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Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng came back from the police station in City H and went to school in the afternoon. The whole school knew about Ji Wenfeng’s absence from class, but nobody noticed Lu Rong’s absence from school, even his classmates didn’t pay much attention. Other than his tablemate Guo Jing, the only one who noticed Lu Rong’s disappearance was the rotten girl in the front row. The rotten girl looked at the dark circles under Lu Rong’s eyes that showed he hadn’t slept all night, and her eyes turned bright: “Tell mom what you did?”

Lu Rong didn’t speak, and sat down without any sense of presence, preparing for the English test.

Rotten girl: “I know even if you don’t tell me, Ji Wenfeng didn’t come to class this morning as well.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Rotten girl: “How far have you developed with him?”

The white and fat Guo Jing came over listening to the excitement: “What are you talking about (`)”

The rotten girl: “Fuck you bg[1].”

Guo Jing: “I might be a little shou too┐(~)┌”

Lu Rong: “…”

The rotten girl: “No, you can’t, only the white and clean can be little shou, and the white and fat ones can only be white dough, go away.”

Guo Jing: “_(:3∠)_”

At this time, a student in the front had finished filling her pen with ink, but she found that her paper towels were used up, so she walked up to Lu Rong and asked, “Lu Rong, do you have any extra paper towels? Give me a pack.” The first half of the question was entirely out of politeness, Lu Rong must have extra paper towels.

Sure enough, Lu Rong opened the drawer cover, took out a small pack of tissue paper from inside, and pointed a finger at her. The girl took out a steel coin from her pocket, threw it and he caught it, then he pressed it on his desk with a loud sound. Lu Rong stretched out his hand to cover the one-yuan coin, and when he retracted it, the coin had disappeared.

The girl then walked away contentedly with the tissue pack.

If she had any impression of this classmate who was taciturn, distracted, and seemed to have some intellectual problems, it was: Lu Rong always had extra tissues. This is the consensus reached by the students of Class 8 since they entered the school half a year ago. And it was even very convenient, 1 yuan a pack.

The rotten girl shook her head: “So cheap?”

Lu Rong also shook his head, this woman didn’t understand anything at all. He bought them on buy one get one free in the supermarket. After conversion, the cost of this small bag of tissue was only about 10 cents, but he sold it for 1 yuan. The key was that customers didn’t think it was expensive at all. He could earn more than 100 yuan a month just by sitting in the classroom and selling this small bag of tissue.

The rotten girl looked at the tissues in front of him, and found that they were of different brands and colors: “Did you go to buy some yesterday? Did Ji Wenfeng accompany you?”

Lu Rong was so annoyed that he stared at her coldly and said: “I’m going to find a girlfriend.”

The rotten girl was threatened by him to dismantle her CP, and her heart was broken, but she didn’t back down so easily. If her protege got married to Ji Wenfeng, she would feel that her life had reached its peak, she would feel that her life had reached a climax, but the protégé was unwilling to share the details with her, she was very itchy. Having an idea, she bargained with Lu Rong: “I will still recommend my front desk to buy from you.”

Lu Rong turned a deaf ear.

Rotten girl: “I will recommend more people to buy tissues from you in the future.”

Lu Rong still turned a deaf ear.

The rotten girl gritted her teeth, took out ten yuan and slapped it on the table: “I want all your tissues!”

Lu Rong opened the desk, took out a whole bunch of tissue packs and pushed it in front of her, then even added two more packs for her: “I’ll give you an extra pack.”

The rotten girl: “I want so many tissues to be useful!” She took it, and said solemnly, “I want to hear the story between you and Ji Wenfeng!”

All of a sudden the other classmates all looked at them in unison: What did the rotten girl say just now? What was Ji Wenfeng’s story? What story? Countless eyes wandered to Lu Rong.

Lu Rong opened his eyes and started playing with the pencil case.

Class 8 students: We must be hearing hallucinations, right? It was impossible for Ji Wenfeng to have any stories with him…

Lu Rong noticed that the atmosphere had calmed down, looked around, put his hands crossed on the table, and solemnly said to the rotten girl, “Don’t mention his name in the future.”

The rotten girl: “I want to hear about you and your husband.”

Lu Rong: “He is not my husband.”

The rotten girl threw the pack of tissues up and down and knocked on his table: “I paid for it. Qian, I’m your big customer. I want to hear something good.”

Lu Rong: “He slept naked with me.”

Rotten girl: “…”

Rotten girl: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The rotten girl: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The English teacher held a stack of thick test papers as she entered the door, but she suddenly found that the number one in English in the class had turned into a screaming chicken. She looked at her dotingly and asked, “What’s so exciting, tell me also.”

The rotten girl raised her old mother’s smile, turned back shyly and lowered her head: “It’s nothing.”

Lu Rong stayed up all night and was given a headache by the rotten girl, so the next exam could only be guessed at. Of all the subjects, only English was really difficult for him, and he didn’t understand why his language talent was so bad. His Chinese grammar was not bad, but when he switched to English, he had to play ball.

After hurriedly finishing the afternoon class, Ji Wenfeng sent him a WeChat message, saying that Lao Song had skipped work again. Relying on posting bail for them, Lao Song drove the Bentley to the reservoir to go fishing, but he couldn’t come back for a while. They had to take their own taxi back at night.

Lu Rong thought about the huge waves that would be caused if he and Ji Wenfeng met at the school gate and fought while proposing to split up: Ji Wenfeng should go to the supermarket to finish buying the things they didn’t buy yesterday, and he would go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.

