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The Double Ninth Festival on the ninth day of the lunar calendar was also called the ancestor worship festival and the climbing festival. In ancient times, there was a famous saying about missing relatives that “planting dogwood all over the place is less than one fen”[1].

Not going home to visit relatives at other times, they could be said to be busy at work. But this year’s Double Ninth Festival coincided with the weekend rest day. So, if you don’t go back, you would probably be scolded as unfilial.

Probably because of this, the traffic flow on the roads of City K had increased by 30%.

So from the villa area to Gu Yuan’s house, what should have been a half-hour drive suddenly took an hour. Luo Xiu was driving, Gu Nian was in the co-pilot seat, and when they arrived below Gu Yuan’s building amidst the warm sunshine characteristic of the end of October, the girl in the co-pilot seat had already dozed off a long time ago while holding the seat belt.

Luo Xiu stopped the car, leaned on the steering wheel and tilted his eyes sideways with a downcast smile, seriously watching the girl’s every action, as if reluctant to let her out.

Gu Nian, who was in the dragon’s den, didn’t feel any danger, and fell asleep even more peacefully after they had parked the car for a while.

Time passed silently.

He didn’t know how long it had been, but there was a sudden vibration in the silent car. Luo Xiu frowned, took out his mobile phone in a rare and quick manner, and after hanging up the call, he turned it to silent, suddenly looking up to see Gu Nian’s reaction.

——Did not wake up.

Luo Xiu smiled helplessly, then noticed something, and lowered his eyes to the phone screen.

A new message.

[Answer the phone]

Luo Xiu could guess who it was just by looking at the tone and ignoring the string of numbers on the call. He flicked his finger, and a message flew back.

[Inconvenient, I don’t have something to say.]

[I’m on my way, is it even more inconvenient to send and receive messages]


Luo Xiu frowned lightly and looked back at the passenger seat. Gu Nian was still sleeping soundly, and it seemed that she wouldn’t be waking up for a while.

Luo Xiu took off his seat belt, opened the door silently and got out of the car.

During this process, he dialed the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xiu leaned against the hood of the car, blocking the sunlight that fell on the girl’s eyes.

“What else can I do, I’m worshipping the ancestors today, when will you come home?”

“Afternoon or evening.”

“… why don’t you not come back?”


“Then when the time comes, you won’t be able to turn around, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”


Luo Xiu removed his fake smile and looked back into the car. The girl was still soundly asleep while hugging the seat belt.

Luo Zhan: “What are you busy with this morning?”

Luo Xiu: “Sending her home, just arrived downstairs.”

Luo Zhan: “Then why don’t you just leave after delivery?”

Luo Xiu paused, and said in a gentle tone, “Now that I know your former father-in-law, Wang Nian, is now my prospective father-in-law, every time I see you, I want to kick you away from Tang Ran.”

Luo Zhan: “…”

Young Master Luo, who was poked at a rare sore spot, was a little irritable, and smiled coldly through the phone: “I don’t have this trouble, Tang Jingqian has long been dragged abroad by Lan Yuyu for honeymoon, Ranran is the only one at home now. Damn—are you envious?”

Luo Xiu: “…”

I don’t want to talk to my primary school chicken brother.

The two brothers were in a stalemate over the phone, and finally reached an agreement: by 3:00 pm at the latest, Luo Xiu would show up at Luo’s house.

After Luo Xiu made the phone call and turned back, he found that the girl in the car was holding her phone with the camera facing him.

Gu Nian, who was caught while sneaking a shot, didn’t feel like she was caught. She leaned in the car window and smiled brightly from the corners of her eyes.

Luo Xiu walked to the passenger seat and opened the door: “Why didn’t you come out when you’re awake?”

“I saw that you were on the phone, so I didn’t want to bother you.” Gu Nian got out of the car with a proud expression of “I’m very good, right?”

“Don’t want to bother me, so just taking photos secretly?”

“Well, isn’t it okay for girlfriends to take pictures of their boyfriends?”


Luo Xiu laughed.

“Okay,” he raised his left hand and pulled the girl out of the car door, closed the door with his right hand, and pressed her to the car door and kissed her, “You can do whatever you want.”

Gu Nian wanted to hide, so when Luo Xiu retreated, she slipped out with blushing cheeks and ran: “This is outside in public, please pay attention to your idol baggage!”

Luo Xiu smiled and turned to follow.

The same unit upstairs.

In the mahjong room.

In the background sound, the mahjong tiles were being rubbed, and the two waiting for their turn sat chatting by the balcony window.

Until one accidentally glanced at something from the window on the third floor, and tapped the windowpane: “Hey, there is a nice car parked in front of our unit.”

The other also tilted her head to look out: “What car?”

“Do not know.”

“You don’t what car it is and still said it’s a good car?”

“You don’t understand this. This good car comment depends on the car, its appearance and momentum are different.”

“That’s true.”

“The young man who came down is a new face. I have never seen him before. Do you know who it is, Lao Zhang?”

“Let’s see…”

“So young, whose new son-in-law might this be?”

These words caught the attention of the four ladies who were busy building the Great Wall at the mahjong table, and some of them shook their heads with a smile: “New son-in-law? This is enviable, the one at home who doesn’t talk, bites me no matter what I say. She doesn’t fall in love herself and probably won’t get married even after I die.”

“That stinky bastard at home is the same.”

“Sister Yuan, maybe it’s your family’s child, she is the most beautiful girl in our community.”

Gu Yuan’s hand holding the mahjong tiles stopped for two seconds, and she casually put them at the end of the already stacked mahjong tiles, “Don’t worry about young people at this age. You can’t worry about it even if you want to.”

“Ha, sister Yuan, you didn’t say that before? What’s the matter?”


Before Gu Yuan could speak, Lao Zhang, who was lying on the window and looking down, suddenly patted his leg: “I know him!”

The other five in the room were startled to varying degrees, and the one closest to him smiled angrily: “If you know him, you know him, why are you getting so excited, is he your son-in-law?”

“Go, go, how old is my daughter, but I did meet him through her.”


“Before she was fooling around with a mobile phone every day, she even set a picture of a TV star as her screensaver, saying that he was an actor—the one downstairs seems to be him!”

The rest of the room became interested, except for Gu Yuan who paused, and the other three walked to the window in a hurry.


“Real or fake?”

“Look at it.”

“That young man is indeed good-looking, can I mistake him for somebody else with such a face?”

Lao Zhang by the window turned back in dissatisfaction. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Gu Yuan buckling her mahjong bag and looking towards the outside of the room.

Lao Zhang was stunned for a moment: “Yuan’er, you’ve only been down for a while? Why are you going?”

“I forgot to turn off the fire under the soup at home, I’ll go up and have a look, you guys can continue to play.”

“Oh, well, then go and have a look.”


As soon as Gu Yuan left, a sharp-eyed person by the window said, “Hey, there’s a girl coming down from the co-pilot seat.”

“Does she look familiar?”

“She looks familiar.”

“Isn’t this the Niannian of Sister Yuan’s family!”


It was only then that the mahjong team reacted, but when they looked back to find someone, Gu Yuan had long disappeared.

T/N: Guys, the reference to Tang Ran made in middle is in relation to Don’t Cry (Luo Zhan’s novel) and TR is the heroine of that novel, just to clear any confusion.

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