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Lu Rong thought of the staff in the mansion: the cooking aunt had gone home, the sweeping aunt was surnamed Zheng, and she had also recently asked for leave to go home. Only the laundry aunt who was in charge of washing works at home, and the sweeping aunt who cleaned the stairs were still on hand. And the work of the two young masters’ rooms was handed over to the laundry aunt. So, Lu Rong thought it should be her.

He went down to the laundry room, where the laundry aunt had coolly put her feet in flesh-colored stockings on the coffee table to watch TV. Sure enough, there were Ji Wenfeng’s clothes piled up on the balcony like a hill, as well as all kinds of idle luxury goods, piled up all over the floor.

Lu Rong said politely: “Hello, auntie, did you put away those things in the corridor yesterday?”

The laundry aunt slowly cast her eyes on him and her body tensed. Lu Rong realized from her hostile gaze: she also coveted Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff!

He groaned softly: he cleaned it out of Ji Wenfeng’s room by relying on his hard work and wisdom, and he would never give up this batch of idle things to others.

Laundry Aunt obviously also knew that Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff was also astonishing, so she showed a ferocious look at Lu Rong: “Master threw it outside, I thought he didn’t want it.”

Lu Rong made a deduction in his mind. If he took advantage of the trend and said that they just put it outside when tidying up the closet, the laundry lady would definitely take it back for Ji Wenfeng, and Ji Wenfeng would say when he saw this: “What do you want me to do with the thrown away things? You go and dispose of it.” This batch of goods would justifiably be returned to the laundry lady.

It seemed that he had to admit that this was what Ji Wenfeng didn’t want: “That’s right.”

Laundry Aunt had already guessed the truth from his hesitant expression and moaned slightly: As long as there is no owner, whoever picks it up will be the owner! Maozi didn’t understand the rules and wanted to snatch her goods: “I will dispose of the things that the young master doesn’t want.”

Lu Rong thought for a while, if he said now that this batch of goods was given to him by Ji Wenfeng, he would be terrified of the goods. The batch of goods had sovereignty, and the laundry lady was bound to confront Ji Wenfeng, what would Ji Wenfeng think?

No, absolutely not.

If it couldn’t be said that Ji Wenfeng sent him, then what should we do?

Lu Rong thought about it for a while and stopped entangling with her on this issue of sovereignty: “Okay.”

Laundry Aunt thought she had won the victory, and she looked forward to celebrating her victory.

Lu Rong: “By the way, Brother Xiaofeng is looking for you.”

Laundry Aunt: “Looking for me?”

Lu Rong: “Well, he has a change of clothes in his room.”

Since he did not allow them into his room, she refused in a roundabout way: “I will go there tomorrow to collect it.”

Lu Rong: “His bookshelf and wardrobe need to be wiped too.”

The laundry aunt didn’t believe it at all, the young master never let her wipe his wardrobe, but she couldn’t refuse the master’s request, so she refused in a roundabout way: “I’m not a cleaning lady.”

Lu Rong shrugged: “You can talk to him.” Then he turned and left.

After much deliberation, the laundry lady got up and went to Ji Wenfeng’s room. In this mansion, the only person that the laundry aunt feared was the young master, because the young master had high eyesight, was mysterious and had a bad temper, so no one dared to provoke him. Being a nanny here was still very leisurely, and she didn’t want to lose the job.

After the laundry aunt left, a figure quietly appeared in the dark corridor behind her, it was Lu Rong. Lu Rong called Ji Wenfeng: “I just asked the aunt to clean the wardrobe and bookshelf.”

Ji Wenfeng didn’t like others entering his territory, and silently expressed his anger.

Lu Rong softened his tone: “I’m cooking for you.”

Just as the laundry lady knocked on Ji Wenfeng’s door, she said with a pleasant smile, “Master, the young master said…”

Ji Wenfeng held the phone coldly and ordered: “Go wipe the wardrobe, and the bookshelf.”

The laundry aunt: “…”

Lu Rong whispered in his ear: “You ask her to wipe carefully.”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at the aunt who entered his bedroom: “Wipe carefully.”

Lu Rong hung up the phone, calmly picked up Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff, moved it into the closet of the guest room next door to him, locked the door carefully, and raised a black belly smile at the corner of his mouth.

Ji’s mansion was a place where the weak ate the strong, and whoever picked up the things in the corridor would own them. It was he who was careless, such that he left the half-cleared room and ran out to play with Ji Wenfeng, and it was useless to reason with the laundry lady.

Then the laundry aunt left without authorization to wipe Ji Wenfeng’s bookshelf, causing the books left on the balcony to disappear, no wonder. He just took back the stuff he had sorted out from Ji Wenfeng’s room with his diligence and wisdom.

Lu Rong shook his hand, and calmly went downstairs to make a modified version of small fish cakes.

Lu Rong rushed to Ji Wenfeng’s room with the small fish cakes for the second time, and the laundry lady was still wiping the bookshelf. Seeing him, she glared at him angrily, and didn’t know what kind of pillow wind this little bastard blew into the young master’s ears, such that he got nervous and wanted her to wipe the bookshelf at night.

She felt that something was wrong just now and hurried back to the balcony to look at her goods on the pretext of changing her work gloves halfway, and sure enough, it was fucking emptied! This little bastard dared to play tricks on her!

Seeing him look innocent and harmless at such a young age, she thought he would go empty-handed. The new wife looked silly and sweet, but the son she raised was really extraordinary!

