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Yan Han stopped abruptly.

Someone behind him? Did someone come out to use the toilet? But he kept paying attention to the movements around him, and he didn’t hear the door opening or footsteps.

Yan Han stood there motionless, his whole body froze and he didn’t dare to turn his head. At this moment, footsteps finally sounded behind him, and a steady male voice came from behind: “Student, what’s wrong with you?”

Yan Han then turned around, and his gaze crashed into a pair of pitch-black pupils.

He had always been careless. Although he had the memory of “Yan Han” in the setting, he couldn’t recognize all the classmates around him for a while.

But the person in front of him was not from their class, yet he remembered him.

Lin Jianlu, the school tyrant who helped him out on the playground.

It turned out that good-looking people were just that privileged.

The other person had a strange aura around him, as soon as he got close to him, there would be a feeling that the surrounding sounds were blocked, and everything was in vain and peaceful, it was difficult not to notice it.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you need help?” When Yan Han looked at the other party, Lin Jianlu was also looking at him.

“Where is it uncomfortable?” Lin Jianlu asked concerned but politely, and the medal with the word “discipline” on his chest stood in prominence, indicating that he was also responsible for catching students skipping classes.

Yan Han shook his head, he didn’t know where Lin Jianlu saw just now, but now that the other party was standing here, and he was wearing a skirt, so he couldn’t run into the men’s room in front of the other party.

There were still two roads left, one was the women’s toilet in front, and the other was behind, leading to the classroom.

Under Lin Jianlu’s gaze, Yan Han fell into hesitation. He finally asked for leave and didn’t want to waste this opportunity, but he couldn’t stand here in front of Lin Jianlu, or he would hide in the women’s toilet a while?

Yan Han suddenly thought of the inner layout he saw through the outer door of the toilet just now.

The outside of the bathroom was the washstand, and the inside was the toilet. He could go in and close the door and hide in the outside room until Lin Jianlu left. This method was feasible, the door of the inner bathroom could be closed tightly, and the outer room could be regarded as an independent space, and it was not considered crossing the line for him to go in.

After finalizing the course of action, Yan Han smiled at Lin Jianlu, and was about to turn around and rush into the women’s restroom, when there was a sudden “creak—” sound from the corridor, and the sound of footsteps sounded which was two people running towards this side in a hurry.

“Oh, my chest strap is broken, please help me to check it!” a girl whispered.

“You said you were uncomfortable and asked me to come out with you because of this? Why did the chest strap break?” Another female voice said.

“I don’t know, maybe it was not fastened properly, let’s go to the toilet quickly…”

The two girls ran forward, and one of them was still clutching her chest. Because it was a blind spot, they didn’t notice two people standing in front of the toilet at the end of the corridor at first.

Of course, no one would have imagined that there would be two people standing together in front of the toilet door during school hours, so close together that only the tall back of a boy could be seen from the perspective of the two girls.

But the people in front of him were completely blocked by him.

Only a trace of fluttering skirt could tell that she was a female classmate.

“Ah!” one of the girls exclaimed a little.

She somehow remembered that no one was allowed to yell in the hallway during class time.

But whether it was the exclamation or what the two whispered just now, they all fell into the ears of the two standing in front of the toilet “gazing affectionately” verbatim.

Lin Jianlu turned around, revealing his own face and Yan Han at the same time.

The screams became two people’s.

“Lin, Lin, Lin Jianlu… Oh my God!” The girl who was clutching her chest blushed instantly. It was okay to talk about chest straps in front of boys in this age, but this person was Lin Jianlu!

She was a die-hard fan and a member of Lin Jianlu’s fan club!

But…huh? Strange.

Who was that girl opposite Lin Jianlu? Why were they standing so close to the toilet door…

When they passed each other, they finally saw clearly the face of the person standing opposite Lin Jianlu.

Due to the angle of view, she suddenly turned the corner. At that moment, she seemed to see Lin Jianlu very close to the girl’s face, as if they were… kissing.

But how was it possible! That’s Lin Jianlu! Her male god had a cleanliness obsession and had never been too close to anyone! She must be thinking too much!


The female classmate who was frightened was still in shock, and she could only blame the girl opposite the male god for being so good-looking, such that she suddenly had the illusion that it was not surprising that such a good-looking face matched her male god…

Yan Han: “…”

Seeing a girl put on a ghostly expression after seeing her and being dragged into the women’s restroom by another classmate, Yan Han still didn’t know what kind of fright she had caused to others.

At this moment, he only felt that his hope was cut off, just like the toilet door that was slammed shut.

Facing Lin Jianlu’s gaze, he thought what if the two girls were arranging their chest straps outside? He couldn’t go through this door no matter what…

But wait!

Did Lin Jianlu stare at him a little longer this time? And the sight had been focused on… following Lin Jianlu’s gaze and lowering his head, Yan Han saw his flat, flat chest like an airport runway.


He was a man, of course he had no breasts.

Fortunately, it was cold now, and he was wearing a lot of clothes, so he didn’t look too pitiful. At least no one had noticed anything unusual before…

So what was this person looking at?!


Yan Han’s little heart almost trembled.

Lin Jianlu was the school’s disciplinary committee member, and he seemed to be very dedicated to his work. If he found out his true identity… Could it be that Brother Yan was going to break here on the first day?!

Yan Han ordered himself to calm down.

He thought that a girl of this age should not be fully developed yet. He had worn so many clothes, and now he looked flat at best. It shouldn’t make people think that he was not a woman, right?

That’s right… There were also system’s skills, didn’t it mean that people won’t discover his abnormalities based on his appearance?

[Uh… the ultimate beauty and soft body skills do not have the function of disguising breasts.] Xiao Wu broke Yan Han’s fantasy by making a sound in time.

Yan Han: “…”

[It’s just the appearance! There are also undisguised masculine features such as limbs and Adam’s apple that can be adjusted accordingly. The host’s chest and chirp are not within our jurisdiction!]


No, was it time to talk about this?

Feeling the host’s low pressure, although he didn’t understand why the host was angry, Xiao Wu still tried to help him find a way:

[If the host is willing, Xiao Wu can apply for the host [transgender] skills, completely change all your masculine characteristics, once and for all…]

Yan Han: “Get lost!”

With a brutal breath, Yan Han tried his best to get himself into the role.

He used to have nothing to do in the store and followed the hair-washing girl to watch a lot of dog-blooded soap operas. At this time, he was suddenly enlightened, and Yan Han imitated the girl who ran past him just now, and suddenly raised his arms and shielded his chest.

It was just that he was a rough guy, he was not used to it, and his acting skills couldn’t make up for the wild aura in his body – he accidentally slapped his chest loudly, Brother Yan was not at all delicate and coquettish and said: “You, what are you looking at! Abnormal!”


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