TK Ch. 17: Kunyu Mountain

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“If it’s a fairy…” Bai Ze smiled and fell on the cloud, adding this sentence, he felt that he had told a very funny joke, so he laughed for a long time, but he saw that Fu Li was ignoring him, so he leaned over. Seeing Fu Li’s tense face, he stretched out a finger to poke it, “I’ve been talking for a long time, who saved me?”

“I’m not the heavenly book, how would I know?” Fu Li snorted and stood up. Then he pressed the fairy cloud and flew down quickly.

“Ah—” Bai Ze was taken aback, looked around, only to find that they had already arrived at Kunyu Mountain.

Kunyu Mountain was located on a fairy island, surrounded by sea water. Because of the existence of hibiscus fruit trees, it was full of aura, and the breath of fairy spirits could be smelled from a distance. It was just that now, even though they were already close to the top of the mountain, they still hadn’t smelled the slightest hint of celestial energy yet.

“Huh?” Bai Ze circled the mountain with the cloud seven times, feeling a little weird, and was about to go down to have a look, but bumped into something with a “bang”, then he immediately fell from the cloud, and fell into the sea.

“Bah bah!” Bai Ze turned into his beast form, stood on the waves, ran over in two or three steps, and caught Fu Li who was also falling down.

“There is an enchantment.” Fu Li sat on top of Bai Ze’s head, touching the invisible aura.

“Too bad, it’s Kunyu Mountain’s protective array.” Bai Ze frowned. When Emperor Donghua entered Kunyu Mountain, he built a set of protective formations to protect the hibiscus fruits. It was usually not opened. It would only be opened when Emperor Donghua left Kunyu Mountain or when something unexpected happened.

Now, probably because Emperor Donghua became smaller and was unable to resist the demons, the Taoist disciples opened the mountain protection formation.

“Can you call Tong’er to open it?” Fu Li knocked on the transparent cover.

“I’m afraid… I can’t…” Bai Ze turned his head and saw colorful fairy lights at the junction of the sea and sky in the distance, and there were bursts of crackling sounds from time to time. Over there, it was Nezha who had led the heavenly soldiers to fight fiercely with the demons. If a large formation was opened here, any ancient monster could sneak in in an instant, and then grab one or two hibiscus fruits to eat, then their mana would increase greatly, and everything would be over.

“Then how about it?” Fu Li frowned, they couldn’t just wait here for Nezha to finish fighting, could they? What if they fought fiercely for nine days and nine nights?

As an auspicious beast who knew the world well, Bai Ze knew many things in the mortal world. He lowered his head and thought for a moment, then his eyes lit up: “I know there is another way, let’s go.” After finishing speaking, he carried Fu Li to the east coast.

Clouds grew under his four claws, neither sinking nor wet, the snow-white giant galloped across the sea. Fu Li hid in the snow-white fur, letting Bai Ze run forward while clinging to his back.

After staying in the Heavenly Court for so long, Bai Ze was so aggrieved that he was about to grow moldy. Now that he could run with the wind, he was so happy that he screamed while running.

A fisherman on the sea heard the sound, looked up, and saw a white light passing by where the sea and the sky meet, and there were five colors of auspicious aura that lingered for a long time wherever it went.

“There must be a fairy passing by!” The fishermen all sighed and knelt down on the spot.

Running all the way to the east coast, Bai Ze turned into his human form and landed with Fu Li in his arms. The coast was very lively. There were fishermen who had returned from fishing to sell fish on the spot, and traders who were collecting fish while pulling donkey carts to bargain with fishermen.

Bai Ze wiped off his fine clothes and changed them into coarse cloth, so that he would not be noticeable in the crowd. However, the Fuli Tianzun in his arms was still wearing his fairy clothes and brocade belt, so he did not look like the child of ordinary people at first glance.

“Quick, change into these clothes.” Bai Ze blocked Fu Li with his body, asking him to change into mortal clothes.

Fu Li flicked his sleeves, turning the cyan fairy clothes into cyan commoner clothes.

“Pfft—” Bai Ze couldn’t help laughing as he looked at the transformed Fu Li. This man probably didn’t control his mana properly after he became smaller, so he only came out with changed clothes and a sapphire crown on his head. But such a small person was wearing the clothes of an adult man, so he looked strange no matter how you looked at it.

Helpless, Bai Ze had no choice but to hug Fu Li, and cast a spell to change his clothes. Turning around again, everyone saw that what Bai Ze was holding in his arms was a child wearing narrow-sleeved coarse clothes and whose hair had been combed into horns[1]. However, even if he was dressed in common clothes, it is difficult to cover up the ethereal spirit of Tianzun.

“Brother, may I ask how to get to Kunyu Mountain?” Bai Ze hugged Fu Li, walked to a carriage, and asked the driver.

“Kunyu Mountain is about thirty miles away. I’m going to Kunshan County. You, one big and one small, can come along for thirty cents.” The coachman looked at the two people’s clothes dazedly. This young man, with a face like a crown of jade, gentle and polite, must be a scholar; that child, with exquisite facial features, such that he forgot the vulgarity of the world when he saw him, with a look of arrogance that could not be concealed between his eyebrows and eyes, he looked like a child of a prince or an aristocrat.

“The carriage is too slow, let’s go buy a horse.” Bai Ze thought for a while, rejected the coachman’s invitation, and went to buy a horse with Fu Li in his arms.

