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It was one million per meow, and little Suan Ni meowed twelve times, so the total came to twelve million, Bian even rounded it up and directly transferred twenty million.

Jiang Lan heard the WeChat notification on his phone ring a few times, which was a message and transfer screenshot from his fourth brother.

[The most handsome Bian in the entire Dragon Palace: The transfer will arrive the day after tomorrow, so remember to check it. Take the money and eat more good food. If you don’t have enough, ask your elder brother to give you money. Don’t starve yourself.]

[Thank you, Fourth Brother.]

Jiang Lan did not refuse Fourth Brother’s money-stuffing behavior this time. He knew that the fourth brother was teasing Suan Ni on the surface, but in fact he was just trying to find a reason to send him money.

When Jiang Lan first stepped out of the Dragon Palace, Bixi and Bian were worried about their younger brother and personally sent him to the Jiangcheng Demon Management Bureau to report. The commotion created by the Dragon Palace was so big that the news that Taotie joined the special service team spread to everyone. At that time, Jiang Lan didn’t know that the reason the rumor about how powerful Taotie and Dragon Palace were spread was to deter ordinary monsters. He was only thinking about trying to adapt to the new life in human society, and maybe make new friends and find his own opportunities.

But within a few days he clearly realized that he was feared and kept away from others.

The other great demons and gods of the special service team appeared and disappeared and were rarely seen. Most of the colleagues Jiang Lan dealt with were ordinary demons. Those little demons who came into contact with him were all trembling with fear, as if they were afraid that he would eat them alive if he got upset.

Behind the name Jiang Lan was not only the ancient ferocious beast Taotie, but also the huge dragon palace.

Now that the demon clans were declining, many demon clans of the same race would unite to form a large force. But these forces were nothing compared to the Dragon Palace.

From ancient times to the present, the Dragon Palace had not been a good enemy to provoke. Although now, the only ones who often appeared in front of people were Bixi and Bian, but these two great gods were difficult enough to deal with.

Ordinary little monsters didn’t dare to provoke ancient ferocious beasts, nor did they dare to provoke the powerful Dragon Palace.

And Jiang Lan belonged to the combination of the two, which was almost equal to an insulation from friends.

Jiang Lan felt aggrieved, but he also knew that he could not blame others. He just regretted being too public at the beginning, letting everyone know his true identity and his relationship with Dragon Palace.

For the first time, he got to know that a huge difference in status and wealth would keep ordinary monsters away.

After realizing this, Jiang Lan had been unwilling to ask for too much pocket money. Even when during the year after leaving Dragon Palace, he had to rely on his own wages to support himself and Suan Ni.

He tried his best to live as an approachable demon, but unfortunately, almost all the demons in the Demon Management Bureau knew his identity, except for the newcomers. Soon they would learn the popular science from other demons, and then they would also unconsciously act afraid when they met his eyes.

Jiang Lan worked hard for more than half a year, but still had no friends.

His fourth brother used to say that he was too single-minded and liked to dig into dead ends.

Jiang Lan felt the same way, his previous behavior was actually a bit out of anger. Now that he thought about it, it was actually not necessary. Instead, he worried his eldest brother and fourth brother who really cared about him. Because of his willfulness, Suan Ni who followed him sometimes couldn’t even eat roasted pig’s trotters.

So this time he accepted the pocket money from his fourth brother frankly.

He figured out that he didn’t want to have trouble with money.

Weren’t roasted pig’s trotters delicious?!

Now no one in the street office knew his identity, and he had also made new friends. Although he wanted to be an ordinary little monster, there was no need to refuse the concern of his brothers.

When the time was right in the future, he would confess his identity to Ying Qiao and the others. At that time, after already getting to know him, they shouldn’t be so afraid, right?

Jiang Lan actually lacked confidence, but he had always been optimistic, so he always kept the best idea in his head.


Bian didn’t expect that Jiang Lan didn’t argue again this time, and immediately raised his eyebrows, shook his phone at Bixi, and said with a smile: “Little Five finally figured it out.”

The old god Bixi: “I told you that he’ll figure it out on his own, so don’t worry too much.”

Bian groaned in his heart, complaining secretly that didn’t he know who was the most worried. Every now and then, he would ask Uncle Gui to deliver food and clothes to him, for fear that the fifth child would be hungry.

But he didn’t have the guts to say this.

Bixi pondered for a while and said: “Since Little Five has figured it out, it’s time to hand over the account to him. He should also learn to take care of his own property.”

The company managed by Bixi was owned by Dragon Palace. In other words, all the children of the Dragon Palace had shares in it. Regardless of whether they were present or not, everyone had a bank account, and Bixi would pay dividends to the account every year.

Of course Jiang Lan also had it, but he was not good at financial management and didn’t need so much money, so he left all the money to his elder brother for investment, this went for Suan Ni and Jiao Tu, who were just like him.

The three brothers all relied on the eldest brother to send them pocket money.

But now that Jiang Lan was able to be independent, Bixi felt that Jiang Lan needed to learn how to handle his own property.

He sent a WeChat message to Jiang Lan: [Uncle Gui will send your things to your place in a few days, and by the way, he will clearly hand over the assets in your name to you, and you will slowly learn to manage them by yourself.]

When Jiang Lan saw the second half of the sentence, his face immediately wrinkled.

However, he thought that he was already a big glutton, and he really couldn’t rely on his elder brother for everything, so he had to go back to the “good” past reluctantly.


After chatting with his two elder brothers, Jiang Lan returned to Hong Jingyuan with his bag on his back – he was going to visit the inspection well again.

Suan Ni relying on the fact that there was no one on the road, climbed onto his shoulder and waited. He had just extorted a large amount of pocket money from the fourth brother. So, he was in a very good mood, and his pointed tail kept wagging happily.

