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In order to accommodate the possibility that the current students would also come to do research, the association specially arranged the time for Saturday, so when it was learned that the chef’s research was broadcasting live, Su Yemu’s fans also flocked in.

See, see, Bobo is there! Why is he standing so far behind?

I was so worried last night, I didn’t sleep well, I was afraid that Bobo just happened to be in the north of the city.

Bobo is so handsome, Bobo dry turned them to take the first place.

Seeing Bobo boil meat, I’m drooling.

Su Yemu’s fans chattered, but other people’s fans were not happy.

Where did the weeds come from, it’s so noisy.

That’s right, the ones at the front are Su Yemu’s fans! You wronged our family Yunyun before, shameless.

You know what? I only found out today that Yunyun is actually the little prince of the Su family, oh my god! He wanted to make achievements by hiding his name like this, but he was slandered by some people, which is hateful.

Everyone in front shut up, my Princess Sophie hasn’t spoken yet? Is it your turn?

Yo, princess? If you spit then they are a princess, you know that you bully newcomers, while my Highness Kaili has a caring heart, and went to Aries to visit orphans a while ago, unlike some people, who only know how to be domineering in the imperial capital.

There were quite a few fans of these royal nobles, all of whom were over billions, approaching tens of billions. Who wouldn’t follow the candidates for the future queen?

At this moment when Yunying was unmarried’s identity was exposed, his net worth suddenly soared, and his fans were growing at an astonishing rate. Even though his family was lower than the other two, he also had the strength to compete for the position of queen.

Su Yemu’s fans were instantly suppressed.

At this moment, besides the fan group, among the more than 10 billion online users, at least 50% were gourmet fans, curious people, and passers-by. Su Yemu’s fans couldn’t help but find it a little funny. When they glanced across the examination room, they managed to stay on Su Yemu for two seconds. During these two seconds, everyone decided to stare at him because he was so handsome!

Tsk…tsk…, I haven’t seen such a pure oriental man for a long time, with that fair and tender face, I really want to pinch him.

So handsome, that cool temperament, that bright eyes, that straight nose, tender red mouth, I’m in love.

Don’t forget previous poster. It was just revealed that the popular superstar Qiao Yushu’s oriental face was a product of surgery. He lied to us for five years. Five years. I have been waiting for him to grow up. The face is actually straightened, and it is adjusted every six months, he is not afraid of it being crooked.

Many passers-by in the live broadcast room were chatting about Su Yemu’s face, and Su Yemu’s fans secretly complained: Obviously, they rely on their talents to make a living.

Su Yemu’s gourmet fans were much calmer: Wait, I’ll scare you to death.

Where did you buy the navy? This is a chef’s research broadcast, not a face-to-face pass.

The facial features are blurred, does he have the profound facial features of my Highness Kaili?

Temperament, it’s so ridiculous, my family’s such a classical temperament is 18 blocks away from him.

There was a quarrel, a crowd of people quarrelled, and Su Yemu’s fans cried silently, causing trouble for Bobo, what should we do?

Su Yemu didn’t know what happened. He was going to make white pork with garlic sauce[1]. He took the fat and thin part of the hind legs of the pig, washed it and blanched it, and then put it in cold water again, adding salt, Chinese prickly ash, star anise, bay leaves, ginger slices, green onions, two drops of low-alcohol White wine, boiled it on high heat, turned to low heat and let it simmer for twenty-five minutes, then simmered it for another five minutes.

When they were quarrelling in the live broadcast room, this procedure had already been completed, the pork had started cooking, and the most original fresh aroma of the food had been forced out, leading the way among all the boiled vegetables.

It smells good, looking forward to it, I remember when we entered the live broadcast room, we also have the right to vote, right! Although I don’t know what to vote for, but I am a little excited, I know who I voted for.

The one in front is said to be the ranking! Our votes are counted in addition to the Chefs Guild judges’ votes. The premise is that he can reach the top three votes.

It smells like an anti-conspiracy, he…he…! Hiss, saliva.

The chat in the live broadcast room was in full swing, Yunying is not Married turned his head slightly, glanced at Su Yemu from the corner of his eye, and was secretly annoyed, but it didn’t matter, even if he couldn’t beat him in the number of votes, Sophie and Kaili could always overwhelm him, as long as the judges were convinced, it would be hard to pass that test, Su Yemu wouldn’t even get a junior chef certificate.

After Su Yemu scooped up the pork, put it into cold water, took out a carrot with the mouth of a bowl, also called rouge carrot, then he peeled it in circles like an apple.

The movement was quick and neat, and the eyes of the people in the live broadcast room were straightened, but in a moment, the complete red skin formed a circle and was quietly placed beside it. Everyone couldn’t help reaching out and touching it, it was as thin as paper.

Su Yemu began to carve flowers, with two rings of petals on the outside, a flower core in the middle, while hollowing out the rest.

The left hand flexibly rotated the carrot, and the right hand swung the knife quickly up and down, first the tip of a lotus leaf, then the petal, the half-open and half-closed core, and then the looming pattern, the deep and orderly depth of the carmine-coloured interior brought out the beauty of the lotus flower.

When the Su Yemu radish was carved and placed in the middle of the white porcelain plate, the beauty was amazing.

So beautiful, such a delicate hand, I want to lick it.

Omg! This is art! Pinch me, see if it hurts?

Cooking can also do this? I’ve never seen it before, it’s a lie! How could it be a rookie? This kind of craftsmanship is not even available in the palace chefs.

I have seen food plate decorations are usually decorated with cauliflower, real flowers, or fake flowers.

Su Yemu’s fan: What is this, what a trifle! [Walk with your chin lifted.jpg]

The backstage was not sure at this time. Seeing this kind of craftsmanship at close range, everyone’s eyes were staring straight. Many people present were holding senior chef certificates. At this time, their faces were slightly hot. Why did they suddenly feel that the chef certificate felt a bit hot?

Chief of Staff: “Mr. Su is amazing.”

He Yunting: “It’s just a trifle, nothing more.”

Chief of Staff: This reply full of family flavour really deserves a beating.

Elder Chen next to him glanced at He Yunting, squinted his eyes, and kept nodding, haha…! interesting!

“Vice President, Mr. Daim is here.” The young man whispered in Old Chen’s ear.

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