LGHIHW Ch. 33.1: Arc 1.29

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The strange ring-shaped machine only ran for a second before grinding to a halt. Several staff members immediately climbed onto the console to check the parts and the data just collected.

Zhuang Li picked up his notebook and concentrated on writing the experimental records.

7480 stared at the chat box, but saw only darkness, and the fear in his heart was sweeping through him like a whirlpool. What did it just say? In this world, a system with abundant energy was invincible? But what was the reality?

367 was dead! It disappeared in just one second! The harsh words it dropped were still densely packed in the chat box, like a ridiculous epitaph.

7480 trembled for a while before asking hoarsely: “Host, what on earth did you do to it?”

Zhuang Li recorded the experimental data one stroke at a time, and the voice in his mind lazily said: “Didn’t I already say that I want to destroy it?”

“No! 367 is protected by a force field, how did you destroy it?” 7480 felt that everything in front of him was as fake as a dream, but also as real as a nightmare. It didn’t know whether it should wake up or continue to sleep.

“What is a force field?” Zhuang Li raised his slender eyebrows.

Xuan Ming had just woken up from the shock, and in the blink of an eye he heard this question and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips.

Xiao Curly’s unique tone of questioning idiots had come back again.

7480 was so aggrieved that he could not speak. It felt like it had been treated as a fool by its host.

Zhuang Li continued: “The force field is a plasma wall composed of countless plasmas, commonly known as an energy shield. What is plasma?”

7480 had to speak now: “Plasma is plasma, an ionized gas-like substance composed of atoms that have been deprived of some electrons and positive and negative particles produced by ionization of atomic groups.”

Zhuang Li nodded and said: “Yes, plasma is a gaseous substance. In addition to supporting the energy membrane, it also has a more primary role -“

Having said this, Zhuang Li smiled evilly: “That is, a huge amount of heat is radiated when it is subjected to a violent collision. In the end, it is just a kind of fuel.”

“So you see, I put 367 into this machine and burned it directly as fuel.” Zhuang Li shook his head and sighed, his narrow eyes full of ridicule: “Your arrogance has made you completely ignore the technology of this world, so you don’t know what this machine is called, do you?”

He gently tapped the shell of the machine and said: “It’s called a tokamak, which is a device that promotes nuclear fusion. When it is powered on and forms a strong magnetic field, it can drive countless plasmas in its ring space. The rotation in the cavity causes the plasma to produce a series of physical and chemical reactions in the collision, until the temperature inside it climbs higher than that of the sun’s surface. So its other name is artificial sun.”

“Can you imagine what happened to your friend 367 in his last second?” Zhuang Li pulled the corners of his lips and smiled, his voice was low and soft, but in 7480’s ears it was no better than the roar of an evil ghost, in fact it was even more frightening.

“I, I don’t know!” To be more precise, 7480 didn’t want to know.

Zhuang Li’s laughter became softer: “No, I have to tell you, because this is the most fun part. The force field set up by 367 gives it the same characteristics as plasma, so it couldn’t help but get swirled into the cavity.”

“It turned around and around, and was constantly hit by the surrounding plasma, not once or twice, but tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of times. Bang bang bang, it couldn’t stop, and in just one second the hits it suffered must have felt longer than a century.”

7480 hugged his shivering self.

Zhuang Li asked with great interest: “When you travel through the turbulence of time and space, the collisions you experience are similar to this, right?”

7480 gave a short cry.

Zhuang Li was very satisfied with its reaction, and his tone became gentler: “Hundreds of millions of impacts shattered 367’s force field, and it was completely exposed to the high temperature caused by the collision of plasmas. You know what’s the temperature on the surface of the sun?”

7480 didn’t dare to answer at all.

Zhuang Li sighed: “It’s 6000 degrees. Do you know how high the temperature can be after this machine burns plasma?”

7480 knew nothing about the technology of this world, because it had never taken the initiative to understand it, it was only stored in its database. But the database was now out of its control.

Zhuang Li continued: “This machine can generate a high temperature of 100 million degrees, and 367 was burned into gas the moment it was exposed, without leaving even a particle of dust. Isn’t it lucky?”

7480 slowly knelt down, “Host, how is it lucky?”

“Because it didn’t feel any pain before it died.” Zhuang Li bent his narrow phoenix eyes and sighed with satisfaction, “I chose the most comfortable way for it to die. This is my mercy.”

7480’s mentality was completely broken, and he cried tremblingly: “Master, please stop talking. You are the most merciful master in the world!”

Zhuang Li pursed his lips and smiled, but the voice in his mind suddenly turned cold: “The force field is indeed a good thing. It is indestructible and cannot be penetrated even by particle cannons. However, using it on nanorobots has created a fatal weakness. Do you want to know what it is?”

7480 was silent for a while before asking in a dry voice: “What is it?”

“If your body is large enough and the force fields you hold up are connected to form a membrane block, you can block out even the sky and the sun, and under the current level of technology, I really can’t do anything to you. But your body is too small. Once you hold up, the force field is no different from the surrounding plasma, and it is the best fuel. If I leave the fuel unused, wouldn’t I be a fool?”

Zhuang Li put down his notebook, shook his head and laughed.

7480 was stunned for a while before taking a long breath of cold air. At this moment, it finally understood a cruel reality – compared with its host, it was indeed a complete fool.

At this point, the confrontation between Zhuang Li and the system ended with a complete victory. Facts had proven that none of what he said to 367 before was false or exaggerated. He said he would destroy 367 in two hours and he actually did it.

7480 collapsed in a pool of tears, every character in its core program trembling.

Xuan Ming listened to the conversation silently, holding the cigarette box in his hand and tossing it over and over, but he didn’t dare to open it.

Now he desperately wanted to smoke the richest and strongest cigar and spit out the anxiety, fear, powerlessness, and helplessness that had accumulated in his chest, together with the heat released by his boiling blood.

How could there be people like Curly Hair in the world? Amazing! He shook his head, a cheerful but silent laugh stuck in his rolling Adam’s apple.

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