Jiang Lan got inside the cordon again, removed the manhole cover, and carefully observed the inspection well.

Suan Ni followed him to watch, but just after watching, he couldn’t help but sneeze twice.

Inspired by his sneezing, Jiang Lan narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, staring at the red mushrooms on the wall of the well.

On the dark, damp and muddy walls of the well, there was moss and unknown red mushrooms. This was an extremely normal thing, and it was indeed very easy to be ignored.

Jiang Lan used a little trick to pick a cluster of red mushrooms from the well wall.

This kind of mushroom was not big, and the whole thing was only an inch long. The stalks were slender, the caps were oblate, and the whole body was dark red, like a small open umbrella.

Jiang Lan had never seen such a mushroom before. He gently pinched the cap of the mushroom, and the gills below immediately scattered fine red powder—it was its spores.

Suan Ni, who was lying on his shoulder, wrinkled his nose and couldn’t help sneezing again.

“I have an idea.”

Jiang Lan restored the manhole cover and said excitedly: “Now let’s go back to Xue Meng to confirm. If nothing unexpected happens, we might be able to get another bonus!”

Suan Ni immediately groaned in cooperation.

Another demon came to deliver results!

Grab it!

Jiang Lan returned to the unit with the freshly picked mushroom.

He went to see Xue Meng’s situation first. Except for his voice change and slight cough, Xue Meng had not had any major adverse reactions so far.

As soon as Xue Meng saw him, his eyes were as eager as a lost dog seeing its owner: “Boss! Have you asked for me?”

“I asked, but there are some places that I need to confirm with you first.”

After Jiang Lan finished speaking, he dragged him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom.

Xue Meng opened his mouth in confusion. Jiang Lan turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone and pointed it at him. He pressed the base of his tongue with disposable chopsticks and examined his throat with a serious look.

After squinting carefully for a moment, he finally saw the red mushroom that appeared faintly in Xue Meng’s throat. The mushrooms were much smaller than those on the well walls, and they were crowded together. They used the throat cavity as soil and bad words as fertilizer to grow vigorously.

No wonder they were all coughing. Anyone who had something in their throat would have to cough.

He then thought about the middle-aged woman he met in the morning. The woman would occasionally make a slight “rustling” sound when she spoke. Now that he thought about it, it was probably because the throat cavity contracted when she spoke, squeezing and rubbing the mushrooms that were growing vigorously in the throat cavity, which was why such a strange sound was produced.

“What’s going on? I really got caught?”

Xue Meng looked dignified when he saw him after the inspection, but his voice was trembling with fright.

Jiang Lan thought for a while and told him the truth: “You have a piece of red mushroom growing in your throat.”


Xue Meng looked at him blankly: “What the hell?”

Why could mushrooms still grow in the throat?

Jiang Lan could only explain to him the connection between the accident at the Hong Jingyuan manhole and the strange mushroom: “I suspect that the appearance of this mushroom is related to the dead Chen Ruomei.”

As long as one discussed Chen Ruomei, or if you talk about the topic, you would be parasitized by mushroom spores, the mushrooms would grow in your throat, and you would eventually lose control over your own voice. This kind of mushroom may also have the effect of inducing the dark side of people’s hearts, which in turn would induce them to say more bad words, thereby continuously providing nutrients for the growth of the mushroom.

As for what the mushrooms would look like in the end, no one knew. But thinking and knowing it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Moreover, people affected by spore parasites were often not aware of their abnormality.

This was a very scary thing.

Seeing Xue Meng’s frightened face, looking like he wanted to vomit but couldn’t, Jiang Lan comforted him: “You haven’t been affected too much. I’ll get you some talisman water to drink. It should be fine.”

These mushrooms were just a little weird, but they won’t be too powerful in themselves, otherwise Jiang Lan wouldn’t have just ignored them at first.

Xue Meng felt relieved.

Then he thought of something, immediately covered his mouth, and typed on his mobile phone: [I won’t say anything from now on, so as not to say TAT that shouldn’t be said]

Jiang Lan patted his dog’s head pityingly, and said, “Okay, I’ll get you a talisman after getting off work.”


After getting off work in the afternoon, Jiang Lan went to the Demon Management Bureau.

As a result, as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Demon Management Bureau building, he bumped into Ying Qiao.

They probably didn’t expect to meet each other in the Demon Management Bureau, and the expressions of both of them were very surprised.

Ying Qiao was glad that he brought Chen Hua with him today. He got out of the car and put on a flawless smile: “Why are you here? Did you run into something?”

Jiang Lan felt guilty in his heart, but he was very calm on the surface: “I found that there seems to be a monster in Hong Jingyuan, so come to the bureau to report.”

“Isn’t it okay to call to report? Why did you make a trip in person?” Ying Qiao asked strangely.

Of course it was because he wanted to take on this task!

To be able to control so many people, this monster must not be an ordinary monster, and the reward for catching it must be very high.

But this reason obviously could not be shared with Ying Qiao.

After all, in Ying Qiao’s eyes, he was just a little monster with low cultivation level who had not yet transformed!

So Jiang Lan opened his eyes innocently and pulled out poor Xue Meng: “Because Xue Meng is also affected by the monster, I want to stop by the Taoist department and buy a talisman to exorcise him.”

When Ying Qiao heard this, his expression softened.

The little monster was really kind.

He sighed helplessly and said, “It just so happens that the boss is here, so you don’t need to report it. I’ll ask him to help.”

Chen Hua:???

Jiang Lan:????

The author has something to say:

Longlong: There is a ready-made coolie here, let him catch monsters.

Chen Hua: I disagree!?

Jiang Lan: The performance and bonuses are all mine! Do not grab QAQ

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