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Mr. Chen turned his head and saw Mr. Daim hurry in, and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about Xiao Yemu’s exam?”

“I’ve been too busy recently, please sit down and watch!”

Looking around, his eyes fell on He Yunting, he was only wearing a military uniform today, without the military rank stars, so he couldn’t see his military rank, but Mr. Daim felt that he was not an ordinary person, he was too imposing.

“The five vice presidents have arrived, what’s going on? It’s just the primary exam now, and there are still four rounds in the future, which are intermediate, advanced, technician, and senior technician. What’s the matter, these people are going to accompany them all the time?”

“Just see who is there first.”

“Well, why are young people from these three families here?”

Mr. Daim was very surprised.

“Think about what His Royal Highness Kevin and His Royal Highness Ryan are doing now.”

“It seems that they are all gambling!”

His Royal Highness Kevin was shy when he was young and didn’t like to go out and see people, so few people had seen him so far, and they don’t know who he was. The royal family also refused to let him face the outside world before he became an adult, so the nobles in the imperial capital had no choice but to ask around. After knowing that he liked cooking, the children of the noble families all went to the kitchen.

It was ridiculous to say the least.

Su Yemu’s hand directly shocked everyone, but there was a very discordant voice among the crowd.

The carved ones are all gone, a waste of food.


The crisp sound of hitting the board came out in the spacious room, attracting everyone’s attention. Su Yemu chopped all the remaining carrots into thin shreds. That movement was like a shadowless hand!

After cutting the carrots, he put them into a small white porcelain bowl; then Su Yemu started to process the cucumbers, washed them without peeling the skin and sliced them thinly for later use, and cut the excess corners into shreds and put them together with the carrots.

Pfft, my face hurts!

This newcomer is amazing, why did he come to take the chef certificate test now?

Don’t you think it’s weird? Why is everyone else cooking greens.

As soon as this remark came out, conspiracy theories came out, and everyone was discussing whether all the cooks got some news in advance; the fans of the cookery candidates were not happy, and all of a sudden, they started arguing again.

“The live broadcast room is so noisy, was that what you wanted? Old Chen?” Capet’s face was gloomy.

Old Chen smiled: “There are disputes to improve our future exams.”

At the scene, Su Yemu took out the cooled pork slices. The meat slices were all thin and large, and they were sandwiched to face the sun, and the light could even be seen through them.

Su Yemu’s actions made the audience excited again.

It looks delicious, looking forward to it.

It seems to be inexplicably excited to see the birth of a kitchen god.

Is it just me who thinks his cooking moves are elegant?

No, lick the air.

Su Yemu’s actions were noticed by the candidates also; most of the people present were afraid of losing the green pigment by overcooking, so they chose to cook vegetables in broth. Everyone was secretly thinking in their hearts, wait for the green pigment to pass the test, and see how you will be slapped in the face.

The Mai Tian next to him was already drooling, what green pigment, satisfying the stomach, delicious food was the truth, he did not expect Su Yemu to have such a skill, he had caught up with a senior chef, no, he had even surpassed them.

After the meat slices were cut, one slice of cucumber and one slice of meat on top were slowly rolled up, placed on a plate containing carrots and lotus flowers, closed and pressed down. When the round slices of meat rolled around the lotus to form a circle, everyone exclaimed again, it was so beautiful.

The tender white meat slices are wrapped in turquoise, and the lotus flower was blooming in the middle of the plate. The red, green and tender white formed a visual beauty.

Is this an art competition or a kitchen certificate test? Foul, too beautiful.

Very appetizing, I want to eat it.

Damn it, when will the tasting function be available in the live broadcast room? Except for sight, hearing, and smell, everything else is banned. Is it too much?

Su Yemu started to make the sauce, mashed the garlic, added salt, soy sauce, sugar, chili oil, added appropriate amount of broth and other seasonings, stirred well, and poured it onto the carrot and lotus.


Hot slices were eaten cold, and when dipped in sauce, they were tender and plump, salty, spicy, and delicious. The strong aroma of garlic sauce and the freshness of cucumber slices made the fat and thin white meat taste delicious, no matter how much of it was eaten, it would not be greasy.

“It’s time.”

As the invigilator called to stop, everyone stopped.

“The green pigment will be checked by the robot first, and then the color and fragrance will be evaluated.”

Green pigment? what is that?

It’s just cooking, what is the green pigment?

The live broadcast room was stunned until someone said: There is popular science on the announcement board of the association!

Everyone flocked to look at it in an instant, and the bulletin board clearly stated what green pigment was.

After the war, human beings lost most of their history and cooking. Later, human beings awakened to the importance of these two things and began to revive civilization. At the right time, scientists discovered that food contains a kind of energy called ‘green pigment’. It helps to alleviate the manic violence caused by the mental power of the awakened, among which vegetables have the highest value.

Unfortunately, the energy of ‘green pigment’ in food was still too low, it belonged to the status of ‘tasteless to eat, but a pity to discard’, and could not be extracted.

After consideration by all parties, the empire did not announce the news.

But now, they found that cooking several ingredients together could get a higher green pigment value, so they decided to announce this shocking news to the public and decided that the level of green pigment value would be one of the judging criteria for chefs to upgrade in the future. At the same time, for the sake of notarization, future chef exams would be broadcast live on the official website of the Chef Association.

This was the end of science popularization, but there were still some things that had not been mentioned. For example, the Chefs Association used to have an unwritten rule that once the green prime value of food cooked was high, it could directly be upgraded regardless of the ‘color and aroma’.

Some people in the association used this rule to make it difficult for chefs to advance. This time, Mr. Chen vowed to suppress this bad atmosphere.

Chen Lao from the backstage smiled, this day had come, Su Yemu was the best hammer.

It’s over, Bobo is all meat! How much ‘green pigment’ can there be in that thin cucumber slice?

I hate green pigment if the podcast fails.

Too cunning! They must all know, only Bobo doesn’t know!

In the live broadcast room, Su Yemu’s fans wailed, and passers-by felt that Su Yemu was pitiful for no reason. Looking at the plate of meat, they felt even more pitiful.

However, looking at it still gave them a craving.

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