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“You… have never been to the underground arena?” Xie Ruheng asked a question that had troubled him for a long time.

The first time Tang Bai approached him at the Federal Military Academy, all he said to him was “Hello, do you know ‘Mouse'”, which proved that Tang Bai knew that “Mouse” and Xie Ruheng were the same person from the very beginning.

But how did Tang Bai know that when he had never been to the underground arena?

“I got to know about this mecha master through some special information channel.” Tang Bai said euphemistically.

It was just that he suddenly had a book in his mind.

Xie Ruheng understood.

Tang Bai knew about him probably through Elder Tang’s investigation of him.

The old man once wanted to find him as a weapons tester in the weapon research institute, but he failed the follow-up assessment, but because of this, he also left a file with Mr. Tang.

He originally thought that Tang Bai had watched the video of the Mouse’s game. Although the underground arena did not allow video recording, but someone at Tang Lao’s level of existence could always find a way to get the information, but Tang Bai’s performance was obviously not suitable for someone who had watched a video of the underground arena.

Xie Ruheng’s voice was a little hoarse, “You haven’t watched him play, why do you regard him as an idol?”

“There are many ways for an excellent person to attract fans, and you don’t have to watch his play.” Tang Bai couldn’t tell him the plot in the book, but Xie Ruheng’s current performance in reality was also amazing enough: “He entered the underground arena at the age of fourteen, became a top player at the age of eighteen, and was admitted to the Federal Military Academy at the age of twenty. He played a bold hand and became the king.”

The huge ring-shaped fire pit around the martial arts platform was instantly ignited with a raging fire, and the commentator passionately said: “‘Blood Wolf’ wins!”

His white lacquered iron mask reflected the bright fire light, as Tang Bai said softly: “He is firmly walking on a road that everyone thinks is impossible, he is the light, he illuminates me.”

Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng with the fire flickering in his black eyes, “By the way, you know where you can buy a face leather mask?”

Xie Ruheng: “?!!!”

Fortunately, the black mask concealed most of his emotions, so that Xie Ruheng did not lose his composure on the spot, “Why do you ask this?”

Tang Bai blinked, “Secret.”

Xie Ruheng: “Okay.” Just don’t take off my little vest.


The scene of the finals of the Mech Manufacturing Competition.

With a human leather mask, Tang Bai and the other 19 contestants stayed in 20 closed rooms. The materials needed for the competition were placed in front of them to prevent cheating. These 20 contestants were disconnected from the Internet, and they needed to answer according to the requirements of the examination paper within the limited twelve hours.

Twenty contestants, twenty live balls, twenty split screens, the live broadcast room was filled with the happy atmosphere of watching other people’s exams.

[Front row of onlookers watching the Scholar Exam!]

[Give up from the first question]

[It turns out that this is Jun Tongchen who was the winner of the preliminary round and sent to the final, but you can see that he looks plain and ordinary]

[Are my eyes dazzled??? Why only Jun Tongchen and Cheng Yangbin are doing the A roll, while the other 18 contestants got the B roll?]

[What’s the situation? Isn’t it the same set of exam papers as in previous years?]

[email protected] Where is the official group of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition? Come out and explain?]

The ten judges in the final group were also full of surprise when they saw it. A judge surnamed Cheng wanted to stop the competition, but as soon as he raised his hand, he was stopped by a kind-hearted old man.

Grandpa Tang said slowly to the barrage of explosions: “There have been slight adjustments to the competition system of this year’s finals. For the sake of viewing the competition, the new rules will be explained in detail at the end of the competition.”

In the twenty single-person examination rooms, the contestants were completely unaware of the changes in the answer sheets.

After Cheng Yangbin got the test paper, he roughly scanned the questions, and found that the questions of the test paper were indeed similar to what he had learned in advance, and the corners of his lips rose slightly.

Familiar answers emerged as soon as he saw the questions. Cheng Yangbin pretended to read the questions and would frown when encountering more difficult questions. He acted out a mech manufacturing level test as an acting test.

[Cheng Yangbin is doing it the fastest and most steadily! It’s a pity that he made a small mistake in the eighth question]


[Bold guess, is it because Cheng Yangbin and Jun Tongchen are stronger than the other contestants this time, and there is no distinction in ordinary test papers, so Mr. Tang divided it into AB papers?]

After finishing the written part of the test, Cheng Yangbin deliberately made a small mistake in a small detail, and he began to check the test papers with great ambition.

His eyes fell on the intentionally wrong answer to the eighth question. This was originally a small flaw that was planned and discussed with others, but at this moment, Cheng Yangbin looked at it more and more glaringly.

The difference of one point in the first scoring in the preliminary round, despite the two mechs being of the same type his mech was completely restrained during the mech evaluation, and the good-looking person who kept getting slotted after being in the same frame as Xie Ruheng…

There were too many emotions accumulated in his eyes, and he seemed a bit savage. Cheng Yangbin crossed out the original wrong answer, and he wrote down the correct answer paranoidly. The moment he finished writing, all the depression that had accumulated in his heart for many days dissipated.

“The written test is full marks, yes.” One of the judges was about to boast, but Cheng Luliu, who had been staring at the monitor, looked a little unhappy.

And this ugly face reached its peak when Jun Tongchen and Cheng Yangbin drew the mecha design with the same frame.