“There is also Mount Kunyu on this land?” Fu Li frowned slightly. He hadn’t descended to the mortal world for a long time, and occasionally went to visit Emperor Donghua, but it was always the one on the sea. He didn’t know that there was also one on the ground.

“Yes, that guy Donghua wanted to be enshrined in the world, but it’s not easy to get people to cross the sea by boat. So, he also set up Kunyu Mountain in the mortal world and built a Taoist temple there. He drew a formation in the Taoist temple, by which one could go directly to the island in the sea.” Bai Ze explained in a low voice, and he had already walked to the market while speaking.

Horses were very expensive in the world, so Bai Ze exchanged a piece of jade for silver taels, bought a gray horse, fitted it with a saddle, and bought a bag of food, then he carried Fu Li on the horse and rode towards Kunyu Mountain.

“Hey—” After walking less than five miles, the gray horse neighed, bent its legs and was about to fall down.

Bai Ze hugged Fu Li tightly with his eyes and hands and grabbed the cloth bag of food with the other hand, soaring into the air, so they didn’t fall down. Seeing the horse fell to the ground, panting heavily, Bai Ze put Fu Li down, let him hold the cloth bag, and stepped forward to pat the horse’s head.

Circulating a trace of divine power around the horse, Bai Ze sighed, knowing that he was deceived by a profiteer: “The horse has a disease, and its life is not long.”

He chose this horse because it had good bones and should have been a fine horse. Looking at it now, it should be that the owner didn’t know how to use it, and had been letting the horse do heavy work, which had damaged his joints. Now that he couldn’t do the work, he sold it off cheaply.

Fu Li came over, looked at the gray-haired horse, was silent for a moment, took out a jelly bean from his sleeve, and fed it to the horse.

“This elixir…” Bai Ze hesitated to speak, it was refined by Laojun after he became smaller, it was not an elixir, and it was useless to eat it.

Before he finished speaking, the gray-haired horse had already swallowed the jelly beans, and his whole body glowed with golden light.

Bai Ze’s eyes widened, and he suddenly realized that although these elixirs had been refined when Laojun had become smaller, they still contained spiritual energy. This spiritual energy was nothing to immortals, but to mortal creatures, they were still rare panaceas. The golden light disappeared, and the dying gray horse stood up quickly, neighed clearly, trotted around Fu Li, and pushed his big head against his sleeve.

Fu Li frowned, avoiding the approach of the horse, and stretched out his arms towards Bai Ze.

Bai Ze was stunned by this “want to hug” movement, held his breath and didn’t dare to say more, fearing that he would recover and not let him hug him like last time, he stepped forward in two or three steps, and quickly hugged him into his arms, then he got on the horse.

“Neigh——” The gray-haired horse was extremely excited after washing its tendons and cutting its marrow. After being reined in, it manually got up and kicked its legs, and then galloped at a speed of thousands of miles a day.

Bai Ze held the child tightly in his arms, fearing that he would be bored, he took out a piece of snack from the cloth bag and handed it to Fu Li. Fu Li looked up at him, took it and gnawed on it slowly.

Kunyu Mountain was not far away, and after an hour, the two immortals and one horse arrived at the foot of the mountain. Because of the name of Emperor Donghua, the Taoist temple on this mountain was full of incense, and there was an endless stream of people who kept coming to seek immortality. They didn’t know if it was because of the elixir, but this gray horse looked very powerful, and it walked extremely steadily on the narrow mountain path and reached directly to the Taoist temple on the mountain.

“Asking for a lottery or fortune-telling?” After entering the Taoist temple, seeing the two people dressed well, a little Taoist priest came to greet them.

“Here to see Emperor Donghua.” Bai Ze smiled and led Fu Li into the main hall. A statue of Emperor Donghua was built in the main hall, with a long face, big ears and a long beard, which looked nothing like Emperor Donghua himself… at all.

Devotees knelt on the futons to worship, while Bai Ze and Fu Li stood in the center of the hall, looking very abrupt.

“Child, quickly kneel down and kowtow to the emperor.” Seeing Fu Li’s cuteness, the aunt next to him couldn’t help reminding him.

“Kowtow?” Fu Li sneered, “He still can’t afford to receive my respects.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the audience was shocked.

“This child, how do you talk!”

“That’s right, he’s so arrogant at such a young age!”

The people said, turning their eyes of condemnation to Bai Ze, who swallowed his saliva, hugged Fu Li and walked towards the back hall at a run.

“They must be demons!” Someone said suddenly. In the recent generation, strange things often happened. Some people said that demons were causing trouble. Everyone was panicked, so they came to the Emperor’s Palace to pay respects. Now there were two disrespectful people in the hall, which seemed very abnormal.

“The adult man looks so different from ordinary people, he must have been transformed from a vixen.” A scholar said. It was often said in the books that people with perfect looks were vixens. The man in white was so good-looking that people would yearn for him at the first glance, there must be a ghost!

Hearing this, everyone got up one after another and chased after them,

“We can’t let the demons defile the Emperor’s Temple!”

“Will the demons hurt us?”

“Don’t be afraid, this is in a Taoist temple!”

Taoist priests: Do fear, we are all mortals, and our master is also a mortal, so we have no magic power at all.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Common people A: Chong, there are Taoist priests here, protecting the common people

Common people B: Chong, there are Taoist priests here, who subdue demons and monsters

Common people C: Chong, there are Taoist priests here, catch the beauty

Taoist priest: …Don’t be impulsive o (>﹏<)o

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