5BKCM Ch. 47

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Just as Baby Nie Yu was smiling all over his face, Gu Yuan and Camille got together and started whispering together.

Camille was complaining about Ji Zhentian to Gu Yuan.

“He actually greets me every day and says he wishes me to be happy. When I was his girlfriend and I loved him to death every day, he didn’t do that!”

“He also transferred money to me, 99,999 yuan.”

“Just transferred 99,999 yuan? It’s not much, just treat it as if he invited you to dinner!”

In terms of Gu Yuan’s money value, 99,999 yuan was really small, that was just, ten meals.

Camille glanced at Gu Yan unexpectedly: “Hey, I really don’t know what he is thinking. If he pesters me, I don’t know what to do.”

Gu Yuan frowned, thinking about it, and looked at the two people over there, she lowered her voice and said: “I think men are cheap. The more you ignore them, the more they will take you seriously. If you keep coaxing them, and be with them, they will think that you are clothes and can change you at any time.”

Camille thought deeply: “Yes! That’s it, so I ignored him and hung him up!”

Gu Yuan couldn’t help laughing out loud, and as the two women had a heated discussion regarding the man’s problem, Gu Yuan remembered the little boy she met that day, and complained to Camille about her miserable experience of being cheated by that little boy.

“What, that man you met was him?” Camille looked at Gu Yuan in disbelief.

“I don’t know. Anyway, Qisen said, that is Huo Jinchen from the Huo family. He seems to have a background.”

“Oh My God! Huo Jinchen! You actually met Huo Jinchen! You are such a treasure girl!” Camille looked at Gu Yuan with a look full of envy and admiration.

“You know him too?”

“If I knew that it was Huo Jinchen you met, I would definitely have drilled out of the seabed to take a look!”

Camille excitedly held Gu Yuan’s hand and told Gu Yuan: “I won’t say anything else, just see his ex-wife, you will understand.”

“Ex-wife? What’s the relationship with his ex-wife?”

“The point is, don’t you want to know who his ex-wife is?” Camille squeezed Gu Yuan’s hand hard, hating iron for not becoming steel, why didn’t she have a gossipy heart?

“Who is it?” Gu Yuan really didn’t have much interest, she must have been hiding away when she saw the father and son now, but Camille was so interested, so she had to follow her to ask.

“His ex-wife is the daughter of the president of country F, the daughter of the president of country F!!”

“The president’s daughter, so awesome?”

“Yes, yes, this is the man who married the president’s daughter. I heard that she was the president’s daughter at the time. The president was also happy to see her pursue him. After all, he is the head of the Huo family’s current generation. If his daughter marries him, it means that he has the Huo family’s backing. Then the president of country F will no longer have to worry about the next election he will be running for.”

“So powerful?” Gu Yuan heard this meaning, and he seemed even more powerful than her two sons.

Inexplicably sour.

Her own son was the best, okay?

“Do you know why?”

Camille felt that Gu Yuan was not a very good cooperating questioner, so she had to ask herself: “Because he is rich, because the Huo family is rich, any child of the Huo family may enter the shopping mall.”

“There are more than a dozen children of the Huo family who have been on the wealth list, but in fact those children who are on the wealth list are just average in the Huo family. It is said that the real wealth of the Huo family has never been listed, so no one can estimate it!”

“Oh… so rich.” Gu Yuan thought to herself, no wonder the child looked arrogant and was raised as a bear child, so it can be seen that rich people really spoiled children.

He must be richer than her three generations!

Thinking about it this way, compared to her two sons, Ji Qisen was so considerate, and Nie Yu was also filial and lovely, he was nothing.

Camille: “He is so rich, do you know how many women in the world want to marry him? Do you know how many women in the world want to have a romantic encounter with him?”

Gu Yuan: “… not romantic, when you look at him, it’s like he is a piece of seaweed.”

Camille frowned, looked at Gu Yuan seriously, and then suddenly held Gu Yuan’s arm: “Gu Yuan, you are such a strange person, you suddenly have a brain hole, can I say it?”

Gu Yuan suddenly felt her little scalp numb: “You tell me.”

Camille took a deep breath, and expressed her doubts: “… Could it be that he is your son too?”

Gu Yuan popped with a sound, she almost choked herself from laughing.

Camille also felt that she was whimsical: “Because I think you are a strange person, don’t you find it strange that the two diamond kings and five single nobles who appeared next to you have become your sons, maybe the next one will be too?”

Gu Yuan thought of Huo Jinchen’s eyes looking at her, and still couldn’t help but want to laugh: “Is he my son? What a brain! Hey, how old is he?”

Camille thought for a while: “He seems more than thirty years old. He was married a long time ago, I read other people’s gossip posts, it was said that he was only in his twenties when he got married? He left after three years of marriage.”

Gu Yuan: “That’s it, he’s in his thirties. How old is he? I was only a little over ten years old when he was born, and I was an ordinary middle school student with no illness or disaster. How could I be his mother?”

Judging from the time, it was really unreliable, so Camille had to give up this idea: “But he is indeed a top-notch diamond king, and the wealth he can control is beyond our imagination. It is said that the world’s richest man is not enough to look at in front of him, or else the president of country F wouldn’t flatter him so much!”

Gu Yuan wondered: “So rich, why did he and his wife divorce?”

When Camille heard this, she showed interest in gossip, and looked at Gu Yuan’s two sons over there. One of the two sons was looking down at the tablet, and the other was looking down at the documents. They didn’t pay attention to this side, so she lowered her voice mysteriously, and said: “I read other people’s posts, saying that he didn’t share the same room with the president’s daughter even after they got married. Later, they had no choice but to divorce. Less than a year after the divorce, he had a son. Some people said that his son was with the president’s daughter. It was born by his ex-wife, and in fact he can still have intercourse, but some people said that he went looking for a mistress, who knows, anyway, he has an extra son for no reason, and his ex-wife didn’t compete with him for custody.”

