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Five minutes later.

At the entrance of the house, Gu Yuan took what Gu Nian was carrying: “Didn’t I tell you not to come back? Why are you still coming back?”

“Luo Xiu said that I should come back to see you on the Double Ninth festival.” Gu Nian smiled and winked at Gu Yuan, “And I won’t have to be tired after coming back, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Who’s worried about you?”

“Then why didn’t you let me come back?”

“It just delays me from playing mahjong.” Gu Yuan looked up at Luo Xiu who came in from the entrance, frowned and looked back. “Both of you, especially him, don’t pay attention when you come out. You are not afraid of being recognized on the way when you come out?”

Gu Nian was stunned for a moment, turned her head to look at Luo Xiu for two seconds uneasily, and then she turned back: “It’s okay, anyway, we didn’t get out of the car when we came here today.”

Gu Yuan sneered, “Didn’t get out of the car? Those who play mahjong with me will definitely come to ask me today or tomorrow at the latest about you.”

Gu Nian was surprised: “Have we been seen?”

Gu Yuan: “What do you think?”

Gu Nian: “…”

Taking advantage of turning back to pick up the gift box in Luo Xiu’s hand, Gu Nian said to Luo Xiu in a low voice: “I just said to be careful outside, my mother and her friends recognized you.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Then how can it be okay?” Gu Nian seriously denied, “You don’t have a recognized masterpiece yet, if you are photographed at this time and rumors spread, then you will be nailed with the vase-like label of ‘becoming famous by hyping scandals’ in the future, then it will be difficult to unravel it.”

Luo Xiu couldn’t help laughing at Gu Nian’s serious expression: “It’s too inappropriate for you to be so caring and not get paid, why don’t you be my agent?”

Gu Nian felt moved for two seconds, then quickly shook her head: “No.”


“In case the news that we are together in the future gets out, it will be like the thief guarding the treasure.”

Luo Xiu stopped smiling, “‘What if’?”

“Well, what’s the matter?”

Gu Nian turned her head nonchalantly, and met Luo Xiu’s thoughtful eyes, then she was silent for a few seconds, and slowly revealed a vigilant look: “We have agreed, until after your career enters a stable period, we will not announce our relationship.”

“In “Gold-medal Screenwriter” everyone has already acquiesced.”

Gu Nian waved her hand: “That’s a variety show. It’s normal to speculate on CP in a variety show in the industry. Not many fans will take it seriously.”


After the silence, Luo Xiu slowly smiled a gentle and harmless smile: “So we are in a relationship, but you are speculating on CP with me?”


Gu Nian smiled and blinked innocently at him. After being stared at by someone’s eyes that were gradually becoming evil, she gradually said, “No, how could it be possible? You misunderstood.”

“Is it.”

“It’s true!”


Luo Xiu seemed to believe it, nodded slightly with a smile, and took a step closer to Gu Nian.

Probably because of the survival instinct cultivated after staying in the dragon’s den for a long time, Gu Nian’s heart moved for a second, and she took half a step back with a whoosh——

And she happened to miss Luo Xiu’s hand blocking her retreat.


Gu Nian sincerely praised her flexibility. But she regretted it after sighing.

Gu Nian raised her eyes, met Luo Xiu’s gaze, and indeed saw a corner of the boundless tenderness in those eyes as they lifted, revealing some kind of desire that was hooked by her escape.

Gu Nian: Oh, that’s bad.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gu Nian turned around and ran to the kitchen where Gu Yuan was cooking, performing a one-man show with emotion while running: “Ah? Mom, are you calling me, Mom? Are you calling me for help?”

“Huh? Who called you?”

“Oh, washing the vegetables, right, here I come.”


Luo Xiu stood where he was, breathing in and out slowly, and finally suppressed the emotion in his eyes that was aroused by Gu Nian.

When he had calmed down, he rolled his eyes slightly, and looked at the girl’s back in the kitchen helplessly and thoughtfully.

As a member of the previous generation which was diligent and capable, Gu Yuan was different from her peers in that she was born with no cooking skills. When she was young, she destroyed countless pots and pans in the house, leaving a lot of shadows on Gu Nian’s young mind. In terms of the disaster kitchen, only others couldn’t think of it. Gu Yuan just couldn’t do it, so she could be called a “kitchen killer”.

And probably as proof of being her daughter, Gu Nian had perfectly inherited this “talent”, and even had a faint tendency to carry it forward.

In the kitchen, the two politely declined Luo Xiu’s request to participate, saying “Luo Xiu is still a guest”, and tried to prepare a big meal for half a day, but the result was very dismal.

In the end, Luo Xiu did the cooking for lunch.

The mother and daughter could only sit awkwardly in the living room.

Gu Yuan asked: “Does your boyfriend cook delicious food?”

Gu Nian gave a serious thumbs up: “It’s very delicious.”

Gu Yuan was puzzled: “Didn’t Lin Nantian say that he is a very powerful heir, why would he cook by himself?”

