SLDH Ch. 74.1: Girlfriend

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As soon as Fan Chen got home, he noticed that there was someone in the house, and the only one who could enter his house without greeting was Wan Wan. After loosening the tie and taking it off, Fan Chen walked towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Mi Wan was refining medicine with the induction cooker on. At this time, it seemed to be the most critical moment, since Mi Wan’s mouth was slightly pursed, which was a micro-expression that often appeared when she was concentrating. Afraid of disturbing the other party, Fan Chen didn’t go inside any further. He leaned against the door frame and watched the scene quietly, with a gentle expression on his face.

Just now he went in a trance and imagined that he was just an ordinary human being, and when he got home from work, his wife was cooking for him in the kitchen.

After a while, a burst of strong aura emanated from the medicinal juice, followed by a refreshing medicinal fragrance. Knowing that the medicine would be ready soon, Mi Wan relaxed and said without looking back: “Bring a bowl here.”

“Huh?” Fan Chen was still immersed in the trance he had just been in.

“Your medicine is almost ready, bring a bowl to put it in.” Mi Wan was speechless. She had noticed Fan Chen’s return more than ten minutes ago, but at that time she was decomposing the medicinal effect of Bingya grass. She couldn’t be distracted, so she didn’t say hello to Fan Chen.

“Okay.” Fan Chen stood up straight, stepped into the kitchen with a few steps, and then stood stunned in front of a row of identical cupboards, “Where are the bowls…?”

He hardly entered the kitchen when he was at home. He vaguely remembered that when he first bought the induction cooker, he prepared all the necessary items for the kitchen. After buying it, he also got a pile of bowls. At this time, he couldn’t remember which cabinet he put the bowls into.

“It’s in the drawer, the second one from the left.” Mi Wan reminded, “You don’t know where you put the things in your own house?”

Fan Chen smiled, and without answering, he bent down and opened the second drawer on the left, sure enough, he saw a row of exquisite porcelain bowls inside: “I found it, here it is.”

At this time, the medicinal effect of the Bingya grass had just assimilated, and Mi Wan picked up the stainless steel pot and poured all the medicine inside. But she didn’t give the medicine bowl directly to Fan Chen but turned to open the refrigerator and put the medicine in it.

“What are you doing?” Fan Chen was a little confused by Mi Wan’s operation.

“You drink it when it’s cold.”

“Shouldn’t the medicine be taken while it’s hot?” Fan Chen asked suspiciously.

“I just saw a story on the Internet today.” Mi Wan said solemnly, “It is said that there was a pair of very good friends who often watered the sapling of their friendship. Suddenly one day, one of them poured a bowl of hot water, and then the young sapling died, hahaha…isn’t it funny.”

“…” Fan Chen was speechless.

“Didn’t I just think about it, you are also a tree.” Mi Wan coughed, stopped laughing, opened the refrigerator and took out the medicine bowl again, “Well, I just wanted to make a joke.”

“You are happy, that’s good.” Fan Chen held his forehead, reached out to take the medicine bowl, turned around and walked to the living room.

Mi Wan followed Fan Chen to the living room, and when Fan Chen sat down on the sofa in the living room, she immediately moved over, and then very naturally pulled Fan Chen’s free other hand. The familiar movements made Fan Chen stunned.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Sensing Fan Chen’s gaze, Mi Wan explained, “I just want to check your injury and see if the medicinal effect of this Bingya grass is enough. I need to know since I’m refining the medicine for you.”

Fan Chen smiled, looked away, and stopped staring at Mi Wan.

Seeing that he agreed, Mi Wan immediately stopped hesitating and sent a wave of spiritual power into Fan Chen’s wrist. Instead of resisting this spiritual power, the demon power in Fan Chen’s body quickly led this spiritual power to the demon core in his dantian. Fan Chen’s demon pill was blue, round and smooth, with a strong and gentle wood essence exuding from it, and the strong wood essence surrounded the demon pill, which was already repairing itself.

“Your demon core can heal itself?” Mi Wan exclaimed. The demon clan’s body was strong, but their demon core was very weak, and it was difficult to heal once it was damaged. But Fan Chen’s demon pill could heal itself. To some extent, Fan Chen should be almost immortal.

“This is my biggest secret, and now you have discovered it.” Fan Chen’s face was heavy.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. If you didn’t want to be discovered by me, you shouldn’t have agreed to my inspection of your demon core just now.” Just now, Fan Chen’s own demon power brought her spiritual power to the demon core. She did nothing.

“Well, I wanted to tell you, after all…” Fan Chen hesitated to speak.

“After all what?” Mi Wan was curious.

“The fox demon told me…” A sneer flashed across Fan Chen’s face, “Knowing each other’s secret is also a sign of intimacy between two people.”

“You…” Mi Wan blushed embarrassingly, “I said it all, I don’t want to know your secret.”

“Well, I know, I insisted on telling you.” Fan Chen said, “So, I want to be intimate with you.”

“You!” Mi Wan couldn’t stay any longer. She jumped up from the sofa and slammed the door while going out angrily. This demon, it’s really getting harder and harder to talk to.

Fan Chen chuckled and didn’t chase after her. He picked up the medicine that had cooled down on the table and drank it down in one gulp. After drinking the medicine, when he was about to get up and go back to the bedroom to rest, the door of the living room was pushed open again with a bang.

Mi Wan, who had just left in shame and anger, suddenly turned back, glared at Fan Chen with a displeased face, and asked, “Did you just try to drive me away on purpose so that I wouldn’t ask about Peng Yan?”

“…” She reacted so quickly, he thought he could at least last until tomorrow.

