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He still clicked to accept, Wen Juerong’s chubby pie face immediately appeared on the screen, and he smiled at him slyly: “Sister Yan~”

“It’s called Brother Yan.”

“Brother Yan!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Um… is your aunt[1] here?”


Wen Juerong was probably eating out. The loudspeaker was full of the clashing and messy noises of tableware in the restaurant. It was a bit noisy, so that Yan Han suspected that he had heard the wrong thing: “What’s the matter?”

“Did Lin Jianlu bring you Dodomi’s red date milk tea?” Wen Juerong’s smile became even more wretched because of the desire for gossip. It was just that he had grown a straight face, so his gossipy look was not annoying.

“How did you know this?” Yan Han asked rhetorically.

“Lin Jianlu is so considerate! He is really a local tyrant. Dodomi’s family’s milk tea is super expensive. A cup of milk tea costs RMB 20 for the base. Other shops are cheaper by half, so no one drinks it…”

“No, what are you talking about?” Yan Han was dumbfounded.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid.” Wen Juerong covered his mouth and smiled, his face full of the excitement of getting the first hand gossip: “Don’t be embarrassed, you two, who am I? I’m your number one little brother! Hurry up, Brother Yan, are you in love? Have you taken Lin Jianlu down?”

Yan Han:…

What is it, still won? I really want to click you.

Rubbing his temples with a headache, Yan Han felt weak: “Where did you hear about this.”

“Anonymous forum! Photos of you two are flying all over the sky now, oh hello, by the way, look at my memory,” Wen Juerong patted his forehead, “I wanted to tell you that the big sisters in the fan building are now all studying how to trouble you. Brother Yan, you have to be careful!”


Hanging up the video call, he thought what was this all about.

He was dying to learn and earn money. Where could he deal with the jealousy of those fans?

Besides, he and Lin Jianlu were classmates at most, not even brothers, so how did he win him over?

Suddenly there appeared in his head the tall figure of Lin Jianlu wearing only a half sleeve in the evening of the sunset, and the faintly surging fleshy feeling in his heart. Yan Han suddenly felt that it would be fine if he could win him, yes it was just a shot.

Who didn’t like a young and energetic body?

Occasionally, the eldest brother could also be addicted to carnal l**t.

Especially since the eldest brother was still an old virgin now.

It was just that Lin Jianlu had a clean fetish, while he himself was still…

So just think about it.

He should take a break as early as possible.

The thing that went to the anonymous forum left no trace of the boat crossing the water for Yan Han. He didn’t even feel a splash of water. He didn’t care what other classmates thought or said about him.

After reopening the textbook, Yan Han went to the website to find the corresponding online lesson video.

The next semester had just started, and it was still too late to keep up. Yan Han decided to re-learn the previous courses, and then go back to learn the knowledge points that he did not know and use the highest efficiency to catch up with the large group and strive to go to the first few classes during the placement test.

His current class was indeed too messy.

Similarly, Yan Han did not give up the opportunity to broadcast live.

No matter if anyone watched it or not, he would just hang it up and talk about the topic.

Another function of the top student’s live broadcast system was to provide him with a complete set of live broadcast equipment, which could be handed over to Xiao Wu for safekeeping and would not be discovered by anyone.

Yan Han asked Xiao Wu to help him adjust the equipment and adjust his vision, facing his exercise textbook and the direction of his hand.

He used his mobile phone to open a live broadcast room. On the screen were a slender finger with distinct knuckles and a math book. The picture was very clear and his face would not be revealed.

Yan Han then began to force himself into the learning mode.

He didn’t know if it was a live broadcast. Now there was no other live broadcast on the homepage of the channel. Yan Han always felt that no one would come in to watch him study.

With the idea that even those who came in would just take a look and leave, Yan Han told himself to be dedicated and responsible. Thus, his attention became even more concentrated than before.

It took him three hours to immerse himself in his study, let alone the fact that the teaching videos provided by the live broadcast system were quite useful, and the explanation was simple and easy to understand, which was much more efficient than self-study.

Yan Han started from the mathematics he once hated the most and sorted out all the knowledge points that he had missed before.

…Really warriors dared to face the bleak life.

He had no good way, so he could only memorize formulas and theorems by rote, and he would have to rely on later exercises to master such things.

But just sorting out the knowledge points was enough for Yan Ge to almost go bald for a while.

After taking some good notes, he stood up and flexed his muscles a bit, picked up the hot mobile phone that had been recording the video, and took a look at it… There was someone in his live broadcast room!

There were still a lot of people, at least much more than Yan Han had previously expected.

When he picked up the phone, a barrage quickly swept across the screen—f**k it, staring at the anchor’s hand, I watched it for a long time!


Another function of the top student’s live broadcast system was that the management of the live broadcast room was very smart. Even if there was no screen recording, he could see all the video playback in the background as long as he wanted. There were also barrage statistics and search functions, and statistics on the time when visitors entered the room to watch, it was all very convenient.

Yan Han now entered the background to look at the data and found that he had received hundreds of messages this evening just by barrage! —

Damn, the anchor’s hands are so nice too!

…I want to know if the anchor is a younger brother or a younger sister? These fingers are white and long, and ooh, this hand-con terminal patient indicates that his wish in this life is fulfilled!

His attention is too concentrated, I haven’t seen the anchor stop since I came in.

Before, I had been studying with the anchor for more than an hour. When I don’t want to learn, I just look at the anchor and take notes. It’s really positive! And the anchor is so quiet, it won’t affect learning…

You should share and recommend to your classmates, let’s learn to check in together, and come on, the anchor!

Hahaha anchor, your font is so special! So cute, the anchor must be a cute girl!

Yan Han:…

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[1] Euphemism for menstruation in China. Because red dates are something that is used to supplement blood supply in the body.

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