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Nie Yu won a big victory with his mother’s brand love shirt. He invited his mother to his luxury car with a smile, and then helped her to fasten the seat belt himself: “Mom, just now butler Zhuge said that we also have a Michelin chef who has worked at Michelin restaurant for ten years. You can order whatever you want, and you can eat it when we get home.”

Of course he would not say that, in recent days, he had given Butler Zhuge every day WeChat coercion, forcing him to quickly find a Michelin chef.

Finally got it.

When Gu Yuan heard this, she wowed and was very happy: “Then he can also cook the dishes made by the chef at Qisen’s house?”

Nie Yu: “Of course.”

Camille next to her also got into the car. Of course, she herself wore seat belt, she was not so lucky as to enjoy the filial piety of such a big son.

Hearing about the Michelin star chef and thinking about the new clothes of major brands, Camille let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Gu Yuan was the luckiest woman she had ever seen in her life. So what about those who marry into wealthy families? In the end, didn’t they have to work hard to have children in order to gain a foothold. In the end, they struggled for half their lives. The best ending was Gu Yuan’s. Like that, by the time their children are grown, they would be old, and those big shots would be running around on their own, having hidden marriages, hidden children, women accompanying them from wine and dinners, while they did all kinds of hard work, how could it be as comfortable as being a single young mother of a wealthy diamond king?

She had seen too many women in this world, none of them could compare to a Gu Yuan, this was the real lying win.

As for her, Camille, since she met Gu Yuan, she seemed to be lucky. She just hooked up with a little fresh meat a few days ago. Ji Zhentian, who used to be indifferent to her, also eagerly approached her. The key was that she could eat and drink brand name foods.

Happy! Comfortable!

Amidst this feeling of satisfaction, the two women followed Nie Yu back home. As soon as they got home, Butler Zhuge came to greet them with attendants and a nanny.

Camille felt even more emotional, a wealthy family, this was a wealthy family!

Gu Yuan and Camille went to take a shower first, then went downstairs comfortably, and had dinner accompanied by the hospitality of Nie Yu, the top diamond king, and then Nie Yu suggested: “Mom, let’s get those packages. Let’s bring them here, open them and have a look.”

Gu Yuan: “Okay!”

She couldn’t remember what she bought, anyway, she placed a lot of orders, and she bought what she liked, and what she saw was interesting. Buy the ones you haven’t seen before, anyway, these were very cheap, and they were only the price of a meal, and some were even so cheap that they were not enough to eat a snack.

So Nie Yu ordered Butler Zhuge to bring all the packages over. As a dutiful son, he wanted to accompany his mother to unpack the packages!

Gu Yuan and Camille looked at each other excitedly, and they both began to look forward to it.

Nie Yu sat leisurely on the sofa, looking at his mother’s excited and expectant look, and felt that life was too happy.

Did you see that as long as he wants to be a dutiful son, he could be so outstanding? He didn’t know how that Ji Qisen was doing now, was he hiding in the corner and crying sadly?

Hehe, but think about it, of course Ji Qisen wouldn’t cry, he would just put on a dark face and ignore anyone.

Soon the packages were delivered, and Gu Yuan and Camille unpacked it together. After unpacking one piece, Gu Yuan happily introduced one piece to Camille. Some fit, some didn’t fit, some were pleasantly surprising, and some were generally disappointing.

The two women were unpacking the packages with great enjoyment.

Nie Yu whistled briskly in his heart, took the time to open Weibo, and found that after he posted the Weibo posting the cufflinks, the comments below exploded.

Fans screamed and guessed, first they gave the brand and price of the cufflinks, and then began to guess who might have given them to them.

In the end, those fans came to a conclusion: “It seems that Young Master Nie is going to have his twentieth girlfriend.”

The people below all agreed, and began to speculate who his new girlfriend was?

The comments were divided because of this, some people guessed that Young Master Nie would not change his taste for Internet celebrities, while others guessed that Young Master Nie had made a good relationship with a Bai Fumei[1] and decided to get married.

Nie Yu looked at those speculations, and sighed contemptuously: “How could it be a girlfriend? Can those women have such good taste as my mother? Can you choose such a low-key and connotative cufflink from so many cufflinks? Can you tell the difference between genuine big brands and counterfeit products at a glance? What is taste, this is it!”

Of course not, so mother was mother, and no woman in the world could compare.

As soon as he finished saying this, he heard Gu Yuan shout: “Nie Yu, look at this dress, your mother bought it for you!”

He couldn’t hold on anymore.

Where was this shirt from?

It was not from a brand, it was just an ordinary shirt, it didn’t even seem to have a brand!

Camille was a little speechless when she saw it.

Although the quality of this shirt seemed to be pretty good, but Nie Yu, the super diamond king, of course, couldn’t wear this kind of unbranded goods. It was either a top brand or a high-end customization, so that it suited his identity, otherwise it would be easy to make people laugh if it spread out, these people outside were very sharp-eyed!

She had popularized some brand knowledge to Gu Yuan, but Gu Yuan just threw herself into the torrent of Taobei, and it was easy to get lost…

She coughed lightly, and looked at the diamond king young master Nie.

Young Master Nie, the three-no-brand shirt your mother bought for you…

Nie Yu looked at the shirt carefully, touched the material, and gestured to his body. Finally, he began to nod his head and said sincerely and gratefully: “This shirt is just right for me, and the material seems to be made of pure cotton, and it looks very comfortable at first glance, and it’s more comfortable than all the shirts I’ve worn before! Mom, how can you just pick such comfortable shirt?”

