5BKCM Ch. 49

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Gu Yan took out the presents: “For you, one for each of you!”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were pleasantly surprised: “Hey, you really brought us gifts, it’s been hard for you, you still miss us when you go out to play “

Gu Yan said with some embarrassment: “It’s two stones, it’s cheaper, it’s just a souvenir, you can put it there and play.”

Hearing this, Chen Yuting opened the gift box and couldn’t help laughing: “When going out, it’s easy to buy those souvenirs, anyway, don’t care about the high or low, and don’t care about the quality of the things, it’s just a souvenir, just for fun!” Wang Yuehan looked over, and there was indeed a stone in the box, and it was a very beautiful stone.

She couldn’t help but let out a “wow”: “This stone is so beautiful!”

Chen Yuting looked over and was amazed. It was indeed very beautiful, colorful and radiant. When the sun shone on it, it shone like a rainbow.

Wang Yuehan: “Where did you buy this? How much is it? It’s so beautiful!”

Chen Yuting: “Wow, this can be made into a necklace. It must look very nice when inlaid. Those who don’t know would think it’s a precious gem!”

Gu Yuan didn’t know how much it was, his son said it was worthless, but such a beautiful handicraft should have a price, and she said casually: “Actually, someone gave it to me. It looked good, so I gave it to you. It shouldn’t be worth much. Let’s use it as a desk decoration.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan happily rubbed the gemstone, they couldn’t put it down, they took pictures and posted them on Moments to show off.

After posting to the circle of friends, it was almost time for class. In the afternoon, the class “Music Theory” was taught. The teacher of this class was very strict. He usually asked everyone to arrive at the classroom fifteen minutes earlier. The few girls dared not delay, quickly packed up their things and rushed to the classroom.

After a class, everyone was very tired. Chen Yuting opened her Moments slowly. She wanted to see everyone’s praise for her stone.

After looking at it, she couldn’t help laughing: “Guess what the people in my circle of friends said, they all said that this is a gemstone, it must be very expensive, hahahaha.”

Wang Yuehan also laughed: “Yes, yes, people in the circle of friends said the same! Now they have been fooled, they usually think that they have good taste and knowledge!”

Chen Yuting: “Look at this comment, this comment is also well-analyzed, saying that this is an Opal, you say this is the most precious and beautiful gemstone in the world, and it’s from the continent of Australia.”

Wang Yuehan: “Hey, isn’t this teacher Su from our department who replied to you?”

That teacher Su was a famous jewellery expert!

Chen Yuting was stunned when she saw it.

Had Mr. Su, who was at the level of a treasure appraiser, also been deceived?

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other. They first slowly looked at Gu Yan who was reading and researching not far away, and then looked again at the photos posted in their circle of friends.

That stone was so beautiful, so beautiful.

After looking at each other again, the two of them suddenly realized something: “A gemstone from Australia? Could it be—”

This weekend, Gu Yan really went to Australia as if she was visiting her own backyard??

After the two people looked at each other, they both lowered their heads silently, and started to search for what was an opal, how to identify opal, and the price of opal. The stone was taken out and matched against the identification guide on the Internet.

After the class was over, the two of them raised their heads and found the shock and disbelief in each other’s eyes.

“This opal is said to be the most beautiful stone in the world!”

“If it is true, such a piece will cost hundreds of thousands…”

When they said this, their heart trembled.

In their minds, their rich roommate went on a trip on the weekend. Maybe someone else bought two stone souvenirs for tens of yuan or more, and she gave them to them. They laughed and accepted it, thinking it was just fun, commemorative, and the stone was also pretty nice to put on the table, they thought there was no way she could have been fooled when she travelled.

In the end, it was actually that their roommate went to the island of Leah in Australia and gave them opal gemstones worth hundreds of thousands?!

“I, I thought that people didn’t know where Leah Australia was…” Chen Yuting murmured, and suddenly felt that her face hurt, it hurt.

“I still think that to protect my roommate’s self-esteem, I can’t pierce her heart. My God, what did I say!”

Wang Yuehan held her head in annoyance: “What did we say to her!”

“A big gem, could we have some more?”

“Yes, I dare not ask for it. It’s too expensive. Although it’s beautiful, I don’t want to part with it, but why is it so expensive!”

Two people, you look at me, and I look at each other, then they finally decided: “Why don’t we send it back? It’s really not cheap!”

Two people went to look for Gu Yan with a box in their arms. At this time, a class was about to end, and Gu Yan was still practicing inside. Huo Sijia was talking with a few girls outside the classroom, but it was Gu Yan who was talking.

“The last car accident has come to an end. They have to repair the car for us. My car is so expensive. Its overhaul cost more than 300,000 yuan, why don’t you go to your benefactor?”

“Haha, hundreds of thousands, does she really have that much money?” Another female classmate laughed and said, “It’s not enough if you sell her!”

