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Trapped between Zhuang Li’s arms, An Bao’er kept calling the system in her head, but she couldn’t get any response, so she finally figured out something, and shouted in disbelief: “It’s you!” But how was this possible!

In desperation, she blurted out, “What did you do to my system?”

Zhuang Li retracted his arms, stood up slowly, and said with a smile: “I temporarily paralyzed a certain area of your brain. It is thus disconnected from your neurons and naturally unable to communicate with you.”

Having said this, Xuan Ming felt that it would be inappropriate to pretend to be stupid anymore, so he controlled the wheelchair to get closer and asked, “What system?”

“A certain spy organization implanted a nanochip in her brain to monitor you.” Zhuang Li said nonsense seriously, and gently patted the man’s broad shoulders, comforting: “Don’t be afraid, I will help you solve it right away.”

Xuan Ming: “…”

The little curly hair is bullying me for not knowing technology, right? Xuan Ming couldn’t laugh or cry in his heart, but he had to put on an expression of surprise and gratitude on his face.

As a tasker, An Bao’er had received the first prohibition not to disclose the existence of the system, so she also lowered her head and acquiesced to Zhuang Li’s statement.

“Now I’ll give you a choice,” Zhuang Li put his hands into the pockets of his white coat and said in a relaxed tone as if talking about the weather: “Before the system returns to normal operation, you cooperate with me to perform a brain operation to remove it.”

“No!” An Bao’er exclaimed subconsciously: “I won’t do it!”

“Why? You should know it’s a time bomb, right?” Zhuang Li raised his eyebrows, puzzled by this stupid choice.

An Bao’er owed so many points on credit and was facing the fate of being wiped out at any time. Of course, she knew better than anyone how dangerous the system was.

But she thought about the Wangchun Pill she had just redeemed; she thought about the tens of billions of property she would obtain after conquering Xuan Ming; she thought about the generous rewards for completing the mission; and she thought about how binding with the system could lead to eternal life…

Life was precious, but in the face of such huge and irresistible benefits, she had no way to give up.

When she secretly made up her mind, Zhuang Li poured her a glass of warm water and handed it over, wondering: “Isn’t freedom good?”

An Bao’er lowered her head to drink water and didn’t answer, but her eyes looked at Xuan Ming from time to time, showing just the right amount of timidity and fear, her lips squirmed slightly, as if hesitating to speak, she was full of deep thoughts.

After drinking the water, she held the cup tightly, making her joints turn white, as if she was experiencing an extremely painful struggle in her heart, and then whispered: “I don’t want to do this, but I have no choice, they will kill me, woo woo woo…”

But what she thought in her heart was: the story line of the beautiful spy and the hostile president seems to be very interesting. I can change my job to become a double agent and fight side by side with Xuan Ming. During this process, I will have many opportunities to drug him, and the task will definitely be completed. Gee, how can I be so witty!

After hearing her inner thoughts, Xuan Ming turned his head away in disgust.

Zhuang Li wondered: “In this case, shouldn’t you fight back before they kill you?”

There was no doubt that this was the basic principle of his handling of all problems.

7480, who had been counterattacked, hugged his poor and helpless self tightly.

“You just froze the system temporarily, right? You keep talking about fighting back. Do you know their origins? Their organizers are as powerful as gods! Can humans defeat gods?” An Bao’er retorted excitedly.

“So, you are not willing to cooperate with me?” Zhuang Li was not afraid of the so-called gods, he only cared about the final conclusion.

An Bao’er was silent for a while, then looked at Xuan Ming with her black eyes full of tears, silently expressing her helplessness.

Xuan Ming looked back expressionlessly, with complete indifference in his eyes. He even pursed his thin lips, showing obvious disgust.

An Bao’er was stabbed by his attitude, and finally remembered that Xuan Ming was an emotionless dog. He would never feel any sympathy for a poor and weak girl, not to mention that the grace of saving his life had been overturned and turned into an approach with ulterior motives.

