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Tang Bai looked at Cheng Yangbin, and asked softly: “I have a question for Mr. Cheng Yangbin, how are the weapon system of this mech carried?”

Cheng Yangbin’s mind went blank, his theoretical knowledge of mechas was not solid and he had never listened to the master’s analysis and explanation of the design process of this mech. His current state was more like a student who had forcibly memorized the answers without understanding them.

Which advanced theory was it?

When he showed this design drawing to his second uncle, Cheng Luliu applauded and praised it, saying that this mech used a lot of high-precision technology, but it was a pity that he did not analyze the weapon system and its carrying system for him, so which theory was used here?

Cheng Yangbin remembered that when he was in class, he had heard about weapon carrying technology, and it seemed that one of them was space folding and quantization technology?

Cheng Yangbin looked at his second uncle calmly, saw Cheng Luliu nod slightly to him, Cheng Yangbin gained confidence when he saw this and he talked eloquently: “I used space folding quantization technology for this place…”

Tang Bai wanted to laugh but held back his laughter for seriousness, with a slightly teasing expression on his face.

The judges who had been looking dignified, frowned. Some judges looked at Cheng Yangbin with regret. Cheng Yangbin stopped and found that his second uncle couldn’t bear to look at him and had directly turned away.

Cheng Yangbin: “???”

The bullet screens: “???”

[What is Jun Tongchen laughing at? I feel like an idiot myself]

[Isn’t Cheng Yangbin saying something awesome?]

[Is there a big guy here to explain?]

[Boss can’t see the blueprint either, should I analyze the mosaic?]

“How to carry the weapon system, I use the weapon system backpack to solve it. It may not be visible on the blueprint of the mecha. When it is actually manufactured, all the weapons in its second form can be seamlessly assembled into a backpack. And when necessary, it can be discarded at any time.”

Tang Bai said regretfully to Cheng Yangbin, whose expression had frozen: “You are too talented to use space folding and quantization technology to solve this problem.”

Tang Bai did not mention the concept of backpacking weapons in the design drawings he sent to Cheng Yangbin. The second design drawings Tang Bai made depicted different deformation modes.

Experienced judges could quickly realize the ingenious design of the weapon carrying system, but it was difficult for a half-baked amateur like Cheng Yangbin to think of this in the first place.

“Wonderful! This design is really ingenious!” Professor Li clapped his hands and praised: “This design not only meets the needs of powerful firepower attack in ground combat, but also meets the mobility of armor in air combat and roadway stations!”

[Oh, I’m sorry I’m so stupid, can someone help me explain]

[Although I can’t see the design drawing, I really want to applaud Jun Tongchen’s design, let’s not mention the concept of weapon backpack, let’s just talk about the perfect combination of weapons, this difficulty alone is very high]

[Kneeling to beg the boss to come out, I am dizzy]

[This design is really good! Some mechas will sacrifice movement speed in order to have powerful firepower to conquer strongholds, but in fact, such fierce firepower is only useful for breaking through the most difficult fortress-style defenses in a difficult environment, and the detachable weapon system provides the choice of mecha deformation]

[Cheng Yangbin answered irrelevantly, the space folding quantization technology is difficult to achieve on a single mecha, and is usually used on giant starships]

Cheng Yangbin’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and he realized it at this moment. The details of Tang Bai’s casual question were so ingenious that he couldn’t even think about it.

Putting his wrong answer and Tang Bai’s correct answer together just now was ridiculous. Cheng Yangbin blushed and stared at the person in front of him. Nothing could shake his mind.

“Mr. Jun Tongchen, although I don’t know mecha design, I found that the original design drawings have some buckles that can be transformed into backpacks. Is this the basic design of a backpack?” Bai Zhi asked.

Tang Bai nodded.

Bai Zhi smiled and looked at Cheng Yangbin, who was already sweating profusely, and asked curiously: “Since Mr. Cheng Yangbin doesn’t know this principle, how did this buckle appear on the design drawing?” He couldn’t think of any justification.

The barrage exploded:

[It’s obvious who copied who, Cheng Yangbin can’t even explain the theory of “his own” work, tsk tsk tsk]

[I have long thought that this person has a problem, you see that he really turned overboard]

[Wow, I actually had a crush on this kind of person!]

[It’s too much to lose fans and step on it. The truth of the matter has not yet come out. Can Cheng Cheng be accused of plagiarism just because of a backpack design? Then this is too childish!]

[Looking forward to the truth, looking forward to another reversal.]

[Someone must be framing my male god, male god, come on! I will always support you!]

Although Cheng Yangbin couldn’t see the bullet screen scolding him, he could see the disappointed eyes of the judges on the scene. Cheng Yangbin’s psychological defense was about to collapse, but he forced himself to quibble: “That’s not the case, this is my work, and the buckle design is also the same. I designed it in advance, I just think there is no need to propose this design…”

At this moment, Cheng Yangbin didn’t know how flustered his expression was, his eyes were flickering, his fists were clenched, and he looked at Tang Bai’s gaze viciously as if wishing to poison him, but he hid a bit since now even he knew how to be afraid.

He was afraid that this sharp-talking player would ask questions he wouldn’t know.

Tang Bai looked directly into Cheng Yangbin’s eyes, and said loudly: “Do you think it is unnecessary to mention it, or did you never think of such a design? Let me ask you another question, can you answer it?”

