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The red dates and milk were combined together, without any other bells and whistles. It reminded him of the soy milk with a particularly impressive red date flavor that he drank when he was a child, but it still had a slight milky fragrance.

Not to mention, the smell really pierced Brother Yan’s heart, and he couldn’t help taking another big mouthful.

“Thank you.” Yan Han thanked Lin Jianlu again.

Looking up again, he found that Lin Jianlu had begun to stare at him out of the corner of his eyes unblinkingly.

…What the f**k was this Nima!

After being scrutinized, Yan Han simply said, “I’ll go get the food, oh, what do you want to eat?”

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Jianlu said.

Finally, the two came to the window with the least number of people. After a while, it was their turn. Yan Han ordered two side dishes and a meal. Lin Jianlu also ordered what he wanted. The ordering auntie flexibly forwarded the meal card machine with her finger. For the money, Yan Han said, “I’ll do this.”

But before he could find the meal card from his backpack, Lin Jianlu had already pinched a card between his slender fingers and swiped it on the spot.


“Oh don’t don’t!”

Yan Han wanted to stop him, but he was a step too late. Why did he make Classmate Lin invite him to drink milk tea and then to dinner. The eldest brother felt a little embarrassed, so he could only take out his mobile phone and say, “Let’s add each other on WeChat and I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

The school did not allow mobile phones during class, but today was the weekend. Considering that there were many foreign students who would want to keep in touch with their homes, this kind of relaxation was inevitable.

Lin Jianlu was silent for a second, as he looked down at him.

Yan Han looked straight back frankly and drew a question mark on his face by the way.

He obviously overlooked one thing. Lin Jianlu, as a male god who could build high-rise buildings on an anonymous forum, was someone who did not share his WeChat account easily. How many people must have used how many methods without being able to get the male god’s WeChat. Wanting to pay for a meal?

…He really wanted to come for him.

Or scan the code face-to-face.

-But a second later, Lin Jianlu took out his mobile phone.

Two people spent a total of more than sixty for the meal. Counting the milk tea money, Yan Han chose an auspicious number and transferred 88 to the other party.

How much did it mean.

Lin Jianlu appeared to be polite and embarrassed to add his WeChat account. After adding it, he put the phone back in his trouser pocket, and didn’t use it further.

Yan Han, who unilaterally transferred the money, just waited for him to collect the money, so he didn’t pay attention to this matter.

It was not that he cared about the dozens of dollars. He had a simple idea. He just thought that he couldn’t let people who didn’t know him spend money for him, especially Lin Jianlu who had helped him a lot today.

There was no such reason in the world.

It didn’t matter who paid for the meal if it was a real brother, but that was a long time in the future. Today he could not ask him for something. Because according to Yan Han’s point of view, he and Lin Jianlu were obviously not in such a relationship.

After getting the packed lunch, the two separated at the door of the dormitory, and Yan Han finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After returning to the dormitory, he simply cleaned up, and studied the live broadcast system while eating.

The school did not allow computers or tablets, and even mobile phones must be used secretly, so Yan Han had no choice but to log in to the live broadcast website with his mobile phone.

He first chose a relatively well-known live broadcast website in China, and the live video pushed immediately after entering it would automatically start playing. It was a live broadcast of an online game competition. The barrage was swept all over the sky, and the popularity was very popular.

After entering the homepage, the live video disappeared, and Yan Han found out that there was a learning channel that was still on the homepage.

After clicking on this learning channel, the first thing he saw was a website announcement, indicating that the opening date of this channel was today.

Yan Han: “…”

So this channel was not specially created for him, right?

[That’s it.] Xiao Wu’s voice sounded, and with a “bang”, a burst of smoke surrounded Yan Han, and a big breasted girl in a miniskirt appeared immediately.

Yan Han, who had become accustomed to the various operations of Xiao Wu, didn’t blink his eyes, and said, “Brother Five is still playing with special effects this time?”

Xiao Wu whispered: “Yes, or you wouldn’t be looking at others~”

Yan Han ignored it and turned around to study the live broadcast website again. Since it was a newly opened channel, there was only one live broadcast on it yet. Yan Han clicked on it easily. The content turned out to be a kind of recurring online course.

The teacher who he didn’t know was explaining the symbols that Yan Han couldn’t understand on the screen. Seeing that the title of the room was Calculus—Lagrangian Median Theorem, Yan Han only felt dizzy. He might not know those symbols even if they knew him.

This newly opened channel would occasionally have a few barrage comments sweep over—

How fat four, is this the cattail live broadcast I know? How come it became a learning channel!

Damn, I wanted to watch the game live broadcast and relax, but I suddenly thought of Lao Tzu’s rebuilding after I entered the game. It was unlucky.

Not only Cattail, but I also saw the learning channel on the live broadcast platform next door. Does Guo Jia have any new policies?

I just came in and punched a card when I found a new channel. It’s poisonous here. Goodbye everyone.

The barrage comments were sparse, and it seemed that even if it is a newly opened channel, there was not much traffic because of the type.

Many users were unwilling to come in after satisfying their curiosity.

Such a channel… Could he really make money from live broadcasts on it?

Yan Han went to another webpage and took a look and found that the situation was similar.

He finally returned to the Cattail live broadcast room which he went to first.

“Xiao Wu, what is my account number?” He asked Xiao Wu.

[It is the host’s mobile phone number.] The girl sat on his table and swayed her two slender legs wantonly.

Yan Han entered his mobile phone number, received the verification code and logged in. After a long while, he found that things were exactly how he thought. This account simply could not start live broadcasts on other channels.

“Because the host is underage, this account is specially registered, and the bank card is specially bound for you such that the income can be directly withdrawn. The reward share is the same as that of other channel anchors. If you are hot enough, you can sign with the website to earn annual salary, but, it can only be used on the learning channel. Otherwise, why do you think this is called the Top Student live broadcast system?” Xiao Wu’s cheerful cartoon voice was a little contemptuous.

“…” Yan Han: “Okay, I know.”

He felt a little frustrated.

If you wanted him to make money from this, he felt that it won’t become hot until the Year of the Monkey.

And let him live broadcast? He was not a schoolmaster, and he couldn’t teach, this Nima…getting such a thing was simply tasteless.

The only benefit was probably as Xiao Wu said. After logging in to this account, there was an additional section on the page of this channel that did not exist before. Yan Han clicked in to watch it. It contained teaching videos of various subjects from the first to the third year of high school.

There were quite a few versions, and there was always one that suited him.

Yan Han deliberately searched the Internet but did not find such a similar video.

…It could be regarded as a kind of comfort.

Yan Han quickly cheered up. This feature couldn’t make money, so he would get other achievement points as soon as possible, and strive to open more treasure chests as soon as possible.

Anyway, this thing was good and harmless.

As for the money, he won’t have to go to the orphanage next week, but he could go outside to have a look.

After eating the last bite, Yan Han simply tidied the table, and when he was about to take out his textbooks to study, his phone screen suddenly lit up…

[Wen Juerong] has requested to have a video call with you. Will it be connected?

With his finger hovering over the phone screen, Yan Han thought that he did not expect Wen Juerong to look for him at this time.

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