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There were still more than 300 people left, divided into six rows. Su Yemu and Mai Tian were in the last two rows. Taking advantage of the front inspection, Mai Tian had the idea of adding vegetables to Su Yemu.

“Xiao Yezi, take it!”

“Thank you, no need, by the way, what is green pigment?”

Su Yemu was puzzled. Looking at them, it was probably not the same species of green pigment he knew in the 21st World.

“Didn’t the people from the association notify you?” Mai Tian looked at Su Yemu’s confused face, then looked at his plate of meat, and swallowed: “Looking at you, I already know that you were not notified. Back then, human beings…”

Mai Tian swallowed while drooling, he told Su Yemu what green pigment was, and after he finished speaking, he became thirsty.

After Mai Tian finished speaking, Su Yemu thought about it, and it was indeed different from the modern green pigment. The modern green pigment was a green organic compound, while the green pigment here was energy; the former could be extracted, but the latter could not be extracted.

Su Yemu glanced at the soup and vegetables on the scene. He really didn’t like to eat them. Either they were not cooked and they looked uncooked, or they were too hot and the vegetables were wilted.

The taste of green vegetables should be crisp, sweet, and fresh, which you didn’t notice at all.

The level of green pigment value would be displayed at the moment of scanning. When the robot scanned out a piece of value with no value, or only 56%, there would be different sounds in the live broadcast room.

Is this green pigment really important? This is even lower than inhibitors.


The appearance of 40 in 56% of the data was really surprising, and everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but focus on Yunying. This made him a little proud, and his eyes turned to Su Yemu again.

Su Yemu: “?”

Refresh the data, the value of Little Princess Sophie is forty-five.

Good job, His Highness Kaili’s is forty-eight, haha, he must be number one in the audience.

There was an uproar in the live broadcast room, and everyone wanted to continue to see if there was a higher one, but unfortunately, the data returned to 56%, and some even showed negative numbers, and the negative numbers were basically out of the game.

More than half of the more than 300 people had been inspected, and they were almost at Su Yemu’s side. Mai Tian was getting a little anxious: “Brother! What can you do? It’s all meat.”

Su Yemu turned to look at Mai Tian’s soup soaked in vegetables. It was yellow, and said, “Do you believe me?”

Su Yemu noticed just now, and found that the more wilted the vegetables, the lower the value.

Mai Tian tilted his head and thought for a moment: “I don’t know why, but I believe in you.”

“Then when the inspection is over, you won’t want the soup and kimchi just now.”

“Then what should I do?”

“Aren’t the vegetables in your hand washed? Is there any unused lettuce? There is also a plate of mashed garlic and soy sauce, when the inspector checks, you will say that the lettuce is eaten with mashed garlic and soy sauce.”

“The nutritional value of your kimchi must be negative.”

After the words fell, the robot came and stood in front of Mai Tian. Mai Tian’s muscles stiffened in an instant, and his mouth opened again and again. Seeing that the robot’s scanner was about to be placed on top of his soup kimchi, he hurriedly said, “Wait, me, my dish is this, dipped in garlic and soy sauce.”

Mai Tian picked up the plate, put a lettuce leaf on it, and sprinkled garlic and soy sauce on it, his movements were erratic, and kept shaking; this was the last exam for junior chefs, if he failed, his mother would hunt him down.

“Mai Tian, green pigment value, 23 percent.”

Mai Tian: “?”

Normally, the green pigment energy of uncooked food was between five and ten. But Mai Tian was puzzled, was it because of garlic?

“Su Yemu, the green pigment value is 50%.”

Su Yemu was stunned for a moment, thinking: Just now Mai Tian said that cooking ingredients together could reach a higher value, but for some, the value would be lower. How is this going?

Su Yemu frowned and thought, the live broadcast room was stuck with the backstage, this, this was a magical operation! They were all betting that Su Yemu will lose!

Could it be that the green pigment value of the meat is higher?

It is clearly stated on the science book that the value of vegetables is higher!

The dishes of Mai Tian were not cooked at all, but he reached 23%, which is too mysterious.

