals, with their hands folded behind their backs, and a policeman shouted to the side: “Get the doctor over and inject him with the tranquilizer!”

Meanwhile, plainclothes officer An’s excited voice came from the walkie-talkie: “I found Comrade Han!”

The two plainclothes policemen glanced at each other, one stayed to look after Ji Rang, and the other quickly hurried over with the walkie-talkie.

At the entrance of the alley burned to ruins by the fire, the embarrassed middle-aged man staggered out holding a little girl covered in blood.

The plainclothes policeman rushed up quickly and took the girl in his arms, “Comrade Han! Are you okay, Comrade Han? Don’t worry, everyone is caught!”

The doctor ran there carrying a stretcher.

The little girl in his arms closed her eyes and looked almost dead. But it seemed that she heard something suddenly, so struggling to open her eyes, she looked at the flashing police siren.

The plainclothes policeman felt that his clothes were tugged at. He lowered his head and heard the little girl’s voice weakly saying, “I want to go.”

He soothed, “Don’t be afraid, the doctor will be here soon.”

The girl was stubborn and determined: “I want to go; I want to go there.” Her vision was clearly blurred, but she understood that she must go to the desperate and struggling teenager.

The plainclothes policeman glanced not far away, realized something, and holding the little girl, he strode over and gently put her down.

Qi Ying knelt down and touched the young man’s head.

Ji Rang suddenly stopped struggling.

He raised his head with difficulty.

Then he saw the little girl with blood all over her face smiling at him obediently.

“I’m fine.” She said softly, “Don’t be sad.”

Tears burst from the boy’s eyes.

He struggled to get up to hug her, but when his arm was about to touch her, he was afraid of her pain, so he hurriedly retracted it, only his fingers gently stroked her cheek, and asked in a dumb voice: “Is it painful?”

She softly smiled: “It doesn’t hurt, don’t cry.”

The doctor rushed forward carrying the stretcher. Qi Ying’s strong consciousness finally couldn’t hold it, her eyes went dark, and the whole person fell in front of him.

Ji Rang saw her pupils darken, was frightened and hugged her. The doctor put the stretcher on the ground. Several people quickly carried Qi Ying up, who was unconscious, and rushed to the ambulance.

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