Tang Bai took a step forward, and Cheng Yangbin backed away one step, and later his face turned pale when he heard Tang Bai’s loud voice: “Cheng Yangbin, your intentions are not righteous, you overpackage yourself, ignore the rules of the game, crush fairness and justice, and try to use the mecha circle as a springboard, but you don’t know that the mecha circle is about real kung fu!”

The familiar words flashed in his mind, and an impossible thought came to his mind, Cheng Yangbin pointed at Tang Bai with trembling fingers, “You, you…” Impossible, impossible, he must have accidentally seen the record of his chat with the master! How could he be a master at such a young age!

And that master signed a confidentiality contract with him, and he would never publish the chat records between them!

Tang Bai didn’t talk nonsense with Cheng Yangbin who was in a mess, as he said calmly: “I have handed over the evidence of Cheng Yangbin’s cheating to the review team. I believe Lieutenant General Mo and the review team will deal with it fairly and give everyone the truth.”

After the team’s investigation was completed, General Mo walked out with a solemn expression. He didn’t talk nonsense, and directly put all the evidence on the public screen.

The screenshots of the chat on the public screen were clearly the conversation between Cheng Yangbin and the “Master” and other evidence, whether it was “Him scolded his own performance”, the transfer records of Cheng Yangbin’s bank account, or the IP address detected by military technology, all confirmed that the groveling buyer was Cheng Yangbin!

“Cheng Yangbin bribed the judges to know the topic in advance and contacted the master of mecha manufacturing on the Coffin of the Machine to buy the design drawings. This contestant’s cheating behavior seriously violates the competition rules of the mecha manufacturing competition, and the impact is extremely bad. Starting today, every achievement of Cheng Yangbin will be cancelled. Cheng Yangbin’s personal reputation as a citizen would be deducted from the eligibility for mecha manufacturing competitions, and the military department will permanently record this cheating behavior in Cheng Yangbin’s integrity file!”

Cheng Yangbin was dizzy for a while, and he said in a daze: “Impossible, impossible, we have a confidentiality agreement…” He seemed to be grasping at the last straw: “You are the ones who broke the rules!”

Lieutenant General Mo’s eyes went cold, “The first clause in any confidentiality agreement is that you must not violate the rules of the country. According to the law, your act of using other people’s design drawings for the competition has affected the national notarization, and the confidentiality agreement has not been protected by law from the very beginning.”

“No!” Cheng Yangbin no longer had any of the demeanor of a nobleman, and he staggered as he took two steps back, unable to accept such a heavy blow, and could only seek help while looking aimlessly around.

Stares of disappointment or condemnation surrounded him, and Cheng Luliu was so desperate that he didn’t even look at him. Cheng Yangbin’s limbs went cold. When he saw Tang Bai’s pitiful eyes, Cheng Yangbin, who was on the verge of collapse, at this moment, his despair turned into anger.

Cheng Yangbin roared ferociously: “You! You are also a plagiarist! You also copied that master’s design!!!” Cheng Yangbin was about to rush up and grab Tang Bai’s neck, but General Mo, who had been paying attention to him, easily subdued him.

“We investigated, and that account was used by Jun Tongchen at the time, and the master you mentioned was Jun Tongchen.”

This sentence almost completely destroyed Cheng Yangbin’s last trace of fighting spirit, “Impossible, this is impossible, I don’t believe it. …it obviously had a foreign label!” He stared at Tang Bai, “You must have deceived everyone by some means! I am innocent! You have wronged me!!!”

The mecha manufacturer master’s foreign label was the reason why Cheng Yangbin thought his strategy was foolproof, because the mecha technology in the final was likely to be applied to the battlefield, so only the judges and the military could see the blueprint, and it was impossible for mecha masters from other countries to see their competition. That’s why Cheng Yangbin used the drawings with such confidence.

Tang Bai looked at Cheng Yangbin’s crazy appearance, his eyes so cold that he seemed to be looking down on an ant.

Grandpa Tang’s account was tagged with a foreign label because he used to have a special identity and was protected by the Federation during the war. Many of his identities were fake identities, but there was no need to explain all this to Cheng Yangbin.

Lieutenant General Mo said expressionlessly: “Mr. Cheng Yangbin, please believe in the fairness of the military investigation. If you make a scene again, I will ask them to drag you out.”

Under the indifferent eyes of everyone, Cheng Yangbin’s legs went so weak that he couldn’t stand still at all.

[F**k, is Jun Tongchen that strong? Thinking of Cheng Yangbin scolding himself in front of Jun Tongchen makes me want to laugh, Qiang! Strong in every sense!]

[Cheng Yangbin, you are too much! Just now you were brazen enough to ask the judges to return your innocence, do you have such a thing?!]

[Cheng Idiot Yangbin]

[He is ruined. Three members of the Cheng family are members of parliament. I heard that Cheng Yangbin was supposed to take over his grandfather’s position. It stinks, but he can’t be a good mecha designer in the future]

“Cheng Luliu, a mecha maker of the military, illegally leaked the test questions, which seriously violated the rules of the judges and military regulations of the mecha manufacturing competition. The specific punishment measures will be decided by the military court. The judge will give the ruling!”

The lucky Cheng Luliu’s eyes darkened, and he almost fainted.

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