Could it be that the value is determined by whether it is delicious or unpalatable?

No wonder some viewers thought this way. Looking at the scene, only Su Yemu’s dishes could be eaten, and his value was the highest in the audience.

What the hell, I’m in the trap, I swear, from today onwards, I’ll be Su Yemu’s brainless fan.

Hands up, hands up, me too.

Since Su Yemu carved radishes, there had been a lot of people secretly poking into the pit, but now the book was vacillating, and those who were going to enter the pit after eating Su Yemu’s dishes were also jumping down happily.

After the robot announced the value, everyone at the scene focused on Su Yemu, some were envious, some were jealous, and some wanted to eat him raw.

“I object, I ask for a retest.”

It was Sophie who spoke, and many people raised their hands in agreement, and now the staff was a little embarrassed.

“Let him test it.”

A deep voice came from the radio, and the staff was stunned. They had never heard this voice before!

Lao Chen: Marshal, that is my communicator.

“But, after the test, she must apologize.”

Everyone: Who is so arrogant? Make Sophie apologize?

Su Yemu: “!”

Su Yemu’s fans: It’s cool, but will you bring hatred to Bobo? Bobo is a humble citizen with no power.

“What is he, why should I apologize to him?”

“You are nothing, you are arrogant, I accept this result.” Kaili smiled, she was unhappy, he was happy, she objected, and he agreed; Kaili turned around and waved to Su Yemu: “Brother, I support you, don’t be afraid.”

Su Yemu: Yes, Sophie’s eyes are about to tear him apart.

At this time, Old Chen’s voice came out on the radio: “Miss Hill, the robot’s data is infallible; of course, you also have the right to question it, but if you question it without reason, it will cause huge psychological trauma to Mr. Su.”

Mai Tian said loudly: “That’s right, that’s right, did you see how Xiao Yezi’s eyes dimmed after you said it? How sad he is now.”

Su Yemu, who was traumatized: “!”

“I won’t apologize, but he has to test.” Sophie pointed at Su Yemu with resentful eyes.

“Is this how Congressman Hill taught his granddaughter?”

A group of people suddenly walked into the examination room, and the one who walked in the front was a man with an outstanding appearance and an imposing manner. These words came from his mouth.


“Don’t be rude, this is His Highness the Prince.”

Sophie’s hand was slapped away instantly, and before she could cry out the pain, the whispered words in her ears calmed her down.

There was only one prince in the empire, and that was Marshal He who grew up beside the queen. It was rumoured that for some unknown reason, he fell out with His Majesty the Emperor, and was thrown into the expeditionary army not long after he became an adult, and left Neptune with the army.

And this title of prince was just to appease him.

But no one expected that he would make military exploits repeatedly, and from a second lieutenant become the marshal of the armed forces all the way.

Among the three marshals of the empire, he not only had the highest status, but also had the strongest strength because of the expeditionary force’s years of fighting.

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

“Test it again!”

Su Yemu picked up his dish, he didn’t like being blamed for cheating.

Those dark eyes just looking at him like this, clear and translucent, coupled with that cold and clean face, made people want to scold him, but they couldn’t open their mouths.

I, I’m really in love, don’t pull me.

Damn, although you can legally marry, but I’m straight, and I love big/breasted/concubine, don’t be like that.

Gone with the wind—Gone with the wind, please be careful in front, my family’s Bobo is underage.

The one who made it asked for a retest, and the people of the association decided that it would be better to have one thing less, and began to arrange for the robot to retest.

But Marshal He was unhappy, very unhappy, and put it all on his face.

“Marshal, is there a problem?”

“Test it!”

He Yunting walked up to Su Yemu, his tall figure enveloped him, and lowered his head: “From now on, don’t look at people like this.”

Su Yemu: “How should I look at people?”

He Yunting : “Forget it, watch closely.”

Su Yemu: “!” Stopping halfway while speaking, did the cat bite your tongue.

“Oh!” He Yunting’s eyes fell on Su Yemu’s lips, implying: “I don’t mind.”

Su Yemu felt inexplicable: Okay! You are always casual, because of your age, I don’t care about you.

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