LGHIHW Ch. 31: Arc 1.27

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When Xuan Ming was pushed into the laboratory by the bodyguards, Little Curly had already arrived and was standing in front of a glass wall arranging his bow tie.

As a scientist, although he wore a white coat every day, there must be a suit with exquisite workmanship and clean lines hidden under the white coat. Moreover, he didn’t like loose and comfortable styles, and preferred business models that were tailored closely, so that his slim waist became even thinner, and his long legs were made to look longer.

Today he was wearing a royal blue suit with a white shirt and a white bow tie. He looked small, cute and delicate. And his curly hair was smeared with gel and carefully kneaded into a messy and stylish look.

If there were lights above his head and a red carpet under his feet, Xuan Ming felt that he could have debuted in the C position.

“This world is really unfair,” Xuan Ming sighed as he slid forward: “Some people are smart, but they are also good-looking and have an extraordinary temperament. How can others live?”

The bodyguard following him had an expression that was hard to explain. They never knew that their boss’ mouth could blow such rainbow farts.

Zhuang Li looked sideways over and raised his chin slightly as a greeting. His expression was cold and proud, but his phoenix eyes were narrowed, revealing unconcealable pleasure.

He was narcissistic and liked to be flattered by others.

Xuan Ming summed up the two weaknesses of Little Curly Hair in his heart, and the smile in his eyes couldn’t help but deepen.

“Have all the things I ordered arrived?” Zhuang Li walked into the rest area and sat on the sofa. One hand was casually placed on the backrest, and the other hand gently brushed the curly hair on his forehead. His two long legs were overlapped, making him look very lazy.

Even when facing the most powerful person in Haiming, he never had the consciousness to please the other person, let alone be respectful or fearful.

But Xuan Ming liked his this attitude the most.

“I brought them all, and they are still hot.” Xuan Ming took out the Chinese breakfast made by the chef at home, wiped all the chopsticks and spoons, and handed them to Xiao Curly. The sauce that needed to be mixed was also done by himself.

“Do you eat mountain pepper oil?” He picked up a bottle of condiment.

“What is mountain pepper oil?” Zhuang Li leaned his head over.

Xuan Ming had long discovered that Curly Hair was unfamiliar with many common foods, but he did not raise any suspicion.

He was a genius, and it was natural for him to be eccentric or lack common sense.

“Try it.” Xuan Ming dipped his chopsticks into a little oil and handed it over.

Zhuang Li did not take the chopsticks, but opened his mouth and stuck out the little pink tip of his tongue, waiting to be fed.

Although he had been on the run for more than ten years, he had never suffered at all, because his brain was enough to ensure that he could manufacture advanced weapons to earn high profits and develop nanny robots with superior performance to take care of him in all aspects.

His pride, laxity, laziness and indescribable nobility were all cultivated in this way. He was an orphan, but there was no law in the world that stipulated that orphans must live in misery.

Seeing his natural expression of waiting to be served and the alluring tip of his lilac-like tongue, Xuan Ming was stunned, and his fingers holding the chopsticks became so nervous that his joints turned white.

That feeling of heart palpitations came back. Compared with the excitement last night, this time it was much duller, but also much more practical, because this person really existed and was close at hand.

Xuan Ming tapped the tip of Xiao Curly’s tongue lightly with chopsticks, and immediately saw his long phoenix eyes narrow, and his thin eyebrows twitch into a ball, as if he was irritated.

He immediately withdrew the tip of his tongue, sucked it in his mouth slightly, and then stuck it out, licking his lips frequently, his appearance was no different from that of a little fox who was busy licking the tip of his nose after eating chili.

Xuan Ming turned his head and smiled, thinking of the hallucinations he had after being attacked by the system last night, he finally understood why he saw Lin Yayan’s face as the little curly hair. Because he had already fallen in love at first sight, and then fallen further deeply in love.

Xuan Ming held his forehead and sighed silently. He would not confess, let alone start a pursuit, because that was tantamount to putting a bull’s-eye on the little curly hair, where he would have to withstand the attacks of all taskers and the system. It was still a kind of luck to accompany his lover quietly like this.

After thinking about it, Xuan Ming smiled and looked at the other side, then he said in a gentle tone: “Do you want more?”

“Yes, I like this taste, it’s exciting.” Zhuang Li rolled the napkin into a small square, gently wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, then changed a piece of paper, and slowly wiped away the fine sweat on his forehead and tip of his nose. His innate love for beauty made him pay attention to maintaining his appearance at all times.

In the past, Xuan Ming despised this kind of s***y men the most, but now, he thought the young man sitting opposite him was cute no matter how he looked at him.

Zhuang Li ordered dozens of pastries in one breath, but he just took a bite of each one, tasted it, then took out a wet tissue and wiped his fingertips carefully.

Xuan Ming immediately took out a wet tissue, pulled his hand over, and helped clean him up.

Zhuang Li leaned back on the sofa, put his hands on Xuan Ming’s knees, and was tossing them over and over. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with being looked after.

An Bao’er came in at this time, hid behind an assistant, poked out half of her head to peek, saw Xuan Ming was there, and immediately opened her eyes wide.

“Brother Xuan!” She showed a surprised expression.

Xuan Ming, who was still smiling, immediately returned to his usual coldness, “Why are you here?” These words were harsh as if interrogating a prisoner.

“I received a recruitment email from the Human Resources Department yesterday, saying that your laboratory is short of people, so I came.” An Bao’er retracted her head, and her voice was awkward and full of grievances.

Xuan Ming immediately realized that the recruitment email must be from the curly hair, and An Bao’er must be the first test subject he found.

“I’m working in the office next door today. If you need anything, call me.” Xuan Ming looked at Little Curly Hair, his face was as cold as cold iron one second, but full of spring breeze the next.

