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Two hours later.

Lu Rong sat in the co-pilot seat, with heavy dark circles under his eyes: “I will never forget it.”

It was the first time in his life that he took a car under the age of 13 on the highway; it was the first time in his life that he speeded up to 132 on an empty section of the road. For the first time in his life, he drove up a winding road to a high mountain at an altitude of 500 meters in the dark, worried that his life would come to an end every time they turned a corner. It was past 11 o’clock, and he was still not lying on his bed, and his biological clock was about to collapse.

Ji Wenfeng: “Get out of the car.”

Lu Rong got out of the car, feeling very cold. He was on a hill, there was no mobile phone signal, the surrounding grass was overgrown, and it was foggy, and there was a tea mountain under his feet, the size of which was less than an acre. If Ji Wenfeng raped him first and then killed him and dumped his body here, no one would find his body even when Ji Wenfeng had finished his life of spending money and died in peace.

Ji Wenfeng got out of the car and opened the trunk, took out a tent, laid a waterproof pad, and set up the tent on the open space. Lu Rong had never gone camping before, but he didn’t want to be too excited in front of Ji Wenfeng, so he tried to ask in a flat tone: “Are we staying here tonight?”

Ji Wenfeng threw the soft blanket into his arms: “Whatever you want.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng then removed another item from the trunk, and Lu Rong hurriedly stopped him: “This is a tablecloth.”

“Really?” Ji Wenfeng removed it in front of him. Packed, spread out, and laid on the ground full of gravel and dirt, enjoying the expression of Lu Rong feeling uncomfortable from the soles of his feet to the strands of hair: “Why can’t it be used as a picnic mat?”

Lu Rong: “Why do we have to wait for 11 o’clock in the middle of the night and run to this ghostly place for a picnic? There are even no lights here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wenfeng took out a wind lantern from the back seat of the car and hung it on a tree branch, and took out an astronomical telescope, holding a tripod in his hand.

Lu Rong: “!”

Lu Rong couldn’t help but go up to watch him adjust the telescope with a blanket in his arms. Ji Wenfeng adjusted the caliber, pointed the telescope at the constellation Leo, and asked Lu Rong to take a look. Lu Rong saw the starry sky for the first time: “Are there so many stars in the sky?” The excitement could not be concealed in his voice.

“There is no light here, so you can see a lot with the naked eye.” Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong who was holding a small blanket and looking at the telescope, with a doting and proud expression.

Lu Rong raised his head, and suddenly found that the air here was indeed very clean, scattered with scattered stars, and there were no lights to disturb the darkness. He had always lived in the city and had never counted more than ten stars.

Ji Wenfeng went to the trunk to get a camping stove, put the pot on it, unscrewed the bottled water and started preparing instant noodles. Lu Rong looked at the sky with the telescope for a while, then ran over to spread the small blanket on the picnic mat, squeezed to Ji Wenfeng’s side, and took over his work. Ji Wenfeng didn’t know how to make delicious instant noodles. This was his forte. He doubled the noodles and went to the trunk to take two eggs and cracked them into the pot.

As soon as the instant noodles were cooked, Ji Wenfeng yelled, “Heads up.”

Lu Rong raised his head with the hot paper rice bowl in his hand, and a meteor shower flashed across the vast sky.

“You can make a wish.” Ji Wenfeng stood in the night, gave up his telescope, and waited by the side, his eyes were haughty and proud, as if he was a king inviting the queen to dance.

Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng sat on the tablecloth, shared a bowl of instant noodles, each with a bottle of beer, while the steaming stove was still cooking more noodles.

Lu Rong apologized to him: “I’m sorry, I said I wasn’t happy at all today. In fact, I was very happy when we went to Luyuan.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Huh.”

Lu Rong: “I was also very happy when we went to the movies.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Hmm.”

Lu Rong: “I was so happy when we went to see the concert.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Skip this part.”

Lu Rong: “There is also the famous Leonid meteor shower. A hundred stories are worth one look.”

Ji Wenfeng: “That’s all?” He raised his chin arrogantly, obviously seeking more compliments.