Ji Wenfeng: “Can’t you go to the supermarket to buy?”

Lu Rong answered irrelevantly: “As thank you for taking me out to play yesterday, I want to cook something delicious for you.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Huh~”

Lu Rong: “By the way, bring me some low-gluten flour.”

Ji Wenfeng: ok

Lu Rong clenched the phone tightly and stuffed it into his trouser pocket calmly: plan successful. Now he was slowly figuring out a way to deal with Ji Wenfeng, as long as he hit the right spot, Ji Wenfeng was easy to coax.

Lu Rong went to the vegetable market to buy various ingredients for experimenting with small fish cakes[2], went to the supermarket to meet Ji Wenfeng, and the two of them took a taxi home together.

After entering the house, Ji Wenfeng went to take a shower first. Lu Rong rolled up his sleeves, put on an apron and walked into the kitchen. As expected, the aunt who was in charge of cooking also skipped work today. Ji Wenfeng really broke the boat to let him cook.

Lu Rong killed the fish, washed it, beat it, made the batter, fried it twice in oil, made a few small fish cakes and brought them to Ji Wenfeng’s room. Ji Wenfeng had just finished taking a shower and opened the door wearing a t-shirt and shorts while drying his wet hair.

Smelling the scent of small fish cakes, Ji Wenfeng’s eyes lit up, and he still said coolly: “What is this?”

Lu Rong didn’t talk nonsense with him, he just put the plate on the tea table, sat down cross-legged, and blew on a small golden fish cake and passed it in his direction.

Ji Wenfeng’s face showed reluctance, but his body sat down numbly and he opened his mouth to eat it up, but his mouth burned after taking a bite. He was about to have a seizure, when Lu Rong poured him a glass of cold water, put it in his hand considerately, and looked at him tenderly: “Eat slowly.”

Ji Wenfeng was stunned for a moment, and then began to eat quietly again.

Lu Rong kindly asked: “Is it delicious?”

Ji Wenfeng said arrogantly: “So-so.”

Lu Rong: “What’s not delicious?”

Ji Wenfeng thought about it carefully: “It’s a bit bland.”

Lu Rong: “What else?”

Ji Wenfeng: “The skin is too thick.”

Lu Rong: “Yeah, what else?”

Ji Wenfeng: “It’s too hot.”

Lu Rong: “Okay. Let me use your bathroom.” He walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, thinking for a while on Ji Wenfeng’s suggestion just now. It took 1 minute from the kitchen to Ji Wenfeng’s bedroom, so the eating time should be pushed to at least 3 minutes later; the salt should be increased from 35g to 50g, and the flour should be reduced from 250g to 200g, but less flour means more fish, so it was worth it. Another kind of fish could be used to control the cost price…

Ji Wenfeng: “Did you fall into the pit?”

Lu Rong took notes, got up and flushed the toilet, walked out the door, and said softly: “I’ll tidy up your closet.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at him for a while, then turned his head: “…up to you.”

Lu Rong walked into Ji Wenfeng’s dressing room, threw away the pajamas he no longer wanted, and brought out his newly bought hanger and trousers racks, divided the wardrobe into shirt/trousers two parts, and hung them according to the length of the clothes and the thickness of the fabric. The shorts and socks were placed in a clean partition drawer, and the out-of-season clothes were folded and bagged in the newly purchased storage box.

“Fold the worn trousers in half and hang them on the detachable trouser rack.” Lu Rong demonstrated, “Roll up the clean trousers like this and put them in the drawer.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Who folds trousers like this.” Lu Rong’s folded pants were all barrel-shaped rolls of the same length, and they looked extremely tidy.

Lu Rong knew that not everyone was as dexterous as himself, so he generously said: “You don’t know how to stack, I will stack it for you – take it from the clean area, put it through the area, and the position of the stack should not be messed up, I will come to check.”

Ji Wenfeng didn’t know how things turned to Lu Rong wanting to check on him, so he raised his tone: “This is my dressing room.”

Lu Rong: “Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Okay. Take it from the left and put it on the right?”

Lu Rong: “That’s right. The underwear and socks are here. Change them every day in the order I put them, seven days a week.”

Ji Wenfeng was slightly surprised: “There are rules on which one to wear on the day of the week?”

Lu Rong: “That’s right. You have to change your underwear once a month, but you don’t know which one you have worn for a month. According to the weekly rotation system, you can throw them all away in 30 weeks. Rotating 7 at the same time can also avoid the embarrassment of having no underwear to wear during the rainy season.”

Ji Wenfeng actually felt that what he said made some sense: “The socks…”

Lu Rong: “You only wear sneakers, and I will arrange your socks according to the schedule of physical education classes. You have physical education classes in class 1, 3, and 5, so you wear special basketball socks for 1, 3, and 5, and sports socks for other times.”

Ji Wenfeng frowned and looked at the drawer of underwear and socks, feeling that his life was being restrained: “You must have obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

Lu Rong: “Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.”

Ji Wenfeng thought it was good to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder: “So go from left to right?”

Lu Rong: “You’re so smart—come on, eat one more.” He picked up the small fish cake and fed him another one.

Ji Wenfeng ate small fish cakes and stood in his clean closet, trying hard to review the dressing room rules that Lu Rong had set for him. Knowing that he needed some time to learn to digest, Lu Rong gently exited his room.

He found that Ji Wenfeng’s pajamas that he threw out just now were missing.

Thinking about it this way, all the idle items he threw out of Ji Wenfeng’s room yesterday were also gone.

Where did they go?

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[1] She’s basically cursing him as a heterosexual….


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