After learning An Bao’er’s purpose, he didn’t even bother to communicate with her. He quickly left surrounded by bodyguards, but he didn’t go far. Instead, he stayed in an office next to the rest area.

As long as he was not ten meters away from the tasker, he could monitor the plans of these people and the system, which was more conducive to protecting the little curly hair.

An Bao’er looked at Xuan Ming’s cold back with tears in her eyes, as if she had been greatly hurt but did not dare to talk about it, but she cursed viciously in her heart: “Bah, you b***h man!”

367: “The information given by the Lord God is indeed correct. Xuan Ming is an emotionless work machine. Qiao Yanan is on the right path. Showing one’s abilities at work is the only way to impress him. Host, you must apply carefully.”

“I know.” An Bao’er complained: “He clearly agreed to arrange a job for me before, but when he heard others spread the scandal between me and him, he immediately fired me. Is this his attitude towards his savior? He hasn’t even paid me back yet, he hasn’t changed my house, he hasn’t given me a gift, he hasn’t given me a phone number, in fact he hasn’t given me anything! Is a life-saving grace so worthless? He’s a scumbag, a piece of s**t!”

“His personality is like this, you should be mentally prepared. Speaking of which, yesterday there were missionaries who wanted to form an alliance with us, and today you received a recruitment email. Is there a trap in this? I tried to locate the host of 7480, but the strange thing is, the other party seems to be blocked. No, no, no one can block the system, it should be disconnected.” 367 pondered.

“We have to come even if there is a trap! Otherwise, do you have a better way to get close to Xuan Ming?” An Bao’er said, feeling angry and helpless.

367 became silent.

While the two of them were communicating, Zhuang Li had taken them to a separate room and handed them a contract. He said in a tough tone: “Ms. An, in fact, what I am recruiting is not an assistant, but a guinea pig. You can sign on it if you want to work here, if you don’t, you can leave now, I still have experiments to do.”

“What guinea pig?” An Bao’er took the contract and pretended to read it, but actually used the system to scan and analyze it.

“He wants you to cooperate with him in a series of brain experiments, aiming to import the perception ability of the human brain into specific software and use it to control the corresponding machine equipment. This is a new technology with great prospects. Your daily job would be to lie on the table and test the brain waves.”

367 concluded: “The reward is very generous, there is no harm to the human body, and you can often see Xuan Ming, this contract can be signed.”

An Bao’er felt relieved and picked up a pen to sign her name.

Witnessing all this, 7480 shouted from the dark room: “Don’t sign, it’s dangerous!”

Zhuang Li took the contract with one hand, touched his temple lightly with the other, and smiled with interest. He put on his white coat, smoothed out every wrinkle on it in front of the mirror, and adjusted the small bow tie before he brought An Bao’er to the laboratory.

“Sit under the electromagnetic coil,” he pointed to a machine and said to several assistants, “put electrodes on her.”

An Bao’er wasn’t nervous at all. In her opinion, she was the chosen one who had the system with her, and she was a completely different life form from these NPCs. Would the primates be afraid of a group of paramecia? Impossible, they wouldn’t even notice the existence of Paramecium!

An Bao’er was already so arrogant, let alone adding a system that was one level higher than her.

“It’s okay. They are all machines with very backward technology. Their main function is to collect brain waves and interfere with biological pulses. They are basically harmless to the human body. Even if they are harmful, you can buy a few marrow cleansing pills for treatment. Don’t be afraid.” 367 didn’t care about it and said.

“I’m so scared.” An Bao’er turned her back to Zhuang Li and rolled her eyes.

Xuan Ming, who had slipped out of the office, heard these words and couldn’t help but show a trace of pity in his eyes.

Seeing the mission target, An Bao’er turned her eyes into a smile and pretended to be filled with admiration and surprise.

“System, I’ll buy another Wangchun Pill with 10,000 points on credit. I don’t believe I can’t take Xuan Ming while sleeping!” She suddenly made up her mind.

“The host has too much credit already, so I want to charge five percent interest.” 367 said in a business-like manner.

“Yes!” An Bao’er still insisted.

The pity in Xuan Ming’s eyes immediately dissipated, replaced by cynicism and disgust.

Any sympathy was wasted for those who wantonly destroyed other people’s lives.

“Wangchun Pill has been transferred to the host’s bag, please check it.”

“After finishing this experiment, I will find a chance to give Xuan Ming this medicine. After taking Wangchun Pills, he will cling to me like a male dog in heat. This time I will make him kneel on the ground and beg me, and I will also take a photo of his ugly behavior as a souvenir.” An Bao’er said a series of harsh words in her heart.

Xuan Ming grinned and smiled like a wolf.

Zhuang Li didn’t smile but did something even more terrifying. After taking over all the programs of 7480, he naturally knew which area of his brain the other party was hiding in.

Based on this, he deduced that An Bao’er’s system should be hidden in the same part. After all, she was also right-handed. So he turned on TMS and used strong pulse signals to stimulate the brain cells in that area, causing them to fall into a temporary state of paralysis. The last time he disconnected the left and right sides of his own brain, he used this technique.

367 who was chatting with its host, was suddenly forced to go offline.

An Bao’er: “System, why don’t you speak? Where are you? System, system, system…”

Zhuang Li turned off the electromagnetic coil, put his hands on both sides of An Bao’er’s chair, bent down, looked directly into the other’s eyes, and said interestingly: “Let me introduce myself, I am your collaborator.”

An Bao’er: “!!!”

An Bao’er, who had just said that she would never be nervous, suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

Xuan Ming curled up his thin lips and laughed silently.

The scene of the little curly ravaging the tasker and the system was really something he could never tire of.

7480 cried and shouted: “I had warned you a long time ago, woo woo woo…”

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