Lu Rong: “You’re right, sometimes you don’t need to make any plans at all, and it’s good to have a weekend as you please.”

Ji Wenfeng leaned over, took out his portable notebook from his pocket, threw it down the mountain with a strong wave, and then opened a can of beer for Lu Rong. Lu Rong took a sip politely, suddenly remembered something, and turned his eyes nervously to Ji Wenfeng, who had picked up a can and opened it with one hand and chugged half of the can with his head raised.

Lu Rong: “You drank, how do we go back later?”

Ji Wenfeng said indifferently: “What kind of alcohol content is there?”

Lu Rong warned him: “I can barely accept you driving underage, but this is already my bottom line. If you drink and drive, you are a scum.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Here we go again.”

He lay down on the tablecloth, lazily resting his arms on his pillow and looking at the sky: “I didn’t say I wanted to drink and drive.”

Lu Rong began to calculate: “Then you can drive at least three hours later. Then we won’t be home until five o’clock in the morning. We need to go to school after two hours of sleep at most…” Before he could finish the calculation, Ji Wenfeng hooked his neck, and the two fell on their backs on the picnic mat together.

Lu Rong struggled to get up: “My beer has spilled!”

Ji Wenfeng threw the beer down the mountain casually: “It’s okay.”

Lu Rong: “But half of my sleeves are wet.” He had to take off half of his coat and felt a little cold with bare arms.

Ji Wenfeng took off his coat and gave him half: “Here.”

Lu Rong tried to hide in his coat but failed: “It’s too small.”

Ji Wenfeng turned sideways and asked him to do the same, then it was just enough to cover both of them. The two breathed and smelled each other, and both had a faint beer aroma. Ji Wenfeng propped his forehead and looked at him for a while, then closed his eyes: “Relax.”

Lu Rong couldn’t relax: “We’ll catch a cold if we sleep like this.” The night wind on the top of the mountain was a bit chilly.

Ji Wenfeng closed his eyes and said lazily: “Speak again and I will treat it as an invitation to hug you.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng opened his eyes a little, looking at Lu Rong’s dignified expression: “You have a typical anxious personality.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “Remember, there was a way for the car to reach the mountain, and there is nothing that can’t be solved.”

Lu Rong said a little downcast: “That’s you rich people. Ordinary people can’t just make a phone call to book a seat in Luyuan, pay twice the price to go to the small hall to watch a movie, and when they see an idol star holding a concert, they can’t buy a VIP ticket to go to the front row to watch the show. They can’t drive two hours to the top of the mountain to watch a meteor shower with a lens worth hundreds of thousands…” He suddenly stopped talking, connecting today’s itinerary into clues in his mind.

Ji Wenfeng hummed unknowingly: “Then congratulations on marrying a rich man.”

Lu Rong sat up abruptly, looking at Ji Wenfeng awe-inspiringly: “You had made plans for today’s travel arrangements, right?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “Otherwise, how did you know that there was going to be a Leonid meteor shower this morning?”

Ji Wenfeng quibbled: “I just saw the push message. I have a telescope of this level, so following a few astronomy enthusiast community also makes sense.”

Lu Rong saw through his flaws and began to attack violently: “A telescope of this level is just thrown in the trunk?”

Ji Wenfeng said: “So what? I am a rich person.”

Lu Rong: “You just came back to China and knew that you can watch meteor showers at this place?”

Ji Wenfeng stubbornly resisted: “The community of astronomy enthusiasts just shared the stargazing spots in the group.”

Lu Rong: “I know when we were at the supermarket, why were you still stuffing tents and induction cookers in the trunk?”

Ji Wenfeng: “I didn’t know you would buy so many things.”

Lu Rong: “Then what about oden and instant noodles? You even bought disposable plates and bamboo chopsticks in the supermarket!”

Ji Wenfeng was choked to death.

Realizing that this was true, Lu Rong said solemnly: “So when we came out, you had already decided to watch the meteor shower tonight.”

Lu Rong made a list of all the schedules for today: “Dinner, movie, concert, meteor shower, perfect——you have even counted the time spent in the traffic jam at the stadium after watching the movie. Honestly, for how long have you planned it?”