Camille: “…”

Why am I here watching someone else’s son while turning into a lemon?

No matter what Gu Yuan did, could this son find the best gesture of praise?

Gu Yuan was also very happy to hear what Nie Yu said: “Of course I visually measured your height, weight and shape, then checked the size on the Internet, and did some research before placing an order.”

Nie Yu gave a thumbs up, he said sincerely: “Mom is mom, and you can buy the right clothes when you buy them. By the way, how much is this shirt?”

Camille looked at the top-level brand haute couture, without any strand of hair out of place with a diamond sparkle Mr. Nie, looking at the clothes that obviously didn’t match the three brands and fashion, and couldn’t say a word anymore.

What blinded Young Master Nie’s eyes and made him speak such nonsense with his eyes open?

Butler Zhuge was also a little messed up. He looked at his young master, who was picky since he was a child, and who was particular about taste and ostentation, how could he boast so much about an ordinary shirt that didn’t even have a name brand?

Was this still his young master?

Under the incomprehensible eyes of the onlookers, Nie Yu actually said on the spot: “I will wear this shirt to work tomorrow!”

Butler Zhuge & Camille: “…”

God, come and save them, we can’t take it anymore.

However, Gu Yuan suddenly said seriously: “Nie Yu, no, you don’t want to go to work tomorrow.”

Nie Yu: “Why?”

“The symptoms above are not just hypoglycaemia, they looked abnormal, so after communicating with the doctor, we agreed that you should go for a comprehensive physical examination.”

Nie Yu: “…”

Butler Zhuge: “Hypoglycaemia? Master has hypoglycaemia?”

The young master worked out every day, loved to play golf, loved to ride horses, and was in excellent health. How could he suddenly have hypoglycaemia? He never had it before!

Gu Yuan: “Yes, when Nie Yu was on the island, he suffered from hypoglycaemia again.”

Butler Zhuge looked at Nie Yu suspiciously.

Nie Yu coughed lightly, with a serious face: “Yes, my mother is right. When I was on the island, my old problem recurred. Fortunately, my mother took care of me day and night.”

Butler Zhuge: “?”

I don’t even know, am I such an incompetent Butler?

Nie Yu: “How about this, Butler Zhuge, make an appointment for me to have a simple physical examination to check my physical condition.”

Gu Yuan heard this, but disagreed: “Simple? Of course not, do a comprehensive examination, all aspects of data indicators must be checked, all kinds of MRI, ultrasound and CT have to be done again, blood, liver function and kidney function, blood routine blood biochemical blood typing, blood coagulation routine, tumour markers. A full set and so on, all these have to be done! Uh, yes, there are also bone marrow routine, cytochemical staining, genes, chromosomes, immune analysis, lymphocyte subset analysis, do all of these.”

Nie Yu was dumbfounded when he heard it, didn’t his mother sleep for twenty-five years? How could she know so many inspection items?

Facing the three pairs of puzzled eyes, Gu Yuan said as a matter of course: “After I woke up, the doctor gave me a whole set of examinations! All of them have been done!”

Nie Yu: “Mom, in fact, I don’t need it at all, I don’t need it—”

But Gu Yuan raised her hand. At this point, she had to put on the posture of an old mother: “No, you have to do it, and you have to do it all.”

What Gu Yuan didn’t want to say was that twenty-five years ago, she fell ill suddenly, and the first symptom was to faint for no reason.

Although her symptoms were different from Nie Yu’s now, she was still worried.

Would her terminal illness gene be passed on to her sons?

So she must force Nie Yu to do a comprehensive physical examination.

But Nie Yu didn’t know what Gu Yuan was thinking, he looked at his mother helplessly, feeling suddenly very bitter.

For a full set of physical examinations, you need as many tubes as you need to draw blood, not to mention CT and MRI!

Mom’s shirt fit so well, but Mom’s thoughts were horrible.

It’s hard to be a dutiful son.

The next day was Tuesday. Gu Yuan and Camille scanned all the new models of Nie Yu’s big brands. Camille helped Gu Yuan pick out a few matching sets for her to wear on a daily basis. Gu Yuan was naturally happy and relieved. She put it there, and wore it according to this allocation when she had nothing to do in the future.

After finishing her work early in the morning, Gu Yan called Dr. Chen of the research institute again, who knew that no one would answer, and it seemed that she couldn’t get in touch with him for a while, so she had to ask Ji Qisen, Ji Qisen had already contacted the scientist, but that son was said to be in retreat to study a project and could not come out for the time being. Once he came out, they could connect with each other. As for the other two sons, further confirmation was needed.

After hearing this, Gu Yuan was naturally a little excited and looking forward to it.

The three sons known so far, except for Nie Yu, were all decent, motivated and successful. Gu Yuan was somewhat relieved. In fact, it didn’t matter whether the son was poor or rich, as long as he was decent.

After eating breakfast in a good mood, and sharing about her scientist genius son with Camille, Gu Yuan went to school accompanied by the driver.

When she arrived at school, Gu Yan first took out two gifts from her backpack and gave them to Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan. They were two opal stones, which were picked from the box of stones Huo Jinchen gave her. Gu Yuan thought that although they were not worth much, but at least they looked better, and it was good to put on the desk as a decoration.

Gu Yuan picked a beautiful set of clothes, went back to school and went to the dormitory first, where Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were leaning against the wall after lunch, and they were naturally very happy to see Gu Yuan come back.

Gu Yuan took out his gift: “The gift for you, this one is for Yuting, and this one is for Yuehan!”

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[1] Internet slang for a beautiful heiress. Literally: White, pretty and rich.

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