Gu Yuan became interested… the secrets of a wealthy family are always interesting, not to mention the privacy of this world’s top rich family: “And then? What else did they say?”

Camille: “Why does he have a different room? Many people have analyzed it. Some people say that he is gay, of course, more people say that he is not good at that, and the president’s daughter was living like a widow, but who knows, anyway, he is divorced, and he is not married now, just guarding such a son alone.”

Gu Yuan was stunned, but after a sudden surprise, she wondered: “So he is such a man, so why would anyone want to meet him by chance? Isn’t this making yourself unhappy?”

Going to be a widow? Isn’t this making yourself unhappy?

Camille: “Money! If you have money to buy anything in the world, what is it to be a widow!”

Gu Yuan thought about it, and it seemed to make sense.

But—, she shook her head: “The father and son, the weird father, the bear who is the son, whoever takes money from their family to marry him, will be in trouble!”

Camille spread her hands: “That’s true, but this has nothing to do with us!”

After the two women finished talking about Huo Jinchen, they picked up other things by the way, and Camille also told Gu Yuan a bunch of gossip about Lu Zhiqian, which opened Gu Yuan’s eyes until midnight, the two of them fell asleep in a daze, and when the plane arrived in the capital at dawn, Camille yawned and planned to go home.

But after Gu Yuan got off the plane, she wavered on the question of which son to go home with.

Ji Qisen stepped forward: “Mom, I have ordered someone to put your luggage in the car, butler Sima has already prepared dinner, including your favourite baked Irish oysters with Manchego cheese, and grilled black cod with orange juice, grilled Iberian salted pork chops, and your favourite mille-feuille strawberry pudding truffle corn soup meringue baked barbecued pork buns and various desserts…”

Gu Yuan’s eyes lit up when she heard the names of these dishes.

Although the big crabs and lobsters in Australia were delicious, but the Michelin-starred chef at Ji Qisen’s house was really good at cooking, which was a different enjoyment.

Seeing this posture, Nie Yu thought to himself, Ji Qisen, you are so insidious. He took a step forward and said with a smile, “Mom, the clothes and jewellery I bought for you are still at home, and now a cloakroom has been allocated for you, which is full of the latest clothing and jewellery from major brands. Don’t you want to take a look? You can invite Ms. Camille to go there with you. You can try various models of various brands at will. Which one doesn’t have the latest model, you can ask them to call and send it at any time.”

Camille’s eyes lit up immediately, I dare you, what a big deal this must be!

This son’s filial piety to his mother was really strong!

Gu Yuan hesitated, but still looked at Ji Qisen. For foodies, food was of course more attractive. As for clothes… she could wear whatever she wanted, she didn’t care too much.

A smile appeared in Ji Qisen’s eyes, and he glanced at Nie Yu lightly: “When you are free someday, let mom go over and look at your clothes.”

Nie Yu suddenly felt bad, it seemed that he was right, in terms of mother’s understanding, he was in too much of a hurry.

But there was no other way, Ji Qisen came close to the water first, he knew their mother first, of course he knew what she liked better.

The road was long, and he had to find a way.

Ji Qisen smiled and said, “Mom, let’s go home.”

Then he looked at Camille and said, “Miss Camille, it’s getting late today, why don’t you follow us back to have dinner, my mother has no class tomorrow morning, I will invite the chief designers of VL and several other brands to come over and order a few sets of clothes for you and my mother.”


Camille was so excited: “Okay, okay!”

Gu Yuan smiled and said to Nie Yu: “Son, I will go back with Qisen first, and I will go to your place tomorrow!”

Nie Yu looked helplessly at his mother who was smiling like a flower, and felt cold in his heart.

In the first round, he lost miserably.

At this moment, Nie Yu received a WeChat message. He was about to fork it at any time, but at the moment it was forked, he suddenly realized something and opened it quickly.

After opening it, he saw that the message was from his butler Zhuge.

Butler Zhuge: “Young master, many packages have suddenly arrived at home in the past two days, and the recipients on them said “love to eat grass”. At first I thought I made a mistake, but later I found out that they were indeed packages delivered to us. A few days ago, your mother asked about our address before, did she order something?”

When Nie Yu saw the news, his eyes lit up, and he looked up, only to see that his mother had followed Ji Qisen to get into the car.

He hurriedly said: “Mom, did you buy a lot of things online?”

Gu Yuan was about to get into the car at this time, and her son Ji Qisen thoughtfully put his hand on the top of the car door to protect her from bumping her head. Hearing this, she stopped from getting into the car: “Yeah, I found a Taobei website that has everything on it, and I bought a lot of things!”

The things on Taobei website were so cheap, she placed many, many orders.

Nie Yu smiled confidently. He walked over and said with a smile, “Mom, the things you bought have been delivered to my house.”

Ji Qisen frowned, an ominous premonition coming over his face.

Sure enough, Gu Yuan’s eyes lit up all of a sudden: “Have they all been delivered?”

Nie Yu smiled in his light brown eyes: “Well, they are all delivered, butler Zhuge has ordered someone to put them in the warehouse, and there is no one left. They are just waiting for my mother to go and unpack the packages.”

Gu Yuan’s heart suddenly flew, and the baked Irish oysters with Manchego cheese, the grilled Iberian salted pork chops, and even the touching crispy baked pork buns were no longer attractive.

There was nothing more sacred and exciting than unpacking.

She looked at Ji Qisen with a smile, and said apologetically, “Qisen, Nie Yu has some packages for me, I have to go and have a look.”

Ji Qisen lowered his eyes: “Okay.”

Nie Yu was suddenly happy.

Hahaha, victory!

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