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In the afternoon, the main training was shooting, from fixed-point shooting to sports shooting, predictive shooting and so on.

Qin Fan’s teachings were very practical, he could always point out Si Huang’s shortcomings straight to the center, and then directly demonstrate on the spot, and then give personal guidance. His stern and steady voice made people feel a natural sense of trust, made them believe he would not let go. And if she made a little mistake, he could still definitely teach the most essential and practical things.

After a short break after shooting, it was physical training rock climbing, and then to the special training in the jungle at night.

“You have good night vision.” After less than two minutes, Qin Fan discovered this.

Listening to the tone of his narration, Si Huang knew that it was useless to conceal it, so she said, “It can’t be compared with the daytime, but I can see the general things clearly.”

After saying this, Si Huang found that Qin Fan looked at him more often when something happened, but after a flash, it returned to deepness.

It wasn’t until 10 o’clock in the night that Si Huang was liberated, and when she returned to the door of the room in the club, she was already covered in sweat.

She always felt that today was just the beginning, and the next few days would be even more miserable. This idea came to Si Huang’s mind.

She stretched out her hand to open the door, but the man behind her suddenly blocked her way into the room with his hand.

Si Huang turned her head to look at Qin Fan, her eyes made no secret of the impatience and exhaustion, and the desire to take a bath and sleep immediately.

“You were very calm all afternoon.”

Si Huang heard the words, carefully looked at the man’s eyebrows and eyes, and found that there were slight wrinkles between his brows, as if he was a little tangled, so she said, “Should I be shy and nervous, like a deer caught in the headlights? You’re being stupid.” She pushed Qin Fan’s hand that was blocking her way away, “I would definitely be scolded to death if I did that.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to control my hands and feet on you?” The man pursed his lips.

“It turns out that you have controlled it.” Si Huang didn’t care, and glanced back at Qin Fan, “Keep going, this is also training for you.”

The door was about to close.

The man still stood motionless there.

Seeing that the door was about to come into contact with the lock.


The door was pushed open with great force, and Si Huang inside didn’t expect this to happen, and her body couldn’t help but also take two steps back.

A black shadow enveloped her face, and her shoulders were grabbed again.

Si Huang raised her eyes and met a pair of dark eyes.

The man’s face was very close to hers, and as long as he pressed down a little, he could touch her lips.

The two looked at each other silently, one with calm and bright eyes, and the other with deep and deep eyes.

“I was not joking with you in the morning,” Qin Fan said.

“I know.” Si Huang replied indifferently: “So I did as you said, and seriously absorbed the skills you taught.”

After a few seconds of silence, Qin Fan let go of Si Huang, “Why are you so calm?” She didn’t know if this sentence was said to Si Huang, or he was talking to himself.

The corner of Si Huang’s mouth curled up, with a vile and arrogant expression on her face, she didn’t answer Qin Fan’s question, and reached out to close the door again.

This time Qin Fan didn’t stop her.

In the room.

Si Huang turned on the light, and when she was alone, the smile on her face faded away.

She didn’t answer Qin Fan’s question, not because she didn’t know, but because she knew the answer clearly, so she didn’t say it.

Why could she be so calm after Qin Fan did such a thing, as if nothing happened?

It’s not that she didn’t care, it’s just that she didn’t feel disgusted.

People could not deceive themselves or others about their intuitive perception of their emotions.

As long as there was a trace of disgust, she would have noticed it, and kicked Qin Fan away without hesitation. Even if the other party uttered such threatening words that made her unable to escape for the time being, she would definitely try her best to get revenge on Qin Fan.

As a result, she found that even if Qin Fan did such a thing, she was not hostile or cautious towards him. At first there was surprise, depression or dissatisfaction and anger, but the all-important disgust was absent.

What did this show? It meant that since when she didn’t know but she also had a good impression of Qin Fan!?

Si Huang’s expression kept changing, she took off her clothes one by one, and walked into the bathroom.

Warm water poured down from the shower, soaking her hair and body.

Ten minutes later, Si Huang came out in her bathrobe and grabbed the little hamster sitting on the bed.

“When I was kissed by Qin Fan today, why did I lose my mind for a short while?”

Five Treasure replied naturally: [That’s for sure, it has been said that His Majesty and his physique are a perfect match! Once that happens, it will definitely be a thunderstorm, and it will be out of control ~ Your Majesty, don’t you feel very comfortable? Hehe…]

It just smiled triumphantly, when its body was clenched from the middle, and it turned into a bow-knot shape, “Squeak!”

Si Huang said slowly, “Why haven’t I heard you mention such a thing before?”

Five Treasure noticed that Si Huang seemed to be really angry, and he didn’t dare to do it again, for fear of playing it off, he quickly explained: [Your Majesty didn’t ask…and isn’t this a good thing? Why are you angry? Young Master Wujue wished he could find someone who had the pure yang physique for him to suck! He couldn’t even find it!]

Si Huang let go of it, and frowned slightly, “This kind of institutional attraction will affect people’s senses and produce *, right?”

Five Treasure was actually not very clear: [Probably.]

Seeing its stupid appearance, Si Huang didn’t ask any more questions.

Regardless of whether she was attracted to Qin Fan because of the system or not, Si Huang first wondered whether she did not hate Qin Fan’s kisses, whether she really had a good impression of Qin Fan or was deceived by her own system.

Now she couldn’t think of an answer, but the only thing she could be sure of was – she could rest assured of Qin Fan.

It was precisely because she felt relieved about him that she could calmly accept his training, as she believed that he would not use his hands and feet during training.

Si Huang didn’t say this to Qin Fan, because she didn’t want to make him happy.

You dragged me over to watch porn early in the morning and forced me to kiss you. Don’t think I would forget about it indifferently.

How stupid!

She didn’t know what was going on in this man’s mind.

Si Huang changed into her pajamas, turned around and went to bed to sleep.

Five Treasure crawled to her side, and suddenly whispered in her ear: [Your Majesty, it’s rare for someone to deliver it to your door, why don’t you accept it? So who hasn’t broken himself, is clean!]

Si Huang’s heart skipped a beat, and she reached out to stuff the hamster under the pillow.

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