RCFS Ch. 246

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The dazzling lights came down, and the shadow of the big-brimmed hat was dark, blocking his face. Everyone could only see the man’s thin lips, which were slightly pursed, and the graceful chin that made one speechless.

He stood there quietly, with a straight posture and prominent thin lines on his shoulders and back. His whole person seemed like a walking sabre.

What a strong momentum!

Was this the iron-blooded nobleman, the Emperor?

Just this military uniform and this momentum made the person facing him stiff and afraid to make any mistakes!

So hot!

No wonder everyone was so vying for the title of Imperial Lord and the Sword of the Empire!

This was the existence that everyone envied and looked up to!

Royal Lord!!!

Di Junxie took the card, glanced at it, and spoke majestically. His voice was dark and sexy, just like the ringing of a bell under the sunset, and those who listened were mesmerized.

“The best show this year was…”

Di Junxie curled his lips, looking past everyone and landing on Ye Yunxi: “Yehuang’s “SEXY GIRL”!”


The auditorium exploded once again!

Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the mission and detonating the campus festival! Reward: Awesomeness XP +10000, physical strength +30!

This was definitely a detonation!

The whole school was going to explode! The completion of this task was perfect!

Mr. System didn’t want to say anything anymore, just one word, in capital letters: Awesome!!

The presidents of the three major clubs looked at each other, and they all saw a trace of unwillingness in each other’s eyes!

Even though they knew they had lost, when the truth was revealed, they still felt unwilling to accept!

They actually got caught up with this little girl!

It was just a campus festival, but the three major societies were trampled under her foot?

At first, they were provocative and said that she must be at the bottom, but what was the result?

As a result, they were the ones being slapped in the face now?

“Damn it, Yunxi can actually invite Yan Mubai this night? Yan Mubai, the Dance King of Yan Kingdom!!”

Heishui Cheng exclaimed repeatedly.

“There must be a shady story, that person knows Ye Yunxi!”

Ming Siye gritted his teeth, he was not convinced, there was some dirty relationship between the emperor and Ye Yunxi!

So, there must be something inside!!

“So what?”

Bai Jingchen smiled: “Even without Yan Mubai and this person, do you think we could get the first place?”

“Before Yan Mubai showed up, the auditorium had already exploded, and everyone was screaming at Ye Yunxi to win the first place!”

Bai Jingchen saw it clearly from beginning to end.

Ye Yunxi’s dance was great, which could be seen from the students’ reactions.

Programs like modern dance could arouse more excitement among the audience than other categories, so they had already lost a hand in selecting the shows.

So even if Yan Mubai didn’t show up, Ye Yunxi’s program would still have been number one.

“This is strength!”

After saying this, Bai Jingchen turned and left.

He knew that if he lost, he lost. For the three major clubs, second place was meaningless.

Ming Siye was also completely silent, and an unwarranted sense of crisis rose from the depths of his blood, swallowing him up bit by bit!

He couldn’t lose anymore!

This campus festival was nothing, the ancient martial arts and cultural classes that would follow were the most important!

Sky Club was Sky Club, and only if Sky Club won first place could the Ming family’s position in the Sword of the Empire be stabilized, so they couldn’t lose!

Ming Siye glanced at Ye Yunxi from a distance, unwilling to leave.

I will never lose to you again!

A campus festival made Yehuang, who was not favoured by others, jump to the ranks of those who were looked up to.

The ten-person club was airborne, exploding in Junyao and becoming famous in one stroke!

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