Gu Nian: “He lived abroad for a long time, and then he was sent to the hospital for gastric lavage because of eating carelessly- oh, it’s the stomach problem was the root of the issue that time.”

Gu Yuan coughed guiltily.

Gu Nian took care of her mother’s face, and skipped over the topic since there was no need to discuss it: “Later, he started to try cooking according to his own preferences. And because he took care of it from batch to batch, it’s quite difficult to adapt to the taste every time.”

“Lin Nantian told me that he was a pampered young master before, so it’s really pitiful when he came here like that.”

Gu Nian nodded vigorously, and then asked curiously: “But last time you called him, if he didn’t cook, so did you cook?”

Gu Yuan put on a straight face: “Occasionally, I can still perform well.”

The corner of Gu Nian’s mouth twitched: “If you say that, then I have to wonder whether he was admitted to the hospital last week because he drank alcohol or because he ate your food.”

Gu Yuan: “…”

Gu Yuan looked at the kitchen for a while, and she didn’t know what she thought of. Her eyes turned back complicatedly, looking up and down at her family’s precious daughter.

Gu Nian was stared at relentlessly, and shrank back: “What are you thinking?”

Gu Yuan: “Do you remember my three rules for finding a boyfriend for you back then?”

Gu Nian tried hard to recall: “He should not be too handsome, he should not be too rich, and his thoughts should not be too deep.”

Gu Yuan patted her: “You broke all three, you’re really promising.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian was not convinced: “That’s not my fault, it’s your fault that the conditions you chose were not suitable.”

“Where were they inappropriate?”

“W-Where is it suitable?”

“Look, your boyfriend is handsome, his family is rich, and his thoughts are not shallow. If the family bullies you in the future, there will be nothing to say.”

“Luo Xiu is not that kind of guy,” Gu Nian snorted softly, “You are looking suspiciously at me.”

“I don’t doubt you,” Gu Yuan raised her chin toward the kitchen, “I doubt him.”

Gu Nian: “…”

The flames of war spread all the way to the dining table.

Luo Xiu noticed that, so when Gu Yuan went to answer the phone in the room, he asked her softly after sitting down next to Gu Nian, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Nian stared blankly: “My mother said that you must be with me because of a ghost, and you will wake up when the ghost runs away.”

Luo Xiu was startled, and then smiled.

Gu Nian raised her eyes with a straight face: “You’re still laughing.”

Luo Xiu: “So you want to ask me, why do I like you?”

Gu Nian nodded.

Luo Xiu thought for a few seconds, then rolled his eyes and looked at Gu Nian: “Love is a process. When you mention this word, I can think of many scenes, all related to you, and only related to you – I don’t know the reason, but knowing it’s the result, that won’t change.”

Gu Nian’s face went slightly hot at this answer, and she paused for a while, but she still couldn’t help asking: “Then do you know that there was a rumor about you?”


“Well, about your identity in the Luo family.”

“What rumor?”

“Hmm. They all said that the young master of the Luo family has no desires, and he wants to become a monk.” Gu Nian looked at Luo Xiu, “Is it true?”

Luo Xiu smiled and lowered his eyes, “It’s true.”

Gu Nian: “!”

In Gu Nian’s terrified eyes, which had transitioned from “how could this be?” to “could I become a widow?”, Luo Xiu couldn’t help but pat her head with a smile.

“Don’t think about it, I changed my mind after getting to know you.”


Gu Nian’s frozen eyes slowly warmed up.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes slightly, and his voice was hoarse with a smile: “Before meeting you, I didn’t care about life and death, desire, or time. There was nothing or anything that could make me feel a sense of belonging, and I could only breed evil thoughts without a pursuit and without scruples. That is why I wanted to become a monk, Buddhism or Taoism did not matter, as long as it could take away that sense of nothingness, or let me find an answer.”


Gu Nian subconsciously held Luo Xiu’s hand, as if he would disappear from front of her in the next second.

Aware of Gu Nian’s uneasiness, Luo Xiu smiled and sighed softly, then held her hand instead, and interlocked their fingers: “Don’t be afraid.”

Gu Nian was still uneasy: “Will it not happen in the future?”

“No, because I have already found my answer.”

“What is the answer?”



Gu Nian was taken aback.

Before she could reply, the soft eyes dimmed, and a long-restrained desire surged up. He lowered his eyelashes, half covered his deep eyes, and finally loosened the chains of the evil dragon in his heart.

Luo Xiu helped the girl to the back of the chair and kissed Gu Nian’s soft lips.

“Buddha didn’t cross the river, it’s you who crossed the river… Nian Nian.”



Gu Nian was awakened by a sudden voice at a certain second and woke up.

She turned around, flushed.

Gu Yuan stood at the door of the dining room with a complicated expression.

After looking at each other for a few seconds in silence, Gu Yuan pointed at the door nonchalantly: “Or, I will go down and push a table of mahjong first and then come up?”

Gu Nian: “…!”

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