“You don’t need to answer, it must be like that.” Mi Wan walked up to Fan Chen angrily, “Tell me about Peng Yan now.”

“What part do you want to know?” Seeing that he couldn’t get past it, Fan Chen had no choice but to answer resignedly.

“Let’s start from the beginning.”

Fan Chen thought for a moment and began to start from the beginning: “I told you that I was sleeping five hundred years ago when the human demon war took place. Every time I fall asleep, I leave a Qiankun vine back, the Qiankun Vine would only be used when the demon race encounters a huge threat, and once the Qiankun Vine is used, I will wake up again. When I woke up, you…”

“I had just died, you go ahead.” Mi Wan took the initiative to answer.

“…” Fan Chen froze, every time they talked about this topic, he would easily get heartbroken, “The demon clan besieged you and paid a huge price. There were not many left, the same was true for the demon hunters, and there were not many high-level demon hunters left. At that time, Peng Yan suddenly had a plan. He wanted to change the pattern of crustal activity in the cities with the largest population of the human race….”

“He wanted to cause a big earthquake.” Mi Wan’s face turned pale suddenly, it was an earthquake, and once it happened, the casualties would be almost incalculable.

“That’s right, I sensed it and chased after him, trying to get him to give up the plan, but he didn’t agree, so I sealed him as a last resort.” Fan Chen replied.

“This kind of demon should be killed directly. Why did you keep him?” Whenever Mi Wan thought that Peng Yan had the idea of causing a big earthquake, she wished she could stab him to death with a sword.

“He can’t die.”

“Why?” Mi Wan was puzzled.

“Because of the Human-Demon War, the number of demons dropped sharply in a short period of time, and the climate of the world began to mutate. In the next few years, droughts and floods came one after another. If I had killed Peng Yan at that time, the time of climate change was bound to not be short. If it had lasted longer, the number of people who would die would not have been less than because of an earthquake.” Fan Chen explained.

“Then can we kill him now?” Mi Wan asked. After 500 years of recuperation, the number of demon clans should have stabilized. The death of a demon king at this time should not cause climate change.

“Actually…we can keep him for planting trees.” Fan Chen suggested.

“What kind of tree would he plant? This kind of danger that may cause an earthquake at any time should be killed in the cradle in time. Or, if Peng Yan is killed now, will it still cause climate change?” Mi Wan asked.

“It’s possible.” Fan Chen nodded.

“Why is it so troublesome? I didn’t have so many scruples when I was killing demons before. And according to what you said, not all the demons have amulets that can do whatever they want.” The more Mi Wan heard it, the more unreasonable it became.

“Ordinary demon clans don’t have such great influence, but the demon king is different. If the demon king is not naturally eliminated within the demon clan, but dies at the hands of humans, it will affect the luck of the demon clan. And the previous natural ecological environment was excellent, and the aura of heaven and earth was also sufficient. As long as it was not a devastating blow and one or two demon kings die, nature could easily adjust back. But today’s natural environment is already on the verge of precarity and cannot stand any fluctuations.” Fan Chen explained.

“Then…then what if he wants to cause another big earthquake?” Mi Wan worried.

“It takes a huge demon power to cause an earthquake. If he makes any movement, I can sense it in advance, so don’t worry.” Fan Chen comforted.

“Then… can we only seal him?” Such a dangerous demon couldn’t be killed, “Wait, he is no longer the demon king, you are.”

“My position as the demon king has not been recognized by nature.” Fan Chen replied, “I only sat in this position by relying on my strength.”

“Sitting on the position of Demon King requires the recognition of nature, so what? How can you be recognized by nature?” This was the first time Mi Wan heard of such a thing, and she immediately became curious.

“The strong is king.” After a pause, Fan Chen continued to explain, “However, my status is special, no matter how strong I am, I cannot inherit the position of Demon King.”

“Is it because of your status as a priest of the spring?” Mi Wan guessed, maybe in the Demon system, the identity of the high priest was independent and special.

“Yes.” Fan Chen nodded.

“Then before the new demon king appears, we can only seal Peng Yan.” Although she was not reconciled, she had no choice but to do so, “Then next time you sense him, tell me, and I will go with you too.”

Looking at Mi Wan’s expression, Fan Chen knew what she wanted to do, so he persuaded her: “I can take you there, but don’t confront him head-on when you are alone. You are not strong enough to beat him now.”

Thinking of her own problem where her soul would go out of her body at every turn, Mi Wan’s face became uncomfortable: “When will you absorb the power of the Qiankun Vine on my body?”

“Do you want me to absorb it quickly?” Fan Chen’s expression suddenly changed and became weird.

“Yeah.” Mi Wan nodded hastily.

“I remember, I seem to have given you another suggestion before.” Fan Chen reminded.

Another suggestion? Mi Wan began to recall seriously, and soon, her brain began to recall an experience of her first out-of-body experience.

——— “The power of the Qiankun Vine has soaked into your soul, you can only let it seep out bit by bit. If I forcibly absorb it, there is only one way…”

——”What way?”

——”Dual Cultivation.”

With a buzzing sound, Mi Wan felt that the blood in her whole body begin to flow backwards.

“I remember, you seemed to agree at the time, do you want to…” Fan Chen approached with a smile.

“You…you don’t try to come here.” Mi Wan stepped back three steps in fright, and said in a panic, “I gave you a chance at the beginning, but you refused it yourself. Now… I don’t agree.”

After finishing speaking, she didn’t turn her head and ran away.

Looking at someone who ran away, Fan Chen had an amused expression on his face, but after thinking about it, he couldn’t help feeling sorry. If he had known that he would fall in love with Mi Wan, he should have… It was a pity that money couldn’t cure regret. Ah.

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