“She should be able to get the money——” Huo Sijia said contemptuously: “After all, he is very capable, she can call her Daddy!”

While talking, she brought up the matter of Gu Yan going out on a trip on the weekend.

“Oh, when I asked, Chen Yuting still didn’t say anything, pretending she didn’t know. It is said that she bragged that she was going to play in Australia. She thinks that Australia is her backyard, so she just went there on weekends? She must be bragging.”

A few girls echoed her words, and at one point someone covered their lips and smiled and said: “When she came back, she gave Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan a gift, and the two of them even took a photo. You can tell the color of the stone at a glance. It must be made by hand . How can a natural gemstone have that color? I don’t know if I bought it for ten yuan or eight yuan!”

“That’s right, that stone looks cheap at first glance, and it’s worthless, so I’m ashamed to give it away? I’m going to laugh it off.!”

Having said that, the group of people laughed, Huo Sijia naturally raised her eyebrows in all kinds of happiness, thinking about this Gu Yan was really funny, did she think that if you get a big sponsor, you will become rich and beautiful? Where the social grade was, you were still far behind! The ugly duckling was still an ugly duckling no matter how much it jumped!

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan next to each other were holding the precious opal stone gift box in their arms. After listening to this interplay, they were naturally very angry. Chen Yuting almost rushed to fight with them, but was stopped by Wang Yuehan.

Wang Yuehan stepped forward and said with a smile: “Actually, Gu Yan gave us such a gift, we were also very surprised, I really didn’t expect that she would give us such a gift!”

Chen Yuting was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately understood what she meant, and almost burst out laughing. She guessed this group of people only know that they were chattering here, and they didn’t see those comments in their circle of friends at all, right?

At that moment, she tried her best to hold back her smile, and said deliberately: “Yes, it’s too unexpected, we have never received such a gift before!”

Hearing this, Huo Sijia felt extremely relieved: “You two finally understand now. Is that right, there is no way out if you follow Gu Yan, she will only lower your grades and make you more and more low, giving out such cheap things, she is even able to give them away? But think about it, she is originally the kind of person who brags that she is traveling to Australia on weekends, and even gives gifts of stones, isn’t that embarrassing, it’s too shameful!”

When she finished speaking, Gu Yan, who was auditioning, came out of the classroom. When she heard this, she was also puzzled: “Huo Sijia, what do you mean by that? Why am I so ashamed? I went out to play and just brought a small gift to my classmates. Why is this so unreasonable? Is it worth it?”

Huo Sijia was very happy, and when she saw Gu Yan, she was really proud: “Hehe, a small gift? What kind of small gift is it, a stone picked up by the side of the road, or a free shipping product bought from Taobei.com at 9.9? Don’t you feel ashamed to take it out? Have you ever thought about what it’s like to accept your gift? This is simply looking down on people, okay?”

Gu Yan had just finished training here, and she was very satisfied. It was a bit inexplicable to be told this at the beginning: “Huo Sijia, why do you mess with me? It’s none of your business what I like to give away? Or are you jealous that my friends got a gift? Don’t say nine yuan and nine free shipping, I won’t give you even a penny. Don’t worry. Alright!”

The friends of Huo Sijia next to her also laughed. They were startled by Gu Yan’s car at the beginning, which made them almost late for the audition. They remembered this hatred, and smiled now: “Gu Yuan, didn’t you hear that your two roommates are not bothered to ask for your gift, and they said they will return it! Don’t you feel shabby?”

Seeing this situation, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan almost laughed out loud, but were still trying to hold back, then Chen Yuting deliberately said: “Hey, Gu Yan, we were looking for you, the gift you gave us is not easy for us to accept, so let’s return it to you.”

Wang Yuehan also hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, in fact, if you go out to play, we will accept a gift of tens of dollars, but we really can’t accept this!”

Seeing this, Huo Sijia felt more and more happy, and she looked at Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan sympathetically: “As a friend, she will give you 9.9 free shipping? I told you earlier, things of a kind gather together and people are divided into groups, and it’s too cheap to accept this kind of gift!”

Huo Sijia smiled on receiving a call, looked down and saw that it was her father, and immediately raised a sweet smile: “My father is calling, he probably wanted to pay me for the cruise!”

“Wow, I am so envious of Sijia!”

“Yes, Sijia is the real Bai Fumei[1].”

Amidst the praises of the crowd, Huo Sijia thought about her Tianyu global travel and Gu Yan’s inexplicable weekend trip, with a smile on her lips: “Dad, the money for the reserved Tianyu cruise ship should be paid, remember to ask the secretary to transfer the money to me when you have time—”

She stopped suddenly when she said this.

The smile on her lips also froze, and her expression became very strange, as if she was frozen by something in an instant.

“What, what?” Huo Sijia said tightly, “Dad, what did you say?”

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[1] White, pretty and rich.

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