Maybe he had been doubting her from the beginning, that’s why he drove her away so neatly. Thinking of this, An Bao’er cried sincerely.

“Put away your tears, Miss An.” Zhuang Li’s attitude was even colder than that of Xuan Ming: “Actually, I don’t need your cooperation.”

He turned to look at the assistants and ordered: “Carry her into the operating room.”

“What do you want to do!” An Bao’er stood up and wanted to escape, but her body fell limply, and the cup in her hand fell with a bang and broke into pieces.

“Water, there is something in the water…” Before she could finish her sentence, she completely lost consciousness.

Zhuang Li took off his white coat and quickly put on surgical clothes. He stared at his watch and reminded: “We still have fifty-six minutes.”

The several assistants quickly made pre-operative preparations.

Xuan Ming followed them to the door of the operating room, and asked curiously, “What are you going to do?”

Zhuang Li put on plastic gloves and pointed to the top of his head, his tone full of eagerness to try: “I will make a hole in her skull and take out the brain tissue containing the chip.”

“Isn’t it dangerous to do this?” Xuan Ming showed a worried expression, but it was not for An Bao’er, but for Little Curly. If this was the only way to take out the system, it would definitely hurt the clever brain of the little curly hair. No wonder he was as daring to catch An Bao’er as he didn’t dare to do it.

“There is a certain risk, because the part where the chip is implanted is the language center of the brain. If there is a mistake during the operation, she may have difficulties in speaking, writing, reading, etc. in the future.” Zhuang Li walked under the disinfection nozzle to undergo comprehensive sterilization.

Xuan Ming’s expression turned ugly.

It was self-evident how important the ability to speak, write, and read was to a super genius. If any one of the abilities was lost, the little curly hair would not be the current little curly hair. Could he take a blow like that?

Xuan Ming’s heart clenched tightly, and he was about to ask more questions about the sequelae of the operation, when he heard 7480’s slightly satisfied voice coming from his mind: “Host, you are also stupid sometimes!”

Zhuang Li stood quietly under the disinfectant spray with his head lowered, ignoring the system’s sudden ridicule.

7480 finally caught a mistake of the host, but inevitably said: “Useless host! 367’s situation is completely different from mine. I was caught by you only when I ran out of energy, but 367’s energy is very abundant. If you take it out, it can return to An Bao’er’s body…”

Xuan Ming listened attentively, nervous.

Zhuang Li directly interrupted 7480, looked up at Xuan Ming, and said comfortingly: “Are you worried that she will cause trouble to us after she wakes up? There is a disclaimer attached to the contract, and she must unconditionally cooperate with our experiments. And you will bear all the consequences on your own. Don’t worry, I won’t let you get into a lawsuit.”

He pointed to the filing cabinet not far away, and then walked into the operating room.

Xuan Ming was stunned for a while before he realized that Little Curly seemed to have misunderstood his worries. He was about to catch up and explain, but the door of the operating room automatically closed tightly, blocking out other people.

Xuan Ming stared at the door, the anxiety in his heart increasing every second. As 7480 said, it was easy to take out 367, but it was even more difficult to take care of it. It was a nanoscale robot that could not be distinguished by the naked eye, and a sealed container could not trap it. This operation may be a failed attempt.

When 367 escaped, would it take revenge? The drugs it sold were really evil. If they were put into Little Curly’s food or water cup without anyone noticing…

Xuan Ming wiped his face and did not dare to think about the worst that could happen. From now on, he had to follow Little Curly all the time.

Also, the battle with 7480 seemed to have reached an impasse. Although it could not move, it could not easily be removed from the brain. In order to control the host, it must lurk in the most important and core part of the brain. If this part was damaged during surgery, it would be catastrophic for the little curly hair.

367 was a time bomb that could not be touched and 7480 was a sting that could not be pulled out. How to resolve these two situations?

The more Xuan Ming thought about it, the more worried he became, but he could only wander outside the laboratory on his wheelchair.

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