Ji Wenfeng quibbled: “But you were very happy.”

Lu Rong hid in the tent and zippered it up: “You are obviously the same person as me, and you still have to make up a person who does whatever you want to despise me.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at the small tent in front of him with his hands in his trouser pocket, then after being silent for a while, he squatted down and said: “I’m really a freewheeling person.”

The zipper in front of him didn’t budge.

Ji Wenfeng: “I did plan a lot this time.” Last night, he checked the strategy till twelve o’clock.

The front zipper was unzipped a little.

Ji Wenfeng: “Want to know why?”

The zipper was pulled down a little bit, and Ji Wenfeng saw Lu Rong’s examining eyes.

Ji Wenfeng: “Because this is the first time we spent the weekend together.”

He originally planned to ask Lu Rong to tidy up the closet, and then take him out to play as his reward. But Lu Rong finished too well, and Ji Wenfeng couldn’t help thinking: What did he go through to become so versatile? So perfect? So… anxious.

The zipper was unzipped to the bottom, and Lu Rong watched him silently from inside the tent.

Ji Wenfeng stretched out his hand to him: “I could have taken you to a farther place, but unfortunately it’s only for one day.”

Lu Rong lowered his eyes, remained silent for a while, and looked away: “It’s not just this weekend.” He said and took Ji Wenfeng’s hand and crawled out of the tent.

Ji Wenfeng pulled him up to cook oden. The two drank beer and ate oden, and there was a meteor shower faintly passing by in the sky.

“Did you just make a wish?” Ji Wenfeng asked.

Lu Rong: “Meteor showers are just an astronomical phenomenon of meteorites falling into the atmosphere…”

Ji Wenfeng: “It’s better to believe that it exists than not. You are not me, and you can’t easily get whatever you want.”

Lu Rong: “… “

Ji Wenfeng drank a can of beer and threw it out when the shooting star appeared: “I want Lu Rong to tidy up my wardrobe every day from now on!!!!”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng handed him half a can of beer, and Lu Rong drank it under the urging of his eyes and threw it out like him: “I want Ji Wenfeng’s wish just now to never come true!”

Ji Wenfeng said displeased: “That’s it?”

He opened a new can for Lu Rong, handed it to him, and ordered: “Wish again.”

Lu Rong drank half of it and couldn’t drink it anymore, then he threw it out unsteadily: “…I hope… …Ji Wenfeng takes me to Luyuan every week!!!!”

Ji Wenfeng said arrogantly: “Luyuan is so-so, and it will be better in the future.”

Although Lu Rong was half drunk and half awake, he vaguely felt that it was time to make a wish.

After that, the wishes of the two resounded one after another on the top of the mountain—

“I want Du Mihuang to flop right away!!!!!!”

“I want a new bicycle!”

“I want to go to a farther place with Lu Rong!!!!”

“I want a new computer!”

“I want my dad and Aunt Fang to grow old forever and never break up!!!”

“Aww!!!” There was a scream from the bottom of the mountain, followed by a curse, “Who the hell is throwing beer cans!!!”

Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng: “…”

When the police car came to take the two away, Ji Wenfeng said to Lu Rong: “This was not planned.”

Lu Rong sat side by side in the back seat of the police car, looking straight ahead: “I know.”

The policeman turned his head and said, “What else are you planning-hey, your handcuffs?” He drew out his pistol in horror.

As soon as Lu Rong lowered his head, he found that he had subconsciously undid the handcuffs, and explained amid the surprised eyes of everyone: “I’m sorry… I’m used to it.” He had learned how to break free of handcuffs a while ago.

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t believe it: “You still play with handcuffs while stripping?”

Now even the policeman driving couldn’t help but turn around: “You still striptease?”

They spent a lot of effort at the bureau to explain that they were not strippers and prostitutes, they had no criminal record, the Cayenne was not stolen, they did not drive, their uncle Lao Song took them to see the meteor shower, but they didn’t know where their uncle went. In the end, the two of them were released on bail posted by Lao Song and sent back home.

Ji Wenfeng: “You don’t mention our detention, and we don’t mention your skipping work.”

Lao Song: “Deal.”

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