Laundry Aunt bitterly scolded the mother and son as vixens in her heart.

Ji Wenfeng was doing homework at this time. Lu Rong sat down beside him leisurely, took a piece of small fish cake and brought it to Ji Wenfeng’s mouth, making no secret of his close relationship with Ji Wenfeng: “Come, eat.”

Ji Wenfeng: “I already ate three tonight.”

Lu Rong: “Try this, I made it again.”

Ji Wenfeng reluctantly took a bite, and Lu Rong asked him: “How does it taste?”

Ji Wenfeng: “It’s more delicious than last time. The meat skin is crispy, little progress has been made. The size is also suitable, but the plate just now was too big.”

Lu Rong: “What do you think is the problem?”

Ji Wenfeng: “It doesn’t burn your mouth, but it’s a bit cold.”

Lu Rong nodded: “It will be better next time.”

Ji Wenfeng felt that it was necessary to talk to Lu Rong about this issue: “Is this the only thing for dinner?”

Lu Rong boasted, “I can only cook this.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…?”

What kind of strange cooking skill tree was this? You can’t cook home-cooked food at first, but you can make snacks?

Lu Rong looked at him earnestly, then lowered his head and said sadly: “Don’t you like it?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…not bad.”

Lu Rong smiled like a flower: “Next time I will learn new ones and cook them for you.”

Ji Wenfeng hummed lightly, picked up the remaining two consciously, and finished eating gracefully.

The laundry aunt saw it and was terrified. What kind of vixen was this? To tame the young master like this, were the new wife, both mother and son poisonous?!

A sense of justice, responsibility, and mission to fight against the evil forces spontaneously grew in the laundry aunt’s heart, mixed with her resentment against the young master for robbing that batch of goods. After wiping the bookshelf, she secretly reported to the young master: “I saw the young master steal your things!”

Although the young master didn’t want that batch of goods but from the analysis of the young master’s behavior and words, he didn’t give it to the young master. She could then frame him for stealing, and she could say that she saw him go out with his clothes in his hands. He didn’t know the cause and effect, so he might think too much. She was a loyal servant of the Ji family anyway.

Ji Wenfeng frowned: “What did he steal?”

The laundry lady swore, “Clothes.”

Lu Rong had a fruitful night. He solved the problems left over from last week – Ji Wenfeng’s wardrobe and bookshelves; after half a night of groping, he improved the recipe of small fish cakes; he also snatched back Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff.

He hid in the next room in the middle of the night and searched through Taobao for the things that Ji Wenfeng no longer wanted, and there were no clothes under 1,000, tsk tsk, he got rich. There were also various perfumes, pens and the like. After checking the styles and prices, they were all placed on Taobao and sold at the lowest price on the entire network.

When he woke up the next day, someone had already showed interest in Ji Wenfeng’s fashionable sweater.

Lu Rong felt refreshed, but he suddenly thought of a question: how to send the courier?

In fact, he could be bolder, call the courier to the door, pack the clothes and send them out, but he would be caught easily. In this big mansion of Ji family where the strong preyed on the weak, there was the laundry aunt who was watching and waiting. She was very dangerous.

Then he must take it outside to post.

But how to take it out? Ji Wenfeng took a car with him. If it was put in the schoolbag, it would be so bulging, he would definitely check it. Put it in the handbag, and Ji Wenfeng would spot it at a glance.

Lu Rong looked at the branded fashionable sweater in his hand, and suddenly had a bold idea. He went to the bathroom, put the trendy brand sweater over the school uniform shirt, put on the school uniform outside, pulled the zipper to the top, and stood up, perfect. He was thin and his school uniform was so baggy that you couldn’t tell if he was wearing an extra piece of clothing.

Lu Rong just carried his schoolbag on his back, went out calmly, looked left and right, saw no one, locked the door of the guest room, and hid the key in his trouser pocket. He felt that this temporary warehouse was not particularly safe now. If the laundry aunt couldn’t find the goods in his room, she would definitely search the whole house carpet-wise and he was wondering if a small key could stop her. He must transfer this batch of goods as soon as possible while no one was paying attention.

Lu Rong thought about where to put the goods, walked to the door, and got into Lao Song’s car. From the rearview mirror, he noticed that there was a slap mark on Lao Song’s face, and the corner of his mouth was bitten.

“Did you really go fishing?” Lu Rong asked.

Lao Song took a puff of cigarette, and slowly blew into the air: “In City S, everyone has their own secrets, such as why you have pulled the zipper to the top in 30-degree weather.”

Lu Rong: “Let us keep silent about each other’s secrets.”

Lao Song: “Deal.”

Ji Wenfeng ate the creamy yellow bun steamed by Lu Rong early in the morning, walked to the front of the Bentley, opened the rear door of the car, and was slightly taken aback when he saw the zipper that Lu Rong pulled up to his chin.

Ji Wenfeng thought of the laundry aunt who swore to him yesterday: “The young master stole your clothes!”

Could it be that this person… was he wearing it?!

Ji Wenfeng calmed down for a few seconds to sort out his surging heart, slowly sat in the car, digested quietly for a while, turned his head to stare at Lu Rong, and narrowed his eyes dangerously. Lu Rong’s slightly nervous, expressionless but utterly ascetic face merged into one sentence in Ji Wenfeng’s mind –

“He’s so coquettish.”

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