LGHIHW Ch. 32.2: Arc 1.28

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Fifty minutes later, the door to the operating room opened. An Bao’er, who was in a coma, was pushed out by two assistants. Zhuang Li held a slide and walked slowly.

Xuan Ming immediately went up to meet him, and asked eagerly, “How is the situation?”

“The chip has been taken out.” Zhuang Li shook the glass slide, “Miss An’s brain will definitely suffer some damage, but she should be able to recover after exercising later. The company will be responsible for the expenses.” His attitude was too natural.

“Okay, I’ll let the lawyer talk to her. You don’t have to worry about this matter.” Xuan Ming agreed without hesitation.

Even if Little Curly didn’t mention it, he would still send someone to monitor An Bao’er. If she could not recover, Xuan Ming would never allow Curly Hair to undergo such an operation.

Zhuang Li nodded in satisfaction: “Thank you Mr. Xuan, then I will go to the next experiment.”

Xuan Ming looked nervously at the slide in his hand, which should contain some of An Bao’er’s brain cells and systems.

7480 gloated: “Host, you have done a huge stupid thing! This level of sealing cannot lock nanoscale robots at all. We can slip through any crack. Even high-density metal can be infiltrated, let alone two panes of glass.”

“Host, once 367 returns to An Bao’er’s body, it will launch crazy revenge on you! Each of our systems has special abilities, you underestimate us!”

“Ah, 367 sent me a message! It thinks you and I are working together to punish it, and it is declaring war on us. It has begun to get rid of those brain cells, and it will not be long before it will be completely free. You have poked a hornet’s nest. What about it, host!”

7480’s tone became increasingly gloating. Although it had been implanted with super long data, it could no longer execute any commands, but it could still see the running status of all programs.

Its communicator was emitting a long string of curse words, all from 367.

Xuan Ming had expected this to happen a long time ago, and his heartstrings became tense all of a sudden. But he couldn’t think of any way to prevent 367 from leaving.

A nanoscale robot could completely penetrate into any corner, including the human body, silently. Sealed metal cans could not stop them. As long as the force field was opened, no matter how strong the container was, it would explode in an instant.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Zhuang Li walked forward casually, with a wicked smile in his tone, “I dissected it not for research, but for destruction.”

“Destroy?” System 7480 shouted: “Host, you must be confused! You know, the force field we set up can ensure that we will not be harmed in the turbulence of time and space and can also ensure that we are not crushed and destroyed in a lower-dimensional space. 367 is still full of energy, and its force field is strong enough to resist all attacks! You have no way to destroy it!”

Another term for a force field was an energy membrane. It was natural to understand how strong this thing was. But he walked straight to the largest testing ground as if he didn’t hear it.

Seeing that 7480 never replied to it, 367 radiated mental power and directly connected to Zhuang Li’s brain: “Human, you are dead!” Its voice was as sharp as a poisonous thorn: “Wait until I interact with these brain cells. The neurons will be completely unbound, and you will receive my craziest revenge!”

Due to being too conceited, after An Bao’er’s brain was paralyzed, it fell into a short-term dormant state without any defense and was then taken out unknowingly. Its structure was very similar to human brain cells, and it also had neurons, and it was firmly bound to An Bao’er’s neurons. If it opened the force field regardless and blew up these brain cells, it would also be severely damaged.

So to escape from the two panes, it must first untangle its neurons.

Zhuang Li said casually: “The system that fell into my hands has only one option, and that is to be destroyed. If you want to take revenge on me, you must first ensure that you can survive. I am looking forward to your performance.”

367 felt that he had been greatly insulted and could not help but scream: “I will invade everyone around you and let them kill you!”

Hearing this threat, Xuan Ming felt a trace of fear from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t imagine the consequences of Little Curly being besieged and killed by people all over the world.

“It’s over, it’s over, host, you’re dead this time!” 7480 rubbed his hands excitedly. It wanted to kill the host more than 367, but unfortunately it had no energy, so it couldn’t do it.

“Host, you are looking for your own death! Hahahaha…” 7480 laughed wildly.

Both systems screamed in Zhuang Li’s mind, but he remained calm throughout. He strode into a test site, threw the glass slide that imprisoned 367 into the cavity of a ring-shaped instrument, and then activated the sealing device.

At the same moment, 367 unbound the neurons, then opened the force field, shattered the glass, and cruised into the cavity, shouting crazily: “Human, you are dead! From today on, everyone around you will become my puppets, and I will instruct them to use all means to kill you! You will be hit by a car when you are walking on the road; you will be poisoned by a nurse when you are seeing a doctor; you will be hacked to death by your relatives when you are sleeping or eating. Sometimes you will be stabbed to death by the chef… There is no corner in the world that will be able to accommodate you!”

Xuan Ming’s clenched fists were covered with a layer of wet sweat, but his face was as hard as steel. It didn’t matter even if 367 escaped, he could read its voice. As long as the little curly hair was locked by his side all the time, he could protect him from all dangers.

It’s just being an enemy of the whole world, it was not that difficult. Xuan Ming let go of his fist, his gaze becoming extremely firm.

7480 announced excitedly: “Host, you can’t defeat 367! A system with abundant energy is invincible in this world, and you can’t break its force field at all!”

Without saying a word, Zhuang Li pressed the start button of the circular machine.

There was a sudden roar, and 367’s head, which was constantly jumping in the communicator, suddenly went dark, and the cursing it sent frantically stopped abruptly. The shattered glass slides, together with 367 himself wrapped in the energy shield, turned into smoke at some point and dissipated without a trace.

A second passed, the machine stopped, the roar stopped, and Zhuang Li jumped off the high console, wiped his hands with disinterest, and expressed disappointment in his tone: “Is it so unprofessional? I thought I would be able to play with it. Very funny.”

7480, who was eagerly anticipating the death of his host: “…”

Xuan Ming, who had a lot of terrible prospects in his mind: “…”

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