The internal structure diagram of the mecha design was invisible to the audience, only the judges and some officials of the military department could see it.

It was unheard of for two contestants to have the same first draft idea, and all the judges looked serious for a while.

Cheng Yangbin worked desperately on the design drawing. He had already copied this exquisite design hundreds of times, engraving every stroke in his heart. During one tracing, he felt that he had completely merged with this design drawing, and he could imagine the scene where this drawing shocked the audience.

Ashamed of the honor?

Wasn’t it true that he tried his best to collect the excellent works of others and extract the essence?!

Was it a lie that he was pissed off because of the money he had spent on groveling to curry favor with the eccentric mech design guru in order to get the perfect composition?!

Could it be that the energy he put into copying this blueprint by staying up all night was fake?!

Other contestants just put in simple mental work, but he spent money and effort and suffered from anger, he could bend and stretch, he had the Cheng family behind him, and he even designed a foolproof plan for this final!

The mecha manufacturing competition was just a springboard for his life. When he became a member of parliament in the future, he would face even more challenges. But at the same time, he would also be able to control the fate of countless people-these untouchables won’t get to cry about the injustice of fate then.

There was no absolute fairness in this world. If you said it’s unfair, it’s obviously because the heavens were unfair to him! Not giving him the brains of a mech-making genius! Not giving him a flawless look! Let him be crushed by a beta in the preliminary round, and even compared to a pariah from a slum!

But it didn’t matter… what he lost, he would get it back with his own hands!

With the pleasure of revenge in his heart, Cheng Yangbin completed the design in one go.

His handsome face was covered with a sickly blush, even the thick foundation could not cover up his flushed face, and the blue eyes shone with dazzling light, as if reacting to the turmoil in his inner world.

Be amazed!

Come and praise my talent!

I will definitely be the overall champion of this year’s Mech Manufacturing Competition!

Cheng Yangbin proudly picked up the answer sheet and walked out of the examination room full of confidence. But the moment he opened the door, he met the dignified eyes of a group of judges outside the door.

The ecstasy in his heart was like a flash in the pan, Cheng Yangbin instinctively noticed the abnormality, he subconsciously looked at Cheng Luliu and his second uncle’s eyes were full of regret.

“Mr. Cheng Yangbin, can you explain why your final design is exactly the same as Jun Tongchen’s?” Bai Zhi detonated the entire barrage as soon as he made a sound.

[What?! Exactly the same? Damn, I beg the official to stop mosaicing the design drawings! I want to eat this melon!!!]

[No wonder the faces of the judges are all black, this is a large-scale cheating scene! The key is who copied whom?!]

[Did I hear wrong? What happened?]

[Grandpa laughed, even twins don’t have this kind of telepathy]

[Fuck, is this why Cheng Yangbin and Jun Tongchen got the A roll?!]

At this moment, Tang Bai came out of the examination room, and his examination paper was held by the judges. The blueprint of the mecha for the last question on it was obviously the blueprint that Cheng Yangbin bought at a high price.

How could it be?!

How could Jun Tongchen make the same blueprint as him?!

Cheng Yangbin took a deep breath and stabilized his wavering mind. He knew that the more he got to this kind of time, the calmer he should be, “Since there are two identical pictures, someone must have plagiarized. I don’t know what Mr. Jun Tongchen is doing. I made this drawing, and this drawing is a summary based on my usual homework.”

“I record my creative inspiration every day, and I can often create mecha design drawings. I didn’t expect to be satisfied with the work I practiced on and by chance, I came across an exam question that fit its design concept.”

A talented mech maker usually created a lot of hands-on works, and the several judges nodded silently when they heard Cheng Yangbin’s explanation.

“With the usual practice, I can complete my work in the shortest time. Jun Tongchen and I entered different examination rooms at the same time and got the examination questions at the same time.” Cheng Yangbin sonorously.

“I left the exam room earlier than Jun Tongchen and finished the finished product earlier than him. I never peeked at his exam papers. As for whether others have some special means to peek, I don’t know.”

The blue eyes tried to show firmness, but they were too strong to make his performance look like staring. Cheng Yangbin said in a deep voice: “I think this matter needs to be investigated by the authorities, and my innocence should be restored.”

[Support Cheng Cheng! God, you are the best!]

[I suspected that Jun Tongchen cheated in the game before, how could he be better than Cheng Yangbin as a beta who never went to a formal university]

[I feel sorry for Cheng Yangbin, you must keep your practice work well]

[Look at how Jun Tongchen didn’t dare to say anything, how is it not because of a guilty conscience]

[It must be Bai Zhi who leaked the question to Jun Tongchen!]

“Jun Tongchen, do you have anything to say?” Bai Zhi turned his head and asked.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the other party involved in this incident. This was a plain-looking beta, but his figure was tall and straight, and his excellent posture was unforgettable.

“This design was designed by myself.” Tang Bai said unhurriedly.

Cheng Yangbin sneered, with disdain in his eyes.

Although he didn’t know why Jun Tongchen had exactly the same blueprint as his, he could be sure that this blueprint was definitely plagiarized by Jun Tongchen!

This was the result of his painstaking efforts in begging that mecha manufacturing master from another country. How could Jun Tongchen have the face to speak nonsense and take it for himself?

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